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E-GO Endurance Sports Coaching

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***FULLY BOOKED*** Email me to get on my waiting list.

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***FULLY BOOKED*** Email me to get on my waiting list.

E-GO Endurance Sports Coaching is an online personal coaching service for runners, cyclists (road & MTB), triathletes and duathletes using the TrainingPeaks platform. Whether you are just beginning or have been training and competing in your sport for several years, I can help you reach your goals. To receive a free 30-minute virtual consultation, just send me an email and let’s have a chat.


Whether you just want to learn a new sport or do a multi-day stage race, I can help. Coaching is available for both competitive and non-competitive athletes. In other words, you do NOT have to be racing to hire me. I also train individuals to participate in social events and active vacations.

  • running
  • cycling (road, gravel, MTB)
  • triathlon
  • duathlon


    • free personal account on my website as well as immediate access to coaching resources
    • FREE TrainingPeaks Premium account upgrade as I cover this cost in my package
    • endurance coaching applicable to your level of experience and goals
    • option to receive feedback either by a weekly email or by weekly 30-minute virtual meeting (scheduled)
    • training plans, guides, strength training videos, resources, and tons of support materials to match your goals
    • training plan updates as needed and a fully revised plan every month, building from the previous month
    • workouts will be automatically synced from your smartwatch (if you have one) to your coaching platform
    • smartphone app for your workouts


These coaching add-ons come at an extra fee. They are built to suit YOU. However, I can provide pre-made plans (not customized) at no extra cost (bonus to your coaching package).

  • strength training
  • mobility training
  • food guides for better performance and recovery
  • weight loss support to enhance performance*

*If weight loss for performance is a bigger goal, pop on over to my E-GO Weight Loss Coaching service as this may better suit your needs at this time. I do NOT suggest trying to lose weight during the competitive stage of training, so make sure you are in your off-season, prep or base stage of training substantial big weight loss goals.


  • free basic TrainingPeaks account
  • a compatible activity tracker (ie: Garmin, Suunto, Polar, FitBit, Apple Watch, etc)
  • communicate via email
  • compliance with the plan and trust in your coach
  • read, understand, and agree to my Terms & Conditions


I built a very detailed step-by-step setup guide that clients are automatically enrolled in once they pay the $99 setup fee. This guide is broken down into its nitty-gritty components to help you through every step of the way, including all you need to do to get on TrainingPeaks, the platform I use for online coaching. The setup guide can be done at your own pace too. If you need to pause at any point, you can easily resume at the click of a button.

Once you pay the setup fee, you will be automatically redirected to the setup guide. If you can’t begin the setup process at that time, that’s okay. You can access it anytime at your convenience under ‘My Account’ in the main menu.

Here’s a breakdown of how we go:

  • Complete the setup
  • Access your first month’s plan
  • Coaching begins
  • You crush your goals
  • We decide what’s next

You will also be automatically enrolled in the Personal Coaching Resource module and can get immediate access to resources while you work on your setup and I build your customized plan.


  • one-time $99 setup fee
  • $229 coaching fee per month
  • can cancel anytime


Simple – email me! Don’t forget about the free consult too. Oh, and one more thing –  I only take on so many clients at one time to ensure the quality of my service does not suffer. If I am full, I can put your name on a waiting list per your request.

Hope to hear from you!

Coach Tammy

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