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I help busy lifestyle endurance athletes lose weight, develop a strong core, and train efficiently. ~ Coach Tammy Lee

Weight Loss

One of the most underestimated ways to increase performance.

Core Strength

A strong core is essential and can substantially increase performance.

Efficient Training

Ditch the junk miles and get the most out of your training efforts.

Tammy Lee Slauenwhite

Coach | Educator | OWNER | Athlete | Mom

That’s quite the title, eh? Coach, educator, owner, athlete and mom. Let me quickly explain.

Coach: 21 years in the fitness industry as a personal and group coach; specializing in endurance sports (cycling, running, triathlon, duathlon, walking), weight loss and strength training. 

Educator: canfitpro PRO TRAINER teaching canfitpro fitness and wellness certification courses; Bachelor of Education and TESOL certification; developing CEC courses for endurance coaches and trainers.

Owner: started GO FIT LIFE in 2012; solopreneur; over 25 years in business management, marketing, web design, and more.

Athlete: competing in endurance sports since 2006 – triathlons, duathlons, running, mountain biking, fat biking, and road cycling; competed in cyclocross and international dory racing; TransRockies Brand Champ; Mud, Sweat & Gears Ambassador. Currently training for Gravel Royale and Singletrack 6.

Mom: spent many years of my life as a single mom of an incredibly supportive kid who is now an adult and my best friend.

Coach Tammy Lee GO FIT LIFE

PROBLEM #1: Stuggling To Lose Weight?

One of the best ways for endurance athletes to increase their speed and power is by losing weight. For endurance athletes, weight loss can be tricky. If you lose it too fast, performance and recovery will suffer. If you lose it too slow, you may lose motivation, although the latter has its perks.

Endurance athletes looking to lose weight are bombarded every day with marketing from weight loss supplement companies, promotion of fad diets, and misinformation. My mission is to bust myths and offer sustainable solutions.

I help endurance athletes create their own simple weight loss system that can be maintained for life using mainly whole foods. Nutritional supplements are only recommended under very specific circumstances.

How do I help? Scientific-backed educational courses, live webinars, online weight loss challenges, habit development programs, detailed meal plans, guides, ebooks, and more.

Get 10 simple tips you can start applying today for sustainable weight loss from my video below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

PROBLEM #2: Lack of Core Strength

Your core is not your abs. Your core consists of over 35 muscle groups that help to support and stabilize the spine. Yes, absolutely, there is a right and wrong way to train your core. Core training is highly misunderstood and often demonstrated incorrectly on social media.

We must train the core in a way that spares the spine. You will NOT find crunches, weighted side-bends, and planks that last for minutes on end in my programs. However, you will find exercises such as Bird-Dog, McGill curl-up, and Stir the Pot.

It is through a strong and stable core in which we can generate great power. As endurance athletes, we express that power through our limbs to perform our sport. If we train our core properly and consistently, we can increase speed, power and endurance effectively while reducing our risk of injury.

How do I help?  I utilize Dr. Stuar McGill’s teachings for core training in my programs and plans. There is a heavy focus on developing muscular endurance so the spine is supported and stabilized during those long rides, runs, and so on. It is not necessary to lift extremely heavy weights to achieve this. In fact, you can do it with just your body weight.

To maximize utilization of time, most of my core strength training programs are in fact for the whole body. I choose specific exercises so athletes can get an all-in-one approach. Strength training is also KEY for weight loss. Again – efficiency!

Try my efficient 30-minute core strength workout for roadies below. Make sure you subscribe too.

PROBLEM #3: Not Training Efficiently

I know what you are thinking – “There are hundreds of endurance coaches and thousands of training plans. How can yours be any different.?”

Every coach has a unique style and that is largely driven by our own unique experiences and knowledge. We have our own theories and philosophies too. There are many ways you can go about training for a marathon, a century ride, or an Ironman.

How do I help? My training plans have three key features.

1) They are easy to read and follow. I use simple terms and structure so the athlete doesn’t require a technical or scientific background to understand the plan. The goal is to tell the athletes, in as few words as possible, what needs to be done, the main objective for that session, and why it’s important to their overall goal.

2) All plans follow industry-standard guidelines for specific athletic levels. If the plan states it is for a beginner athlete then the training plan is structured using beginner training guidelines. I also use important training principles in my plans such as progressive overload, recovery, specificity. My plans are periodized and included phases such as prep, base, build, peak, race week, recovery, and off-season.

3) Efficiency! The majority of my plans use a minimalistic structure unless otherwise stated. Most of the athletes I have coached are juggling full-time lives with family, work, and other commitments. Training sessions are designed to get the best bang for your efforts while managing energies and omitting “junk training.” I work in weight loss and strength training so it all jives. 

Want to try a plan for free? Browse my TrainingPeaks store and choose one 4-week plan. Then send me an email and let me know the plan you would like to try. I will send you back a personalized coupon for a 100% discount. No strings attached. Promise!

What Others Have to Say?

I have worked with Tammy since 2013! With Tammy’s online plans and my commitment to an active lifestyle, we have successfully met goal after goal. Tammy works within my schedule, my abilities, and my goals. Life happens and when changes come up, she is so understanding and accommodating. Through her online coaching we have maintained a highly effective coach/athlete relationship.
Heather Foote Triathlete and Ultra Runner
Heather Foote
Triathlete & Ultra Runner
I’ve worked with Tammy over the past two years. She is an excellent coach! My first big event (half ironman) with her I crushed my goals, and did it injury free. It was a lot of hard work and she kept me honest, and on track the entire time. 10/10 would refer her to others as a coach, especially for an endurance athlete. We do training rides together often, and she is a blast to work out with!
Chris Watton
Chris Watton
Cyclist & Triathlete
Tammy designed a customized strength training program for me and coached me online through TrainingPeaks for my running. She did a fantastic job! I had amazing progress and crushed my goals with her help. Marathon training can be a grind but Tammy made it fun and an amazing journey. She is really such a warm and encouraging person. I would 100% recommend her for any kind of fitness coaching you may need!
Taryn Gibson
Taryn Gibson
Coach Tammy is definitely someone I'd recommend to anyone looking to get into shape or even to lose some extra body fat. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in many different aspects whether it be nutrition or fitness. She's not one to sit on her phone while you're with her. Tammy is there with you from day one until the end to ensure you're getting the results you want and doing it safely to avoid injury. Highly recommend!
James Vangen
James Vangen
Professional Firefighter


This is a membership program for lifestyle endurance athletes who want more than just a plan to get to the finish line. Members get full access to my downloadable training plans, unlimited TrainingPeaks plan swaps, meal plans, workout videos, online programs, live Q&As, private members-only Facebook group, resource archives, online challenges, VIP discounts and so much more. For an average fee of $3.75/week, you get a huge bang for your bucks. This is an introductory price that won’t last forever. All members who sign up now will never have to pay a higher fee no matter how much content I bring to our Project.

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Road, gravel, and cross-country mountain biking. All distances including multi-day events. Beginner to advanced levels. Competitive and non-competitive.


Road and trail running. All distances including ultra-distance and multi-day events. Beginner to advanced levels. Competitive and non-competitive.

Learn to Run
triathlon, ironman, swim


Try-A-tri, Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman distances. Off-road too. Beginner to advanced levels. Competitive and non-competitive.


Duathlon including off-road. All distances. Beginner to advanced levels. Competitive and non-competitive.

motivation, steeplechase, running
The BEST Exercise For Weight Loss gofitlife


Short and long-distance walking. Beginner to intermediate levels. Do not underestimate the power of walking. My walking plans are in demand and more popular than you think.

Contact Tammy

The preferred method of contact is email. I will reply within the next business day. Please do not text. Thanks!

Business Hours

Due to COVID-19, my studio is closed to the public. Services and courses are available online. Outdoor training begins June 1, 2021.

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