Tone Me Up & Down

$79.99 plus tax

Tone Me Up & Down is a wicked awesome 6-week progressive training plan to help people build muscle and strength. Includes full-featured workouts and more. Get all the juicy details in the description.


Introducing Tone Me Up & Down

A 6-week muscle and strength building program that requires a full-on commitment to getting max gains.

Benefits & Features

  • 12 full-length strength training videos and 2 guided stretching videos.
  • Each workout is repeated twice = 4 guided workouts by video per week.
  • Workouts range from 30 – 60 minutes.
  • A 6-week progressive training plan for walking, running or cycling.
  • A high-protein recipe ebook with 52 recipes and a 4-week sample meal plan.
  • A plant-based recipe ebook with 58 recipes and a 4-week sample meal plan.
  • Workbook with templates for weight loss, food, and fitness tracking.
  • Heart rate training guides for those that want to hit their targets.
  • Program training calendar to keep you on track.
  • Printable handouts for every video workout to guide you and track your progress.
  • Repeatable, that’s right, I can reset the challenge upon request and you can do it again, and again, and as many times as you like
  • A Basic GFL membership is included which provides ongoing support from our community even after the program ends


  • Dumbells and/or kettlebells ranging from 3 lbs to 15/20 lbs or more (everyone is starting at a different level)
  • Designated workout space at home with the ability to commit up to 45+ minute workouts
  • No injuries that could be made worse by increasing your physical activity (please talk to your doctor first)

Not sure if you will like my style of workouts? Good news – I have a YouTube channel. Try some of my workouts for free here. This program is included in the GO FIT LIFE Project membership along with numerous others.

Learn more about becoming a Project member here.