E-GO Endurance Sports Coaching

$299.00 plus tax / month

Hold up! Because I give every single client my full attention, I only take a small number of clients at one time. Please email me first to see if I have space for you.



E-GO Endurance Sports Coaching is an online personal coaching service for runners, cyclists, triathletes, duathletes and sport walkers using the TrainingPeaks platform.

Whether you are just beginning or have been training and competing in your sport for several years, I can help you reach your goals.


Coaching is available for both competitive and non-competitive athletes of all distances, including ultras and multi-day stage racing for both road and off-road terrain.

  • running
  • cycling
  • triathlon
  • duathlon
  • sport walking


“I have worked with Tammy since 2013! I started taking a couple of her fitness/running classes when she lived in Nova Scotia and shortly afterwards began training plans with her for running and then Triathlon. When she moved to Alberta, it was a sad day here … but through her online coaching plans, we have maintained a highly effective coach/athlete relationship! We are now working exclusively through TrainingPeaks. It is so incredibly seamless from the client side! We set goals together and then Tammy creates a plan. We have completed running, triathlon, and recovery plans. It is like Christmas morning when she uploads a new one!  With Tammy’s online plans, TrainingPeaks, and my commitment to an active lifestyle, we have successfully met goal after goal. Tammy’s plans are personally created to work within my schedule, my abilities, and my goals. Life happens and when changes come up, she is so understanding and accommodating.” ~Heather Foote, Triathlete and longest-standing client

“Tammy designed a strength program for me, and coached me online through Training Peaks for my running. She did a fantastic job! I had amazing progress and crushed my goals with her help. Marathon training can be a grind but Tammy made it fun and an amazing journey. She is really such a warm and encouraging person. I would 100% recommend her for any kind of fitness coaching you may need!” ~Tryon Gibson, Runner

“I’ve worked with Tammy towards my fitness goals over the past two years. She is an excellent coach, dealing with my shenanigans and helping me to grow as an athlete. My first big event (half ironman) with her I crushed my goals, and did it injury free. It was a lot of hard work and she kept me honest, and on track the entire time. 10/10 would refer her to others as a coach, especially for an endurance athlete. We do training rides together often, and she is a blast to work out with!” ~Chris Watton, former Triathlete, now an avid Cyclist


  • TrainingPeaks App & Premium account (value $19.95 US/month)
  • a customized dynamic training plan that evolves as we work towards your goals (value $100/hr)
  • customized strength training and nutrition plans that evolve with your training (value $100/hr)
  • weekly performance analysis and feedback via virtual meeting or email (value $100/hr)
  • regular check-ins and coaching communication via email and platform (priceless)
Endurance Sports Coaching


  • a basic TrainingPeaks account (once connected to my coach account I will upgrade you to Premium)
  • a compatible activity tracker (ie: Garmin, Suunto, Polar, FitBit, Apple Watch, etc)
  • compliance because this is a team effort and only I want clients who will show up
Endurance Sports Coaching


  • $299 coaching fee per month
  • no contract, cancel whenever you want
  • no refunds, read my policy

Note: fees do not include tax. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

If you think I am expensive, I’m definitely not the right coach for you!


I have 22 years of experience and founded GO FIT LIFE in 2012. In addition to being NCCP, PMBIA and canfitpro certified, I am also a TrainingPeaks Level 1 accredited coach working towards my Level 2. View my TrainingPeaks Coach profile here.

I’m also an educator with a Bachelor of Education from Acadia University. In 2017, I became a canfitpro PRO TRAINER and teach fitness and wellness certification courses for personal training, group fitness instructing, healthy eating and weight loss coaching, and fascia, movement and assessments.

Since I started coaching athletes, I have helped hundreds cross the finish line. Throughout my career, I have gained national recognition, won several awards, and been featured in magazines, podcasts, and in the local news for my contributions to sport and fitness.

I take great pride in my work, bend backwards for my clients, and strive to give them the best experience and support. If they are unhappy, I reimburse them, but it has rarely happened.

99.9% of my clients are extremely happy with my service. Read views here.


I only take a small number of clients at a time for a very personalized and attentive experience. Email me first to find out if I have room for you. If so, we start with a 15-minute Zoom call and go from there.


Check out my training plans on TrainingPeaks.

Customer Reviews

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Foundational knowledge building

After many marathons I decided to try giving someone else the reins on a plan and see what I could learn, and I hired Tammy through word of mouth referral.

This training season I had far less overuse and over training injuries than any previous season, which was an awesome outcome.

I knew I had some huge gaps in strength training as I only did a little in the off season, Tammy did a great job explaining the strength training process and goals holistically and helping me see how to integrate it into a training season. I found helped a lot this season, but more importantly has helped me develop a foundation from which I can continue to improve. I value this knowledge greatly as I see it as a key component to continued running improvement, and to my body being able to keep running and trying new active things as I age.

My schedule and life has many complex layers due to work travel and other commitments, Tammy did a great job adapting the plan on the fly to fit my chaos as the season progressed.

Thanks for the coaching Tammy, it was a great learning opportunity and I look forward to taking some bike skills seminars this summer!

Thank you so much, Leanne. It's been a pleasure working with you. Wow, we sure did learn a lot from each other. I think I learned more about the female athlete from than any other. Our communication was exhilarating and intellectually stimulating. You definitely have some high-level self-reflection skills and know how to connect the dots. Impressive. If you ever need me again, you know where I am, and I look forward to having you in my MTB clinics this year. Thanks again for this experience and your wonderful review. You rock!