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Vim & Vigour Academy
Paula Masson

Vim & Vigour Academy

Thank you so much for this, Paula. You are such an asset to our community. Sharing your experiences over the years and inspiring us with everything you are doing now in health and fitness.

Vim and Vigor

So far I’m enjoying the program. It’s nice to meet with like minded ladies in a safe place where we can share our struggles and successes.

Thank you so much, Cindy. It's wonderful to have you in the program. You're such a go-getter. You inspire our community.

Just what I need!

Tammy is super supportive and really helps to push me to get out of my comfort zone and to continue to learn. The other gals in the groups are also always very supportive. Even this 'old dog' is learning new tricks!

Thank you so much, Kara-Lyn. We sure do have a great group of ladies in the clinics, including you. Everyone is so positive and eager to learn. Love the smiles. Playing bikes should be fun. And now you can show your kids how you can do front and rear wheel lifts like a boss. Ha. Keep up the great work!

Enjoyed the bike classes

I took Tammy’s women’s mountain bike cornering and flow seminar, and can’t wait to take her hills and descents course. Tammy demonstrated then had us all do the skills, with great feedback, tricks and hints, then we took it to some easier single track trails and got to put our new skills into action. Great little confidence boost to take them from the field to the trail! Tammy’s enthusiasm and love of playing bikes is contagious!

Thank you so much, Leanne. You did awesome and I love your attentiveness to the details and all the questions you ask. It helps us all to dig a little deeper. And the confidence boost is a bonus. Can't wait to see you in the next one and again, thank you so much. You made my day.

Cindy Rabik
Tammy’s Workouts are Great!

I’ve been doing Tammy’s workouts for 5 weeks. I really enjoy the variety of exercises and the modifications when necessary. She explains the exercises well, does great warm up and stretching after. I find the workouts fly by because she’s changing it up all the time. I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made in the short time. I also love the information she shares during the work outs about fitness and her personal experience. I always feel that what I’m doing is enough and I don’t have to push myself to the point of injury in order to be fit. Great job Tammy! Thank you for your encouragement and always commenting on every post I’ve made. It means a lot!

Wow, Cindy. How wonderful it was to wake up this morning and read this thoughtful review. You lifted me up. I work hard to create engaging and effective plans and want my participants to feel supported. It is great to see you are experiencing all of this. I enjoy your comments, always reflecting and showing us that you are truly “into it”. Keep up the great work. I love having you in our community. Thank you for these kinds words.

Mountain Biking Lessons

Thank you so much, Helen. I'm glad you're enjoying the lessons. You're killing it too! ‍♀️

Mountain Biking Lessons
Danni Richardson
Well worth the money!

The basic class was amazing to give yourself more confidence on the single track trails! I saw improvements in my handling of my bike which make Mountain Biking even funnier! I recommend if you are looking to start or just improve the skills you have!

Thank you, Danni! I am so glad you enjoyed the lesson and felt improved after taking it. Can't wait to see you in the next one and out on the trails again. You are off to a fantastic start as a new MTB'er. Love your positive energy!

Foundational knowledge building

After many marathons I decided to try giving someone else the reins on a plan and see what I could learn, and I hired Tammy through word of mouth referral.

This training season I had far less overuse and over training injuries than any previous season, which was an awesome outcome.

I knew I had some huge gaps in strength training as I only did a little in the off season, Tammy did a great job explaining the strength training process and goals holistically and helping me see how to integrate it into a training season. I found helped a lot this season, but more importantly has helped me develop a foundation from which I can continue to improve. I value this knowledge greatly as I see it as a key component to continued running improvement, and to my body being able to keep running and trying new active things as I age.

My schedule and life has many complex layers due to work travel and other commitments, Tammy did a great job adapting the plan on the fly to fit my chaos as the season progressed.

Thanks for the coaching Tammy, it was a great learning opportunity and I look forward to taking some bike skills seminars this summer!

Thank you so much, Leanne. It's been a pleasure working with you. Wow, we sure did learn a lot from each other. I think I learned more about the female athlete from than any other. Our communication was exhilarating and intellectually stimulating. You definitely have some high-level self-reflection skills and know how to connect the dots. Impressive. If you ever need me again, you know where I am, and I look forward to having you in my MTB clinics this year. Thanks again for this experience and your wonderful review. You rock!

Tone Me Up & Down
Cindy Rabik
Awesome workouts!

I enjoy the workout schedule. I feel like every body part is covered throughout the week along with cardio. Doing the same workouts for upper and lower body each week is good because it helps me remember the exercises. I would enjoy live classes tho but for now this is good because I can do it at a time that works for me.
The cardio suggestions has pushed me to do more than I would normally do so that’s great!!

I like how you walk through every move and do them slow so I know my form is good.

I’m hoping to be able to keep up with the works out while on vacay. 😀

Here’s a pic in my home gym 🙂

Thanks for the great review, Cindy! You have been so dedicated to the program. Impressive commitment, and that's why you are getting results. Kudos! I love the pic at your home gym, and seeing you work out in your own environment! Woman, you are owning this.

Mountain bike lesson

I recently signed up for a one on one mountain bike lesson & had a great first lesson, very knowledgeable about trail riding & bikes.
I was super nervous but Tammy is a great instructor. Highly recommend anyone looking for more experience to sign up for lessons.
Looking forward to my next lesson ❤️

Thank you so much for your review, Nicole! I'm glad you had a great experience with your mountain biking lessons so far. Stoked to help you learn more and rip those trails. ‍♀️

Awesome mtn bike workshop

Tammy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things biking!
I’m an experienced rider but have never taken a lesson and I felt it was worth every penny to go back to the basics of body positioning and braking. Highly recommend!

Thank you for this, Sarah! There's always something to new to learn, and relearn, right? I'm so happy to know you see it this way. The fundamentals I taught in this workshop we will never stop practicing and always work to make them sharper. Mountain biking is such a technical sport and I'm glad you grasped this. I'm stoked this season to continue helping riders of all levels learn more about mountain biking. Hope to see you in some other clinics and on the trails too. Happy riding!

Beginner Level MTB Skills Workshop for Women

It was a well spent 1.5 hours with you, Tammy Slauenwhite, and I would recommend Tammy to anyone thinking about getting into mountain biking (she's a great coach)! While I have been riding for a while, I had not ridden much in the past few years and needed to build some confidence again. This Beginner Level was good for confidence building and I did learn some new things as well. Small group is good and allows for some practice of new skills. Tammy also offers private lessons if you are wanting more one-on-one skill building.

Susan, thank you for your review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the workshop and found it helpful in rebuilding your confidence on the mountain bike. Our small group setting allows for plenty of individual practice with new skills, which is great for building confidence and skills retention. Plus we get to know each other on a more personal basis, and make some new riding buddies. Hope to see you in the next one. Happy riding!

Mountain Biking Lessons
Lindsey O’Donnell

Great session! Tammy makes you feel at ease and comfortable. She explains well and gives time for group to practice skills throughout session . Felt more comfortable on bike after this workshop ☺️ looking forward to adding on and growing stronger in skill and knowledge in up coming workshops.

Thanks for the great review, Lindsey! I'm glad you enjoyed the session and felt more comfortable on the bike afterward. That's the ultimate goal, right? I hope to see you at my other workshops soon! Happy riding!

Mountain Biking Lessons
Caroline Boudreault

I liked the MTB workshop but I have to be honest I was hoping for it to be a little more challenging. I learned stuff about the gears and really liked meeting new people. I have not use my bike much in the trails and I am quite rusty. I would love to go for an easy /intermediate ride with you sometime if that’s even possible and I would be willing to pay a certain amount as well of course but not a ride that involves joining the bike club. Hope to have more workshops . Have a great time out there.

Thanks for your review, Caroline. I'll be honest too - you probably should have read the workshop details as it was clearly advertised as a beginner level skills development workshop. If you wanted something more advanced, you should have asked about the intermediate+ level skills workshops. Anyway, I'm glad you learned some things and enjoyed meeting others. Happy riding.

Mountain bike basics

Love Tammy’s energy and knowledge. The small group size for the clinic allows lots of time for practice and feedback and questions. Not being a mountain biker, there were lots of things I wasn’t sure about but Tammy never made me feel silly for asking. Thank you for that. Loads of fun and what a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Thank you, Alana! I am glad you enjoyed my clinic and found the small group size to be helpful. I agree that's it important. I'm also so happy to know that you have been able to learn some basics on mountain biking and have had loads of fun doing it! Hope to see you in the next one. Happy riding!

Bonnie Mann

It’s an amazing site! Good job!!

Thank you for your feedback, Bonnie. I'm glad you like the site and hope you are enjoying the programs.

Heather Knickle

I just completed the 28 day challenge and I am starting the 30 day one . I am down 13 lbs but more importantly, I feel 100% better physically and mentally, no more headaches and aches and pains . I printed off all the materials ( I am one of those people , who need to hold that paper in my hands 😂) I look at it daily , plus logon if not daily, every second day . It’s how I hold myself accountable, I also like knowing there is a community out there I can access – I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your programs , Thank you for making them enjoyable and encouraging.

Thank you for your amazing review, Heather! I am so glad you're enjoying our community, the programs, and reaping all these wonderful benefits. You are a rock star! Happy to have you here.

Boost Me, Tammy Lee
Heather Knickle
28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

I have tried many weight loss programs, I appreciate the checkin, I find having those, helps me be more accountable, plus Jill being on one of your programs helps as well. my first week is almost complete , except for one little hiccup on Wednesday ( I give my self a pat on the back, instead of eating a soup bowl full of chips, my downfall, I ate a small glass dessert dish ) I repeat to my self everyday, you didn't gain this weight overnight , why do you think it will come off over night.

Heather, I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying the challenge and find the check-ins great for accountability. It certainly does help to know you have a coach and supportive community here to help encourage you to keep going. You are right, it takes time. There are so many challenges and programs included in your membership that will guide you along the way. Super happy you could join us, keep up the great work and thank you so much for this review.

Groovy Smoothie Guide
Nathalie Lefebvre
Awesome smoothie guide!

Took me from beginner to expert smoothie chef in 78 pages! My own recipies were always hit or miss, but here, every concoction is a hit! Delicious, healthy recepies that allowed me to try even new ingredients in a very safe, rewarding way. My new go-to guide everyday! I love the fats/carbs/protein/fibre breakdown per smoothie as well! I highly recommend!

Wow, Nathalie! What an awesome review. Very detailed, and I loved learning how the guide helped you in so many ways. Thank you so much for this.

Christina Stubbs
A great kickstart program

I like the easy way to this program lets you do your own pace and Tammy checking in on how you are doing. Once you start you see it is doable and fun.

Thank you so much, Chrissy. Exciting that you are enjoying this. We are just havin' a time.

Fantastic Program

I am learning so much in this group. I would never have thought that eating protein was so good for you. I have started exercise everyday doing things that I thought I would never do.
The support from Tammy and other group members is great.
With my mind set right now I know that each day may be a challenge but I am going to do the best that I can.

Oh, Jill. You have been fantastic support. I'm so impressed by you and your level of participation. You haven't missed a beat, showing up every day. You're setting a great example to others that you can really dig in and make change happen when you set your mind to something. Thank you for choosing me.

Excellent Program

Tammy's energy is contagious. She's motivating and always ready to help participants.

Thank you so much, Michelle. I am glad to have you here with me. I look forward to working with you.

Smoothie guide

I am so happy with my purchase of the smoothie guide. I love smoothies in the morning, and enjoy trying new ingredients in my smoothie, so I don’t get tired of the same ones. I’ve really loved adding mango 🥭 to our morning smoothies! Great recipes and ideas 🙂

This is wonderful, Lindsey! I love the mango one too. I'm happy you are enjoying these. I don't know if you like experimenting with different protein powders but the guide has some cool suggestions to reduce bloat. Enjoy!

Excellent Program

LOVED this program!

I WAS an absolute beginner. Had NEVER lifted weights (with purpose), I knew NONE of the positions or appropriate ways to effectively lift weights. Tammy led me from a complete beginner's perspective right through to the end where I showed up with confidence and surprising EXCITEMENT. Throughout this program I learned how to properly move AND how to listen to my body! THIS WAS SO GREAT I am going to repeat weeks 4 - 6 for the next few weeks until I decide I'm ready to move onto another challenge.

I should also share that I see a pretty miraculous change in my body shape. People say these things will happen, but I didn't actually expect to see actual results like definition in my arms, greater shape in my thighs and hips and less extra skin on my back AND 5lb weights feel like not a whole lot at this point. I actually ended adding additional arm weights for the duration of the last weeks of the program. AMAZING! Also - chores like bringing wood in feel less bothersome -- I've been able to easily add to my arm stack without a second thought!

I can't wait to see where added weeks of this program will take me.

Thanks so much, Tammy!!

First of all, congratulations on completing this program as it's laid out. You are the FIRST to do so. Secondly, I can't thank you enough for this review. I love how you highlight the difference it has made in your life. I can so feel the energy in your words. You are definitely a go-getter. I also can't wait to see where the added weeks are going to take you.

Sheila Gallagher

So far so good. I really like how the program is set up and found the section outlining goals and ways of achieving them to be very helpful. I especially like the fitness and meal planning schedules you provided. It seems you’ve covered everything - nutrition, fitness, motivating emails and an opportunity to connect with others. I enjoyed taking fitness classes with you in Lunenburg and that was the reason I signed up. I’m really happy with your program.

Thank you so much for this review, Sheila. You covered so many key points. This is super helpful! It also makes me happy to know you are enjoying this and that we have connected once again. I miss teaching my classes back in Lunenburg. Thanks for your continued support.