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    Boost Me, Tammy Lee

    Boost Me, Tammy Lee is a 28-day weight loss and fitness challenge. If you're ready to go and serious about getting healthier, leaner, and making a positive change in your life then this program is PERFECT for you!

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    Build Glute Strength

    Build Glute Strength is a progressive 6-week strength training program designed to build glute strength effectively using structured workouts. It is the PERFECT cross-training program for endurance sports enthusiasts.

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    E-GO Endurance Sports Coaching

    E-GO personal coaching on TrainingPeaks for endurance sports athletes and enthusiasts. Accepting competitive and non-competitive levels, beginner to advanced.

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    GO FIT LIFE Membership Course

    This required mini-course helps new GO FIT LIFE Members understand how to navigate their membership and use it to work towards achieving their personal fitness and wellness goals.

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    LipSmackers – Recipes & Meal Plans

    LipSmackers is a recipe and meal plan collection. Access over 400 recipes and 26 meal plans to help you eat healthier and lose weight. It's an epic food adventure!

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    Member Masterminds

    Live interactive member mastermind classes on key topics in fitness and wellness to discover various ways to climb over obstacles and break through barriers.

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    MindFULL of Food

    MindFULL of Food is a wellness education module empowering members to develop healthier food relationships and myth-busting nutrition education.

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    Newbie Tabata Training

    Newbie Tabata Training Beginner Program is perfect for anyone that wants to try Tabata training or looking for a more gentle approach to building fitness. It features a 6-week training calendar to guide you through every step of the way. This program is reusable too.

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    Printable Projects

    Printable Projects are fitness plans that can be downloaded, printed, and followed the good ol' fashion way.

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    Project S.E.L.F.

    Project S.E.L.F. is a women's wellness coaching program taught live online. Commit to 90-days to transforming your wellness regime so you never put yourself last on your list again. Includes weekly sessions on Zoom, a private support group, education and resources to implement sustainable change.

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    Spunky Tabata Training

    Spunky Tabata Training program is perfect for fitness enthusiasts that enjoy Tabata-style workouts. It features a 6-week training calendar to guide you the whole way. This program is reusable. 

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    Tone Me Up & Down

    Tone Me Up & Down is a 6-week beginner-friendly program designed to help people build strength, decrease body fat, and increase muscle tone.

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    TrainingPeaks App Setup

    TrainingPeaks is an all-in-one training app that helps you train with confidence while you watch your fitness boost. All Project members get 20% off my online training plans.

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    Weigh to GO!

    Weigh to GO! is a very unique 30-day weight loss and fitness for beginners. All challenges can be incorporated into your everyday life.