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I just completed the 28 day challenge and I am starting the 30 day one . I am down 13 lbs but more importantly, I feel 100% better physically and mentally, no more headaches and aches and pains . I printed off all the materials ( I am one of those people , who need to hold that paper in my hands 😂) I look at it daily , plus logon if not daily, every second day . It’s how I hold myself accountable, I also like knowing there is a community out there I can access – I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your programs , Thank you for making them enjoyable and encouraging.

Thank you for your amazing review, Heather! I am so glad you're enjoying our community, the programs, and reaping all these wonderful benefits. You are a rock star! Happy to have you here.

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

I have tried many weight loss programs, I appreciate the checkin, I find having those, helps me be more accountable, plus Jill being on one of your programs helps as well. my first week is almost complete , except for one little hiccup on Wednesday ( I give my self a pat on the back, instead of eating a soup bowl full of chips, my downfall, I ate a small glass dessert dish ) I repeat to my self everyday, you didn't gain this weight overnight , why do you think it will come off over night.

Heather, I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying the challenge and find the check-ins great for accountability. It certainly does help to know you have a coach and supportive community here to help encourage you to keep going. You are right, it takes time. There are so many challenges and programs included in your membership that will guide you along the way. Super happy you could join us, keep up the great work and thank you so much for this review.

Groovy Smoothie Guide
Nathalie Lefebvre
Awesome smoothie guide!

Took me from beginner to expert smoothie chef in 78 pages! My own recipies were always hit or miss, but here, every concoction is a hit! Delicious, healthy recepies that allowed me to try even new ingredients in a very safe, rewarding way. My new go-to guide everyday! I love the fats/carbs/protein/fibre breakdown per smoothie as well! I highly recommend!

Wow, Nathalie! What an awesome review. Very detailed, and I loved learning how the guide helped you in so many ways. Thank you so much for this.

Level Up to Lose
Christina Stubbs
A great kickstart program

I like the easy way to this program lets you do your own pace and Tammy checking in on how you are doing. Once you start you see it is doable and fun.

Thank you so much, Chrissy. Exciting that you are enjoying this. We are just havin' a time.

Level Up to Lose
Jill Mills
Fantastic Program

I am learning so much in this group. I would never have thought that eating protein was so good for you. I have started exercise everyday doing things that I thought I would never do.
The support from Tammy and other group members is great.
With my mind set right now I know that each day may be a challenge but I am going to do the best that I can.

Oh, Jill. You have been fantastic support. I'm so impressed by you and your level of participation. You haven't missed a beat, showing up every day. You're setting a great example to others that you can really dig in and make change happen when you set your mind to something. Thank you for choosing me.

Excellent Program

Tammy's energy is contagious. She's motivating and always ready to help participants.

Thank you so much, Michelle. I am glad to have you here with me. I look forward to working with you.

Smoothie guide

I am so happy with my purchase of the smoothie guide. I love smoothies in the morning, and enjoy trying new ingredients in my smoothie, so I don’t get tired of the same ones. I’ve really loved adding mango 🥭 to our morning smoothies! Great recipes and ideas 🙂

This is wonderful, Lindsey! I love the mango one too. I'm happy you are enjoying these. I don't know if you like experimenting with different protein powders but the guide has some cool suggestions to reduce bloat. Enjoy!

Excellent Program

LOVED this program!

I WAS an absolute beginner. Had NEVER lifted weights (with purpose), I knew NONE of the positions or appropriate ways to effectively lift weights. Tammy led me from a complete beginner's perspective right through to the end where I showed up with confidence and surprising EXCITEMENT. Throughout this program I learned how to properly move AND how to listen to my body! THIS WAS SO GREAT I am going to repeat weeks 4 - 6 for the next few weeks until I decide I'm ready to move onto another challenge.

I should also share that I see a pretty miraculous change in my body shape. People say these things will happen, but I didn't actually expect to see actual results like definition in my arms, greater shape in my thighs and hips and less extra skin on my back AND 5lb weights feel like not a whole lot at this point. I actually ended adding additional arm weights for the duration of the last weeks of the program. AMAZING! Also - chores like bringing wood in feel less bothersome -- I've been able to easily add to my arm stack without a second thought!

I can't wait to see where added weeks of this program will take me.

Thanks so much, Tammy!!

First of all, congratulations on completing this program as it's laid out. You are the FIRST to do so. Secondly, I can't thank you enough for this review. I love how you highlight the difference it has made in your life. I can so feel the energy in your words. You are definitely a go-getter. I also can't wait to see where the added weeks are going to take you.

So far so good. I really like how the program is set up and found the section outlining goals and ways of achieving them to be very helpful. I especially like the fitness and meal planning schedules you provided. It seems you’ve covered everything - nutrition, fitness, motivating emails and an opportunity to connect with others. I enjoyed taking fitness classes with you in Lunenburg and that was the reason I signed up. I’m really happy with your program.

Thank you so much for this review, Sheila. You covered so many key points. This is super helpful! It also makes me happy to know you are enjoying this and that we have connected once again. I miss teaching my classes back in Lunenburg. Thanks for your continued support.

Project S.E.L.F.
Nikki Zarr
A Program Worth Taking!

I took this program for ME. It taught me to look at myself, the good, the great, and the not so great, things to work on.. and helped me realize that as long as I focus, and make mySELF a priority, growth is possible.
I set goals, some I failed, others I completed 100%, and I accept that, move on, and continue trying to succeed!
The 12 weeks provided time to develop healthier habits, and focus on behaviours, both good and bad, that influence my daily life, and ways to change and improve on those behaviours. It’s about awareness!
I 100% recommend this program!

This is the stuff right here, the main reasons why anyone should take this program. I am so thrilled to see you learned so much about yourself, and what you need to work on and also celebrating what you have accomplished. I love your honesty and your strength to keep pushing through. You're a go-getter, Nikki. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful words.

Project S.E.L.F.
Arleen S.
Fabulous Support

I never enjoyed exercise but I knew I needed it. Now, as I age, and I finally have the time to focus more on myself, I thought this12 week course would get me on track to exercise and get stronger. And it did. I look forward to getting outside in all kinds of weather walking and hiking and this winter I'll even try snowshoeing.
I need the real life kind of support and guidance that Tammy gives. She understands working women with busy lives and families.
Thank you Tammy. You got me off the sofa, thinking more about protein and calories and it feels great!

I love this new change in you, Arleen. It's been so great to watch this transformation happen and sharing it with others in the group was incredibly inspiring and motivating. Thank you so much for your kind words too. You're wonderful!

100% Successful

I've been thinking about being physically fit for most of my adult life. (I'm 46 and 5'2"). I was an overweight child/adolescent/adult (220lbs would have been when I stopped looking at the scale at around age 18). I haven't carried that much weight in many years but I yo-yo-ed and have always been 'soft'.

I began the long road of forming a new relationship with food in November of 2018 after discovering my inflammatory health issues were diet related. My digestion was not functioning properly, and my gut health was way out of whack. I had no idea just how much food and my relationship with was having such a negative impact on my life and health.

I've followed Tammy's social media for many years and have admired her dedication to fitness and her success as a coach from a distance. The S.E.L.F Program caught me off guard, caught my attention and I found myself thinking "if not now, WHEN?"

The 12-week commitment appealed to me. I didn't just need a fitness regimen I needed to change my mindset. I had many years of telling myself that "I'm not into being fit" to correct. I've NEVER joined a gym; I've NEVER been consistent with trying anything to contribute to my physical health and if I'm being honest, I've never enjoyed sweating! This has rolled into years of saying, "someday...."

That someday is RIGHT NOW!

Considering it took almost 6 weeks to work through my own stuff, I've logged all of my active hours over the last 5 weeks of the program, and I've hardly missed a day! I'm onto Week 5 of Tammy's Tone Me Up and Down Strength Training program and I'm onto Day 25 of a Yoga Move program.

Tammy has been supportive but not coddling. She is knowledgeable and trustworthy, she's compassionate and willing to listen and she knows we are all so very different in our approach and our goals. She has offered recipes for those who needed new meal ideas. The program includes understanding calories in and out and all the science-y stuff about body composition and healthy weight loss. She has offered workout ideas and encouraged us to embrace ourselves and what we love to do - and the only way to discover that is by showing up for ourselves to discover what that looks like.

I just signed up for an annual membership to Tammy's Go Fit Life platform. I've really benefited from and enjoyed the guidance and resources available to me without having to go digging. I'm fully onboard with exploring the hard work Tammy has put into helping people be healthy! This commitment is not temporary and to be honest I've wondered what I would do without her right there in my corner, cheering me on when the S.E.L.F program ends. Would I stay committed: would I go back to my old nonexistent habits? I'm not about to find out!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This has been a MASSIVE, life altering, WELCOMED change. As I complete my own educational journey with Functional Nutrition, I know that I can be a positive example to the people who choose to trust in me. I can say with all honesty that change isn't easy but it's so worth it - I know for certain because I've done the work!

"The only thing harder than change is staying the same."

I'm so excited about this newfound commitment to myself and my health that there really aren't words to fully express how proud (of myself) I am and how wonderful this has been!

Much love and gratitude, Tammy! Thank you, a million times over and who knows, maybe we can hike Castle Rock together next time you are home.

This is something else, Tina. What a story. I can't thank you enough for sharing this. I'm not sure if you realize this but you just inspired anyone reading this. It has been amazing to work with you and have you as part of this community. Your insights have pushed us to dig deeper within ourselves. You beautiful soul, you. So proud of you. And YES, let's hike Castle Rock together. That would be pretty effin awesome!

Groovy Smoothie Guide
Laura Lee Long
Groovy Smoothie Guide

I was in a smoothie slump. Having discovered my digestive system no longer cares for milk products, I was finding it difficult to have variety in my smoothies. My favourites weren’t being kind to me. Tammy’s collection of smoothy recipes inspired me to break out the blender again as there were options I didn’t consider before! The recipes don’t have exotic, expensive ingredients and aren’t complicated. They also have nutritional information to help with daily intake planning. So nice not to be punching the details into my app! Thank you, Tammy, it will be ‘smoothy sailing’ in the kitchen now for me.

This review makes me so happy. You nailed it, so many great points. Thank you and enjoy the groovy smoothies.

My lifestyle

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I would try out yo-yo diets and lose weight, gain it all back, plus some and it was a vicious cycle for a long time. When Tammy shared the program project self, I really felt compelled to give it a shot. Due to all of these yo yo diets I’ve done in the past, I lost the sense of how to eat to fuel my body, instead of always focusing on cutting calories and certain foods to lose weight. I was no longer eating healthy foods and stopped caring about myself. It was time to take charge and I can honestly say that I have committed to this program 100%. Tammy has made it so simple to understand just what we need to do to live a healthy lifestyle. I have carved out time to do daily walks and actually look forward to them, instead of dreading them like years past. I check out different trails and enjoy making it a little adventure with the fam.
Thanks Tammy for giving me the opportunity to engage in such an amazing program that has helped me tremendously, I look forward to continuing on a life of creating healthy habits. You rock! ❤️

Lindsey, you totally embraced this program. Showing up every week, doing all the workbooks, practicing the 'homework', making the changes, and best of all you are seeing it in such a positive light. You are so devoted to this new lifestyle. It's wonderful and I enjoy so much guiding you through your transformation. I'm so happy you chose me.

Finding MySELF

I'm a busy mom of 2 small boys. I have always struggled with my weight and have tried every damn fad diet out there. I lost weight doing them of course, but continuing on those diets long term are not realistic. So the weight would always come back.

I needed to change my thoughts on weight loss and living a better and healthier life. What I was doing wasn't working, honestly I got to a point of not giving a shit about myself anymore. I was Mom and my life revolved around my kids.

This project changes your thinking and it's NOT easy, what in life that's really worth it, is easy??
Change isn't easy, but it's 100% necessary.

This tired mom who was full of excuses now has a regular exercise routine. I plan my meals every week and I'm making better choices. Tammy taught us how to make realistic goals and stick to them.

I can't give you before and after pictures of my transformation, because on the outside I look the same. Do I still feel the same? Abso-fucking-lutely NOT. I'm going to work on my health and happiness for the rest of my life because I now have the tools to push myself to be a better me, for myself and for my family.

This project is what I needed to get myself out of the rut I was in, thank you Tammy I want to say you changed my life but in reality you taught me how to change my own life.

I am so incredibly proud of you, Darcie. I know how hard this is and I know when you signed up, you were struggling. But your determined attitude is making all the difference. Thank you so much for sharing your transformation story. Truly inspiring! And remember, I'm ALWAYS going to be there for you.

Just starting my journey but looking forward to staying consistent.
The program looks doable for me and with Tammy just an email away I look forward to being successful in my fitness and health journey.

Thank you so much, Chrissy. Your words made my heart smile. I love that even though we live so far away we remain connected. Yes, I am only an email away.

Amazing course and knowledge!

I am a group fitness instructor but always have a thirst for knowledge that will give me the tools to become better at what I love todo. I knew going into this course that I would not only get what the course outline says I would learn but so much more than that. Tammy is so passionate and knowledgeable and learning from her is an experience in itself. I came out of the course with such an in depth understanding of the myofascial systems that will help me ensure that I will guide my participants to safely move and increase their ROM. Knowing that I now understand what some of the causes of limited mobility or range of motion are and how I can guide my participants to increase that safely is just another dimension I have added to my toolbox. I highly recommend taking this course if you have been on the fence.

This is absolutely wonderful, Penny. I'm happy to hear that you received so much from this course and how you can use this knowledge immediately to help your participants. You are always eager to learn something new. Love having you in my classroom. Thank you for such an amazing review.

Awesome on-boarding!

Tammy, you have provided a seamless transition using the platform. I find myself motivated to log on and check out different programs and podcasts. You are so Knowledgeable and break things down to simplify it. I am learning that it doesn’t have to be that complex, which takes the pressure of feeling like I am going to fail from the beginning. Thanks for being so supportive, I am looking forward to this journey of wellness.

Lindsey, you just made my day. It is very rewarding to hear that your experience has been smooth and enjoyable so far. It’s a top priority. I can’t thank you enough for this review. You hit on some major points. I look forward to working with you. Let the transformation begin!

Sustainable & Attainable

I signed up for the GFL Membership this month and so far, so good! There are so many different avenues for me to choose from, and seems to be something for everyone and every level. I am currently taking part in the Weigh to Go Challenge and it’s perfect for a little challenge to try and build healthy habits. Also shows you how easy it is to get a little workout in when you think you have no time.

Absolutely wonderful, Tracy. Thank you so much for this review. You highlight some great features, including the fact that there truly is something for everyone. I'm so happy to have you here. You're a blast, so supportive and encouraging. I love seeing you GO!

Helped me up my protein amount!

I did not realize how little protein I was actually getting in my diet until I followed this meal plan and looked at the difference. Immediately I noticed I felt more full and less bloated as well. For the workout plan, I love that it starts out small and builds up, because I’m someone who jumps straight back into things full tilt and then burns out. The only thing I wish was included was a few basic exercise example for a full body strength workout using gym equipment - there were two examples of at home workouts though! 🙂

Wow, Anna! This is amazing and super helpful feedback. I am thrilled to know you are getting so much out of this ebook. I'm also going to take your suggestion and fly with it. I will create a handout with pictures of key strength exercises with equipment. When it's complete, I'll send you a copy. Then I'm going to revise the ebook with this addition. I LOVE it when people give me ideas to improve my products and services. Thank you for taking the time to give me such a detailed and helpful review. Feeling grateful!

GO FIT LIFE Project Membership
Caroline Boudreault

I really liked our online meeting , it helped fill in the blanks and reasure my insecurities.

Wow, Caroline. Thank you so much for sharing this. Anytime you need me, girl, just reach out. Happy to have you in my program.

Fun Family Foods
Melissa Mersey

Fun Family Foods

Thank you so much for rating this ebook. I hope you and the fam are enjoying the nom-noms.

Summer Salads
Jessica Dolling

Haven’t had time to try them yet but I can’t wait

Thank you so much, Jessica. Let me know what you think when you do. We love the recipes but of course, we are biased too. Ha!

Protein Fusion
Jessica Dolling

Lots of different ideas I can’t wait to try

Thank you so much, Jessica. I can't wait to hear what you think. If you have any questions, I'm only an email away. Enjoy!

Walking Challenge

What can I say Tammy, like I said if you would have asked me 10 days ago if I could complete this challenge I probably would have said no! But with motivation from you, Darba and the others in this group I kept going every single day! I would also like to say Donald and Callie helped too! I have enjoyed the 10 day walking challenge and hope more are to come! Thanks so much Tammy you are awesome!

You crushed this challenge and I am so freakin' impressed. Thank you for joining me as your posts made it funner. I truly enjoyed reading them every day. There definitely are more in our future. Thanks for all the kind words.