Vim & Vigour Academy

$117.00 plus tax / month

The VIM & VIGOUR ACADEMY for mature women is a live online educational wellness group coaching program.


❗️NEXT ENROLMENT OPENS: October 13 – 15.

Zoom meeting every Monday except holidays. 3pm & 7pm MST (adjust for your time zone, swap up to suit changing schedules).

Monthly Price:  $117/month. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Get full details in the description.

Registration opens once per month. Read the description for full details.

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September enrolment is now closed.

Next enrolment opens:   October 13-15

First, what do I mean by “mature” women?

A mature woman is self-aware and knows that she’s accountable for her decisions and actions. She’s ready to take responsibility by pulling up her own socks and make a commitment to her health and fitness for the sake of living a higher quality of life for the rest of her days.

A mature woman is generally middle-aged, but not limited to this age group. It’s more about an attitude. She is ready to own her shit and embrace the change she knows she needs to make because she understands that her health and life all around her is precious.

Her focus isn’t just on today or tomorrow but also her future. The older she gets the more she realizes that protecting her health and independence MUST be a top priority.

The days of procrastination are over. The time to change is now!


We meet live online (Zoom) for one hour once per week for an educational workshop on specific topics that will help women get their shit together and make the changes they want to see in their life. We work on SUSTAINABLE and SENSIBLE change for results that last a lifetime.

Each month will have a specific theme and we break it down into smaller topics.

Women can join a private support group to continue discussions, connect with each other, and share ideas and personal stories outside the weekly Zoom meetings. This is a great way to remain inspired and get accountability.

This is NOT an online fitness workout. It’s a mature women’s wellness educational program.

We will do things like planning weekly schedules, organizing life, creating individual fitness routines, learning all the tools to take charge, and put plans to practice, tweak them as we go along.

We tackle things such as functional strength, gut health, sleep hygiene, sensible weight loss and nutrition, and of course… the menopausal transition, building muscle, stress management, emotional health and happiness as we age.

There will ALWAYS be a hot topic each week. Every woman will leave each workshop feeling focused and with “I got this. I can do this.” playing on repeat in their head.

After all, the whole point of this new venture is to empower change in mature women that are ready to take action under a qualified and experienced leader. We grow together, with vim and vigour!

I will be notifying everyone in our private group of the upcoming topics of discussion so they can prepare in advance.

Plus, patience. I don’t want women to feel overwhelmed by all the information coming at them. Therefore, we will do deep work at a slower pace.

If we want changes that we work so hard to make to stick around for the rest of our lives, we must to take our time and do a really good job so we don’t need to do it again, and again, and again… right?


I open up the academy for new enrolments once per month for three days. You can stay in VVA for as long as you like and there is no need to re-enrol every month as your subscription continues as long as you remain in the program. Join my newsletter to get the notifications about new enrolments.

Next Registration Opens: October 13-15, 2023

Meetings: Monday meetings at 3pm or 7pm MST. Adjust for your time zone. Pick one time slot per week. You can swap up weekly to suit changing schedules.

Price: $117 per month; subscription-based; no contracts; can cancel anytime.

This program is ongoing, year-round, excludes holidays that fall on a Monday. No make-up classes for holidays as the price reflects the holidays. However, I’ll be posting bonus material on holidays in our private group.

Meetings will be recorded and made available to watch afterwards those that can’t make a live meeting for whatever reason. Recordings will not be downloadable to protect sharing of sensitive information.


Women enrolled will have site-wide access to all my fitness, weight loss, and habit programs including recipe books, journals, and printable training plans. Check out the full list HERE.

Check out my free blogs, recipes, and YouTube channel with workout and recipe videos.