Next enrolment date the Vim & Vigour Academy for mature women is October 13 - 15.

Get stronger & healthier as you grow older. Age is NOT a limiter!

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  • 8 Sections

    Educational Workshops

    Educational workshops to dive deeper into hot topics in fitness and wellness, including women's health and active ageing.

  • 17 Sections

    How To Build A Healthy Habit

    This is the introductory program in the Healthy Habits for Life Project. It teaches you the steps you need to make to build a habit efficiently within 14 days.

  • 17 Sections

    Mind Your Gut

    This 14-day program helps you to improve your gut health for a happier belly, body and mind.

  • 1 Section

    Project S.E.L.F.

    Project S.E.L.F. is a women's wellness educational program that will change their approach to fitness and wellness over 90 days. Women will never put themselves last on their list again.

  • 17 Sections

    Scale Back the Snacks Habit

    Get your snacking under control and learn how to scale it back with this 14-day habit-building program.

  • 17 Sections

    Water Works – The Hydration Habit

    This 14-day program helps you build a hydration habit that will improve energy levels, brain function, digestion, and overall health.