Build Glute Strength 6-Week Online Program with Coach Tammy #gofitlife

Build Glute Strength 6-Week Online Program

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A fantastic program designed to build glute strength effectively & safely using structured workouts through a progressive sequence. Suitable for all fitness levels. Excellent for runners, cyclists & triathletes. Includes workout videos, training calendar, handouts and more. This plan is reusable!

Build Glute Strength is a FREE 6-week program designed to build glute strength effectively and safely using structured workouts through a progressive sequence. We start with foundational work, using only our body weight in the first week. Then in the second week, we begin to progressively overload the body by incorporating dumbbells. As you move along through the plan, week by week, we gradually increase the intensity of the workouts to build strength by using various training principles and techniques. The final workout in this series will be much more challenging than the first one, so be sure to follow the plan in sequence so you don’t overload too much too soon.

NEW: beginners now have a separate training calendar to follow that better guides them through the program. A one-time payment gives life-long access as long as you own your account, no matter how many upgrades, workouts, and new training calendars I upload.

Scroll down to see the 6-week storyboard and sample materials.

What are the glute strength exercises?

The program consists of bodyweight and dumbbell strength training exercises for the lower body. I demonstrate various forms of the squat, deadlift, lunges, bridges, and exercises to target hip stabilizers. We start with bodyweight in the first week and then from weeks 2-6, we use mainly dumbbells. I incorporate different rep schemes to maximize your efforts as we progress.

While there are no cardio workout videos included in this program, I do encourage you to do cardio on the days you are not lifting. I have created a 6-week workout calendar to help guide you. However, if you want cardio workout videos, you can get FREE workout videos from my YouTube channel – Tammy Lee TV.  Better yet, you could add Tammy’s Tabata to your account and use both programs at the same time.

Who can take Build Glute Strength?

This program is best suited for those with prior lifting experience. If you are a beginner and wish to take this program, you can use the Beginner Training Calendar included. This program requires the ability to lift, squat, hinge, get down and up off the floor with no major complications. If you have medical issues or very limited mobility, please speak to your doctor about this program before making a commitment.

Attention runners, cyclists, and triathletes – this program is EXCELLENT for you too. It is not uncommon for endurance athletes to have weak glutes, especially the gluteus medius. Building strength in the gluteal muscles helps to create balance and enhance performance in athletes with weak glutes. This program would make a nice compliment to any of my TrainingPeaks plans for endurance athletes.

Equipment required?

  • dumbbells, preferably a large range (I use 5lbs to 40 lbs in the videos)
  • a safe place to work out in your home
  • dedication

What’s included?

  • training calendars to print and follow along
  • workout videos to guide you AT HOME
  • download training templates, guides, and more
  • training tips and email support
  • members comment section below each workout video
  • email notifications to keep you motivated (option to turn them off)
  • highly organized and user-friendly platform
  • personal profile to track your progress
  • resume to where you left off by the click of a button
  • earn points and a certificate once completed

Program Storyboard

Build Glute Strength 6-Week Online Program

Build Glute Strength is reusable!

That’s right! You can reuse this program again once you complete the first round. It comes complete with support materials to organize and track your progress as well as a 6-week sample training calendar. All these materials can be download to your computer and printed as often as you like. There is a guide that tells you how to reuse the program to get maximum results.


Being able to provide you with the opportunity to experience what my programs are like before you spend your hard-earned dollars is important. A lot of effort goes into my programs and I continue to make them better as time goes on. They are never static. I appreciate any feedback you have to offer as you use this program.

NOTE: To ensure you get my program notification updates, please make sure you add my email to your address book and sign up for my newsletter.

After reading these exciting details, if you have questions about this program, send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

Coach Tammy Lee ✌️


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Don't hesitate, go for it.
Thank you so much for your review, David. I hope you are doing well. You've been such great support. Wishing you the best!
Glute strength program for a stronger rear!
Leanne - I LOVE that you are a runner and decided to use this program to help make you a stronger runner. I also love seeing you follow through on the program. You really are dedicated! I also appreciate you to the moon and back, for supporting me online and in-person. You are too kind. See you again soon. Wahoo!
Thank you so much, Cheryl. See you on the trails!
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