Project SELF

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UPDATE: September 2022 registration is now closed. Get on the information list for the next launch in January 2023. Email:

A 12-week women’s wellness group coaching program online. Over 12 weeks, I teach women how to build a sustainable, adaptable and flexible fitness and wellness regime that will serve them for the rest of their life.

This is not a workout class. This is not a diet either. This is a lifestyle coaching program that requires thought, reflection, planning and practice. Show up to a one-hour session each week with pen and paper in hand and be prepared to work on YOU because your SELF matters!

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Introducing Project S.E.L.F.

Project S.E.L.F. is a 12-week women’s wellness coaching program online. The main objective is to help women who have yet to find a meaningful and sustainable fitness and wellness regime that jives with their life AND gives them the results they desire.

UPDATE: September 2022 registration is now closed. Get on the information list for the next launch in January 2023. Email:

For women who are…

  • struggling to make their personal wellness goals a priority
  • failing to follow through because someone else needs their time and attention
  • feeling crazy amounts of guilt if they take any amount of time to work on themselves
  • pushing their goals to the side soon after they try to make a fresh start to give attention to others
  • scrambling to figure out how to make it all work because they are so overwhelmed with juggling life
  • emotional on an almost daily basis because they feel lost, unsupported and don’t even know what to do anymore

Project S.E.L.F.

S = synergy

E = empowerment

L = liberation

F = fulfillment 

Helping women create their S.E.L.F. through wellness coaching, education, guidance, community and individual support.

Read what many women have said about my coaching and how it has helped them HERE.


  • create a balanced SELF wellness routine that supports your personal goals and jives with your life, making it doable and manageable instead of stressful and complicated
  • learn how to adjust and adapt your wellness plan to flow with changes that occur throughout your life so that you never fall off the wagon or lose your SELF
  • build your very own toolbox that will help you maintain synergy, and feel empowered, liberated and fulfilled so you can climb over obstacles with confidence

YES, we will work on building muscular strength, endurance, mobility, and weight loss as well as developing a positive relationship with food, your body, and your SELF-image.


  • 12 weeks, starting Sept 19 and ending Dec 11, 2022
  • weekly group coaching sessions every Monday* on Zoom**
  • Zoom session –  7 PM MST or 7 PM AST (view these times in your timezone)
  • customized goal-setting, planning, education and problem-solving to enhance yourSELF
  • private community support group with daily wellness tips and discussions
  • full-featured workout video library (cardio, strength, stretching)
  • printable resources (wellness workbooks, educational handouts, workout posters, etc)
  • healthy recipe shares for different ways of eating (gluten-free, Vegan, low-carb, etc)
  • individual private coaching add-on available (ask for details)

*Mon, Oct 10th (Thanksgiving) session is moved to Tues, Oct 11th

*Mon, Oct 17th session is moved to Sun, Oct 16th

*Mon, Oct 31st (Halloween) is moved to Tues, Nov 1st

**Zoom sessions will NOT be recorded due to privacy reasons. Members will be sharing personal and sensitive information. I will compile a handout of the main points & solutions discussed for download.

BONUS:  For new signups, participants will receive a GFL Basic Membership included in the registration. This includes additional features such as a personal profile and dashboard to access other community support groups in areas of your interests that you wish to join for free.


  • ready and willing to embrace the effort it will take to make changes in daily routines
  • have the courage to speak up because the more I learn about you, the more I can help
  • practice consistently throughout the program as this is a “lets get’r done” approach

So with all that said, I can’t stress this enough…

❗️ This program is ONLY SUITABLE for women who are fed up with feeling sick and tired of giving up on themselves. YOU MUST BE READY to put in the effort it requires to make sustainable changes in your life. This will require deep thinking, self-reflecting, brainstorming, planning, organizing, and sorting out many thoughts in your head.

Solutions don’t fall in your lap. YOU create them! This program is all about that – helping you to create something reliable and effective that truly works for you. This takes time, patience, and lots of practice.

Worried it’s too much? No worries. Each week, there is a main area of focus so we don’t overwhelm ourselves. Small steps over time eventually add up to making big changes.


  • Registration deadline: September 17
  • Program start date: September 19

Project S.E.L.F. is currently offered at a huge discount for the pilot program launch. These are the lowest prices you will ever see for this program. Those that join me for this round and want to resign for the next one will get the opportunity to join again at these prices. The second round (post holidays) will be offered at the regular price.

  • Pilot Program Launch Special = $299/pp (reg. $599)
  • Payment plan available = $99 x 3 equal payments

Current GFL Project Members get a 20% discount on top of the pilot launch special as part of their membership perks package. 

Learn more about becoming a Project Member here.


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“Loving yourSELF isn’t vanity. It’s sanity.” 💕

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