Boost Me, Tammy Lee

$50.00 plus tax

A 28-day challenge to boost your weight loss and fitness.

Includes full-featured workout videos, weekly food and fitness challenges, and a meal plan too. Read the description for all the juicy details.



Introducing the Boost Me, Tammy Lee Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge

“I want to lose weight and then gain it all back,” says no one, ever!

Boost Me, Tammy Lee is more than a weight loss and fitness challenge. I coach you to develop sustainable habits throughout the program so you keep the weight off and continue to build your fitness long after the program is over.

Benefits & Features

  • 4-week program with full-featured strength and cardio at-home workout videos with printable handouts
  • structured walking, running and cycling workouts for beginner to intermediate+ levels
  • Program workbook with reusable templates, modification guides, and additional resources to help guide you
  • 4 weekly food and fitness challenges for a fun motivational spin and weekly check-ins to see if you completed them
  • daily accountability check-ins are available in every section of the program for all members to join in the discussions
  • 40 healthy, easy, and oh-so-very-delicious recipes, macro-nutrient profile for each recipe, a 4-week meal plan, done-for-you-grocery lists
  • repeatable, that’s right, I can reset the challenge upon request and you can do it again, and again, and as many times as you like
  • a Basic GFL membership is included which provides ongoing support from our community even after the program ends


  • Dumbells and/or kettlebells ranging from 3 lbs to 10 lbs (or more if you have it)
  • Designated workout space at home
  • No injuries that could be made worse by increasing your physical activity (please talk to your doctor first)

Not sure if you will like my style of workouts? Good news – I have a YouTube channel. Try some of my workouts for free here.

This program is sold individually and is also included in the GO FIT LIFE Project membership.

Learn more about becoming a Project member here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Heather Knickle
28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

I have tried many weight loss programs, I appreciate the checkin, I find having those, helps me be more accountable, plus Jill being on one of your programs helps as well. my first week is almost complete , except for one little hiccup on Wednesday ( I give my self a pat on the back, instead of eating a soup bowl full of chips, my downfall, I ate a small glass dessert dish ) I repeat to my self everyday, you didn't gain this weight overnight , why do you think it will come off over night.

Heather, I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying the challenge and find the check-ins great for accountability. It certainly does help to know you have a coach and supportive community here to help encourage you to keep going. You are right, it takes time. There are so many challenges and programs included in your membership that will guide you along the way. Super happy you could join us, keep up the great work and thank you so much for this review.

Nikki Zarr
Who needs a BOOST?!

As usual with Tammy's programs, this one delivers! Tons of useful info, the Mindset Connections are a great tool! This program helps you work on habit forming, not yo-yoing! This is my second time doing BOOST, it is a great challenge to keep coming back to, to mix up my fitness program. Highly recommend this program, but you can guarantee that any program of Tammy's will be FANTASTIC! Don't wait JUST DO IT!

Girl, thank you so much for this. You have been such great support. You are so incredibly engaged in the workouts, challenges, online discussions, testing all the recipes and giving me continuous feedback. It helps me, a lot! I appreciate you to the moon and back.

Arleen Stevens
Love this program!

Hi Tammy,
I love Boost Me Tammy Lee. This program is easy to follow, has lots of personal interaction, short workouts which fit into my busy schedule and recipes that my family and I really like. The food challenges are achievable and the results make me feel better, sleep better and I have lost a few pounds too. Even better, the information that I've learned can be incorporated into my daily life quite easily. Please offer this program again ... I'll definitely sign up.

This is simply fantastic to read, Arleen. You have really zoned in on some super important aspects, such as workouts for busy schedules and recipes that your family enjoys too. It's wonderful to know that this program is helping you in so many ways. Best of all, that it's doable. I'm so pumped you want to join again for another round. You GO, girl! Thank you for such an amazing review.

Sandy Grandison
Boost Me Tammy Lee

Such a great program! There is so much information included and helpful tips and ideas on changing behaviours, setting goals, setting ourselves up for success and reasonable weight loss that is management and realistic. The recipes, materials, booklets, training videos, and workouts just add an incredible substance to this program. Highly suggest to anyone who is serious about getting healthier, losing weight, and is ready to make positive changes in their lives.

Wow, Sandy. Thank you for such a detailed review. You hit so many points. It makes me happy to read these words. You made my day!

Mary Atkins

So far very impressed with the program! Lots of prep work to set you up to make the program a success. The recipes, WO videos, everything is top notch!

Thank you so much for your kind words, Mary. You made my heart happy. It's so great to connect with you again too. Good luck with the challenge. You so got this!