Vim & Vigour Academy

$147.00 plus tax / month

🔥 8-Week Summer Shred starts July 8 & ends Sept 9.

❗️ Email for details:




💪 8-Week Summer Shred July 8 – Sept 9, 2024

(no class Aug 5 & Sept 2)

❗️Email me to get the details:


A live online fitness and wellness group coaching program for mature women. We meet every Monday evening except on holidays. The Academy runs year-round, but we do little programs chopped up into different time blocks. For example, we have done a 12-week Muscle Up program this past spring and now we are doing an 8-week Summer Shred program. In the fall, we will focus on something else. Even though we change things up, everything revolves around fitness, wellness and aging healthily. There is so much to learn and do but it’s impossible to tackle everything at once. By dividing things up, we can really dig in on one thing at a time for attainable and sustainable change.


  • attend the 1-hour weekly online class via Zoom
  • commit to 2 – 3 hours each week for fitness (mix of cardio, strength & flexibility)
  • dedicate at least 1 hour each week for meal planning and prep
  • schedule 15 – 30 minutes each week to complete required sections of the workbook

A commitment of at least 4 – 6 hours per week is required to participate in this program.

Change happens because we work at it with focus and intention. If you can’t dedicate this amount of time into your health goals, then the Vim & Vigour Academy is not the right fit for you.


1st Step: Email me to see if this is the right program for you. Do you have the time requirements?

2nd Step: After we have a chat, and you have stated you can commit, then click the button to register.



  • Mondays at 3pm or 7pm MT (mountain time). Adjust for your time zone.
  • Choose your time slot. Zoom links are sent via email.
  • Meetings are recorded and made available to watch afterwards in a private module
  • Recordings are not downloadable to protect sharing of sensitive information.
  • Class materials are downloadable and printable, but presentation slides are not provided.

Price: $147 per month*

Payment: Subscription-based and auto-renews on the same day each month.

Refund & Cancelation Policy: No refunds on the current program for which you have registered for, even if you drop out. Please make sure you can commit before joining. You can cancel payments after the current program ends. For example: 8-week Summer Shred = 2 monthly payments with the option to cancel after all payments are made, or you can remain in the Academy for the next program.

*There is NO pausing memberships for any circumstance whatsoever. You can cancel and rejoin as many times as you wish, but if you had previously joined at a special rate, you will not get that same rate if you join at a later date.


  • Site-wide access to all programs and recipe ebooks
  • Private support group & discussion forum
  • Social web app (profiles, news feed, private messaging system, etc.)

📧 You also get email support pertaining to the topics we discuss in the program, but not personalized coaching for other things outside of this program. However, if you need a private coaching session and have an active VVA subscription, you will get the VIP rate for privates = $50/hour. Email me to book a session as needed.

For more resources, check out my free blogs, recipes, and YouTube channel where I release a new workout every week.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great motivator and info sessions

I loved being a part of a group while learning the foundations of muscle building. Tammy had a supportive and receptive approach that made me feel like I could create my own program from scratch. I also stayed motivated the whole way through because she kept us accountable. I got some great info and a new passion for strength training to take with me on my journeys now. Thank you Tammy!!

Cindy Rabik
Muscle Up Program

This was a great program that helped me to understand and do the path to heavier lifting. We built our own program with exercises we enjoyed doing and used that to progress to heavier weights through out the 12 weeks. It was reassuring to know I had support and even when feeling new pain I was able to navigate through that with Tammy’s help. It’s definitely a confidence booster and helped me realize that I can lift heavier than I thought I could.
We also learnt about the importance of protein and how to get enough into our meals each day to reach our goals.
Towards the end I got sick and couldn’t do the final couple of weeks of workouts. I beat myself up but Tammy and the other ladies were positive and encouraged me through it. I found out I wasn’t the only one which made me feel better. My point is…there is no shaming in this group and we are all there to encourage each other to reach our goals!!

What a beautiful testimony, Cindy. You highlighted so many great points. I am over the moon happy that you achieved all of this within the program. And you are right, we certainly do have a very compassionate and encouraging community of women. Feeling blessed. Thank you.

Vim and Vigour

This program helps me keep my goals in mind each day. The regular meetings provide a place to share wins and to hear how everyone is doing. It helps provide the encouragement to make healthy living lifestyle changes that I need to make as I approach my mid life stage. It has helped my recognize that I need to take charge of my decisions and it is a lifelong journey.

Thank you so very much for this kind review. I appreciate you and enjoy so much our conversations in the weekly meetings. You're awesome!

Patricia DeHoog

Tammy is fantastic, she is knowledgeable and understands the struggle!

Thank you so much, Trish. Love how real you are. We have a great thing going and I'm so happy you are part of the community and crushing the workouts too.

Cindy Rabik
Great Program

After eight weeks in this program I have learnt so much about health, nutrition, and exercise. I know there is so much more in store! Tammy has so much knowledge to share each week in class and is so helpful with tips and tricks to put the knowledge into action. She is just an email away during the week if I have questions. This program keeps me on track and accountable to be the best version of myself and when I slip up-it’s a great place to figure out how to get back on track. The ladies are all great in the class and we all inspire each other in different ways. Would highly recommend this to any mature woman struggling in this stage of life :)

Cindy, you made my day. What an incredible review. Thank you for this.