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Build Glute Strength is a 6-week intermediate strength training program designed to build glute strength effectively and safely using structured workouts through a progressive sequence. It is the PERFECT cross-training program for walkers, runners and cyclists.



Build Glute Strength is a 6-week strength training program designed to build glute strength effectively and safely using structured workouts through a progressive overload sequence. This is a PERFECT cross-training program for walkers, runners and cyclists.

We start with foundational work, using only our body weight in the first week. Then in the second week, we overload the body by incorporating dumbbells. As you move along through the plan, week by week, we gradually increase the intensity of the workouts to build strength by using various training principles and techniques. The final workout in this series will be much more challenging than the first one, so be sure to follow the plan in sequence, so you don’t overload too soon.

NEW: if you are a beginner and want to try this program, I now provide a separate training calendar to follow that better guides them through the program. Once you complete the program using this calendar, you can redo the program again using the intermediate training calendar.

What are the glute strength exercises?

The program consists of key bodyweight and dumbbell strength training exercises for the lower body. I demonstrate various forms of the squat, deadlift, lunges, bridges, and exercises to target hip stabilizers. We start with body weight in the first week, and from weeks 2-6, we mainly use dumbbells. I incorporate different rep schemes to maximize your efforts as we progress.

Key exercises are repeated to focus on the most efficient path to building glute strength. Many people think having a huge variety of exercises is important, but this is not true. Focusing on movement patterns and developing strength using fundamental exercises is much more important than doing various exercises with no progressions or sequence. This is why people often fail to build their fitness and maintain it.

Who can take Build Glute Strength?

This program is best suited for those with some lifting experience. This program requires lifting, squatting, hinging, and getting down and up off the floor with no major complications. If you experience pain when you squat or deadlift and have extremely limited mobility, this program is NOT suitable for you.

Attention endurance runners and cyclists – this program is EXCELLENT for cross-training. It is common for endurance athletes to have weak glutes, especially the gluteus medius. Building strength in the gluteal muscles helps to create balance and enhance performance in athletes with weak glutes. This program would make a nice compliment to any of my TrainingPeaks plans for endurance athletes.

Equipment required?

  • dumbbells, preferably a large range (I use 5lbs to 40 lbs in the videos)
  • a safe place to work out in your home
  • dedication

What’s included?

  • training calendars to print and follow along
  • videos to guide you through every workout
  • download training templates, guides, and more
  • email notifications to keep you motivated
  • personal profile to track your progress
  • members private group and forum
  • unlimited program support

Build Glute Strength is reusable!

That’s right! You can reuse this program again once you complete the first round. It comes complete with support materials to organize and track your progress and a 6-week sample training calendar. All these materials can be downloaded to your computer and printed. A guide tells you how to reuse the program to get maximum results.

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Build Glute Strength 6-Week Online Program

Customer Reviews

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Don't hesitate, go for it.

Well structured training plan. I've been looking for a while for a glute exercise to take of the strain on my calf muscles. Looking forward to finishing this and jumping on another.

Thank you so much for your review, David. I hope you are doing well. You've been such great support. Wishing you the best!

Glute strength program for a stronger rear!

Glute Strength is the first of Tammy’s programs that I’ve taken, and my only complaint is that it isn’t 8 or 10 weeks! The program steps along very smoothly and each progressive week is challenging enough to keep it interesting and motivating. I look forward to the decreased running injuries this training season now that I’ve built some stronger butt muscles!

Leanne - I LOVE that you are a runner and decided to use this program to help make you a stronger runner. I also love seeing you follow through on the program. You really are dedicated! I also appreciate you to the moon and back, for supporting me online and in-person. You are too kind. See you again soon. Wahoo!

Cheryl McClorey

Terrific course! Worth every minute.

Thank you so much, Cheryl. See you on the trails!