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Providing endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a common-sense approach to achieving better results through adaptable, flexible, and manageable training systems.

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Below are the three most popular services voted by the majority of my clients and members. They have produced the best results for endurance athletes and those seeking to improve a higher quality of life through fitness and wellness.

So, what is the GO FIT LIFE Project?

It’s a guided experience to make the changes you want to see in yourself!

Most programs provide you with an open-closed support system based on a certain time frame. After the program ends, you’re left to go on your own. Change doesn’t happen in 4-6 weeks. It doesn’t happen in 8 – 12 weeks either. In fact, it can take years!

The GO FIT LIFE Project isn’t a 4 or 12-week thing. I guide my members through a journey at their pace to experience the truth and reality of what it takes to create and sustain the change they want to see in their life.

The first step as a new member is to set a goal and understand your ‘why’ behind it. What category does your goal fall under – performance, body composition, quality of life?

Once you have your goal set, our journey goes a little like this…


First, we develop a doable and adaptable plan to reach your goals. It must jive with your life or else it won’t work.


Then we create a manageable schedule and organize materials to ensure the plan of action is carried out.


One step at a time, you will learn fundamental knowledge to make better choices and form sustainable habits.

GO FIT LIFE Practice


At this point, you are testing out your plan of action. This is where you will put your knowledge to practice.



Periodically, we will look back to identify strengths and weaknesses to overcome obstacles and barriers.



Our greatest lessons are learned from overcoming challenges. We tackle them, make adjustments, try again, and never quit.

…and we continue to work together until you get EXACTLY what you came here to get. Your personal goals are worth the effort and I’m here to help you see it through, no matter how long it takes. This is YOUR Project, and it matters!

No sign-up fees. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Get the coaching you need to crush your goals without feeling locked in!


Train effectively and efficiently to reach set goals.


Develop sustainable habits for fitness and weight loss.


Create a holistic regime that gives you the life you want.

Our community is social too!

Join a group and connect with other endurance sports and fitness enthusiasts.


Join community groups.


Connect with others.

Tammy has been such a positive influence and role model in my life. I felt I needed a jump start to full-body fitness, and was looking to develop and re-establish good, healthy habits that are sustainable and realistic. I couldn’t have found a better match! Tammy is no-nonsense, encouraging, and honest. Her honesty has helped me to be realistic about my goals while pushing myself to my own limits. The entire time I’ve been with Tammy, she has made it clear that this journey is about me; she shares her knowledge and it is up to me to be accountable. Thanks, Tammy!

Una Quinsey, BC, Canada

Tammy has not only extensive industry knowledge and training but her videos, meal prep guides and recipe books provide extra support to increase my knowledge and help educate me. And the groups are supportive and engaged so every day I feel like I have my own support group. And what I really love is there’s no such thing as fail with this group. So often we beat ourselves up because we blew a day. This group allows me to be kind to myself and start again tomorrow. I love my new habit of walking. The physical AND mental benefits are amazing!! Thanks, Tammy.

Stacey James

Stacey James, AB, Canada

But what is on the inside?

Progressive programs and resources to help you train with the intention to reach specific goals. Everything has a purpose and I help you choose what’s right for you.

Tone Me Up & Down 6-Week Program

Progressive Strength Training

Boost Me, Tammy Lee 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge

Sustainable Weight Loss Challenges

E-GO Endurance Sports Coaching

Running, Cycling & Walking Plans

MindFULL of Food - Wellness Education

Create & Practice Healthy Habits

Member Mastermind Monthly Meetups

Live Educational Workshops on Zoom

LipSmackers Healthy Recipe Collection

Healthy Recipes & Meal Plans

Is this a right fit for you? Maybe.

I expect clients and members to maintain a regular level of commitment to their Projects and communicate with me so I can help them stay on track. You will only reap the benefits when you show up CONSISTENTLY!

This is a place of ACTION, to grab your life by the horns and own it. My community consists of people who have accepted that action is their responsibility but they need my assistance to dial in the action more effectively to reach their goals. It’s teamwork.

With all that said, if you are a person of action then this could be the right place for you!


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Coach & Educator

Tammy Lee

22 years and counting as an endurance sports and fitness lifestyle coach, helping hundreds of athletes cross the finish line and thousands more to develop a healthier active lifestyle. Together we work to make deeper connections and more informed decisions to reach personal goals. Learn more about my credentials, awards, and involvement in endurance sports through the green button below.