Mind Your Gut

This 14-day program helps you to improve your gut health for a happier belly, body and mind.

Welcome to Mind Your Gut – A Habit Program to Improve Your Gut Health

Mind Your Gut is a 14-day interactive program to help you improve your gut health. A healthy gut helps to control digestion, benefits your immune system and plays an important role in whole-body health.

It will also teach you:

  • to identify which foods in your diet are causing you stress to your digestive system
  • common disorders and sensitivities that rise up from a poor diet
  • the importance of a healthy gut and how your digestive system works

This is program #4 in the Healthy Habits for Life Project series.

Mind Your Gut Is Educational

By understanding the vital importance and benefits of creating a healthy gut, you are likelier to build and maintain the habit for life. Education helps to reinforce habits as you learn the ‘why’ behind it and make more meaningful connections to your life.

Within each step, I provide you with a simple task or information to help you reinforce the habit. There are videos and a program booklet to guide you through. Members can post their comments or questions on the community discussion board below each section.

What’s Included?

  • printable program booklet to download
  • video tutorials to guide you through
  • community discussion board below each step
  • lifetime access including all future upgrades and additions
  • your progress is tracked so you never lose your spot
  • unlimited program support from Tammy Lee

Get the best results by committing to 14 consecutive days

Try your best not to miss any days. When the habit-building process is interrupted, it breaks the rhythm and leads to procrastination and irregular practice.

When you are consistent, a better connection and new routines are formed, decreasing the friction in habit formation. Before you know it, things begin to feel more natural and you have formed a new healthy habit.

Before taking this program, I suggest completing the How to Build a Habit foundational program. This program will teach you how habits are formed, setting you up for better success with future habit building for Mind Your Gut.

Be sure to also check out Scale Back the Snacks Habit program here. This is a great program to get in control of your out-of-control snacking.

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Program Includes

  • 17 Sections


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