Scale Back the Snacks Habit

Get your snacking under control and learn how to scale it back with this 14-day habit-building program.

Welcome to Scale Back the Snacks, habit-building program #2 in the Healthy Habits for Life Project series.

This is an interactive program to help you reduce your snacking over 14 days.

Each step takes five minutes a day to plan. I present you with a specific task that helps you form a habit. There is a short video to watch each day and use along with the program booklet. Post your comments in the community section below each video to share your wins or ask questions.

Before taking this program, you must complete the How to Build a Habit foundational program. This program will teach you how habits are formed, setting you up for better success with future habit-building.

To get the best results from Scale Back the Snacks, commit to checking in every day for 14 consecutive days. Try your best not to miss any days. When the habit-building process is interrupted, it breaks the rhythm and leads to procrastination.

When you are consistent, a better connection and new routines are formed, decreasing the friction in habit formation. Before you know it, things begin to feel more natural and you have formed a new healthy habit.

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