Vim & Vigour Academy

$147.00 plus tax / month

The VIM & VIGOUR ACADEMY for mature women is a wellness and education program taught live online using Zoom.

❗️PLEASE read the description carefully before emailing me. Make sure it fits you. If you are still unsure after reading the info, send me an email:



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❣️GO for 10 Weight Loss Program Jan 8 – April 8, 2024❣️

GO for 10 is currently closed for new enrolment BUT starting in April, we are moving to a MUSCLE BUILDING 3-month program. If you want to get on the list for this, send me an email:


A very PROACTIVE and EDUCATIONAL wellness lifestyle coaching program. Mature-aged women learn more about the basic fundamentals to develop a healthy lifestyle. We work at things such as weight loss, building muscle, and creating sustainable habits. We also dive deeper into subjects such as the changes that happen with aging and menopause. The program is holistic and also ongoing, because life is ongoing. We can’t change everything at once, so this program welcomes women to join anytime they wish (unless otherwise stated) and stay as long as they want.


Participants are expected to make it a priority to attend the live online classes as much as possible, complete worksheets and any homework that is asked of them each week. In addition to this, they also must make it a priority to do their weekly healthy lifestyle habit formation practices.

Therefore, in order for participants to BE SUCCESSFUL, they will need to create time in their weekly schedule for the following:

  • 1 hour for the weekly class online (or to watch recording if missed class)
  • 5 – 10 minutes each day for the homework (read handouts, complete workbooks, etc.)
  • 3 hours each week for fitness (average 20 – 30 minutes per day)
  • 1 hour each week to mindful meal plan, prepping, journalling or tracking
  • DAILY commitment to their practice and reflection

With the above listed, you can see that a commit of at least 5 hours per week is required to participate in this program. 

If this sounds like something you can do for yourself, and you have a proactive mindset, please reach out to me by email:


Step 1: Email me to see if this is the right program for you.

Step 2: Click the button to register.

Step 3: Look for my welcome email and respond.

Step 4: Attend the live class and follow through on the self-development.

Classes: *Mondays at 3pm or 7pm MT (mountain time). Adjust for your time zone. You can swap up time slots to suit changing schedules.

Price: $147 per month*

No start-up fees; no contracts; subscription-based; auto-renewal; cancel anytime; no refunds!

  • This program is ongoing; *excludes holidays that fall on a Monday.
  • No make-up classes for holidays; the price reflects time off for holidays.
  • Meetings are recorded and made available to watch afterwards in a private module
  • Recordings are not downloadable to protect sharing of sensitive information.
  • Class materials are downloadable and printable, but presentation slides are not provided.
  • If you cancel your subscription, you lose access to the entire program: classes and all previous recordings and materials.

*If you join at a reduced rate, your price will NEVER go up as long as you keep an active membership. However, if you cancel and want to join later, you will have to pay the new rate that is currently advertised at that time. There is NO pausing memberships for any circumstance whatsoever.


  • Site-wide access to all programs and recipe books
  • Email support as needed
  • Private support group
  • Private discussion forum
  • Individual profiles
  • Community news feed

For more resources, check out my free blogs, recipes, and YouTube channel with workout and recipe videos.


Read what others say about their experiences working with me here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cindy Rabik
Great Program

After eight weeks in this program I have learnt so much about health, nutrition, and exercise. I know there is so much more in store! Tammy has so much knowledge to share each week in class and is so helpful with tips and tricks to put the knowledge into action. She is just an email away during the week if I have questions. This program keeps me on track and accountable to be the best version of myself and when I slip up-it’s a great place to figure out how to get back on track. The ladies are all great in the class and we all inspire each other in different ways. Would highly recommend this to any mature woman struggling in this stage of life :)

Cindy, you made my day. What an incredible review. Thank you for this.

Jillian Weldon-Genge
Vim and Vigour

I really feel this program is helping everyone think and chat about how to make effective lifestyle changes for long term benefits.

You are so right, Jillian. This makes me happy to read as it's the mission behind the program. Thank you so much!

Paula Masson

Vim & Vigour Academy

Thank you so much for this, Paula. You are such an asset to our community. Sharing your experiences over the years and inspiring us with everything you are doing now in health and fitness.

Cindy Rabik
Vim and Vigor

So far I’m enjoying the program. It’s nice to meet with like minded ladies in a safe place where we can share our struggles and successes.

Thank you so much, Cindy. It's wonderful to have you in the program. You're such a go-getter. You inspire our community.