Boost Me Tammy Lee is a 28-day weight loss and fitness challenge. It is designed to keep participants engaged and focused so they can achieve the results they desire. The program challenges people but not to the point that it consumes their entire life for 28 days. There is a lot of flexibility to help people succeed. It has to be doable or else it ain't no fun. You CAN do this!


Boost Me Tammy Lee challenges people to lose weight and build their fitness over a period of 28 days. The challenge is 28 days but the program includes two guides weeks for preparation and one final week for assessment.

Therefore, the entire program is a total of seven weeks. Key features included are seven live workshops on Zoom and live daily check-ins for every single step of the way.

This is program is led by me (Tammy Lee) live online for the entire duration (7 weeks).

For this reason, the program is capped at a small number so participants can receive individual feedback and have a chance to engage in discussion during the Mindset Connection workshops.


To boost your weight loss and fitness.

Learn from a top pro in the Canadian fitness & wellness industry.

Join a community supporting and encouraging one another on the same mission.

I lead it live online in our private group.

The challenge begins with a Get Started Guide.

The next phase is a 7-day step-by-step prep week to be completed before starting the 28-day challenge.

Once the Get Started Guide and Prep Week are complete, the challenge officially begins.

Each week there is a food and fitness challenge to be completed within 7 days.

Each day there is a daily activity to complete by the end of the day.

There are lots of options for modifications to make activities doable.

Anyone that wants to make a commitment to a 28-day challenge.

All fitness levels because the program provides many options, modifications, and variations for exercise.

People who want to challenge themselves but also have room for flexibility for days they are feeling “off.”


Each week, participants have one fitness challenge to focus on in addition to the daily fitness activities.

10 workout videos combining strength, cardio, and flexibility.

Workout videos are roughly 30-minutes, have options to shorten or extend, and handouts to guide you too.

Walking, running and cycling structured activities for each fitness level.

Walking, running and cycling can be done indoors or outdoors.

All fitness activities have options for modifications.

All fitness activities are designed using the Progressive Overload Principle so participants build fitness throughout the program.

One bonus video for extended stretching can be used post-workout or on active recovery days.

Each week, participants have one food challenge to focus on in addition to the meal plan.

4-week meal plan with done-for-you grocery lists.

The meal plan is optional and participants are free to just use the recipes as they please.

40 low-carb recipes with options to increase carbs for personal preference.calories per serving, macronutrient profiles and MFP barcode provided for people who want to track.

Additional guides for meal prep, ingredients substitution, food storage, and portion control.

It is also designed with busy schedules and various fitness levels in mind. Life is full of unexpected happenings. People get sick. Injuries happen. Work calls. Family demands…

These things are not planned. We don’t know when they will happen.

I want my participants to have options during this challenge in case life has to pull them away for a day.

Therefore, I put in a ton of effort to make this as fail-proof as possible but without minimizing the feeling of being challenged.

In other words, when times are tough, you have other options to choose from so you can stay in the challenge without feeling like you dropped the ball.


Once you sign up, the program is yours for as long as you own your account on GO FIT LIFE.

It is reusable on your own time, so once you complete the challenge with me, you can do it again on your own.

If I make upgrades to this program, they are automatically included and you do not have to pay any extra fee.

All registered participants get free access to the Boost Me Tammy Lee group.

All registered participants also get a free Basic GFL Membership and can participate in other public groups, forums and news feed activities.

There are no refunds.

However, if someone can prove to me that they are experiencing extreme hardships or that they are terribly disappointed with what they received within seven days of post-registration, I will consider giving a refund. This will be decided on an individual basis.

If my Refund Policy makes you wary about signing up but you are still very interested, by all means, reach out to me directly by email and ask me as many questions as you like.

I want you to feel confident that this program is right for you BEFORE you sign up.


I opened the comments section below for anyone that has a question. Feel free to post there or you can send me a private email by clicking here.

Boost Me Tammy Lee Suggested Equipment

For all fitness activities:

A way to track your exercise time and heart rate. This can be anywhere from using a regular watch and taking your own pulse or using an exercise app and/or device:  Garmin, FitBit, Apple Watch, Strava, MyFitnessPal, etc.

For Workout Videos:

  • Safe space in your home to exercise.
  • Dumbbells and kettlebells (kettlebells are optional).
  • Dumbbells range from 3lbs to 15lbs but depending on your weightlifting experience, you may need more.
  • Fitness mat, sweat towel, water to hydrate.

For Walkers:

  • Shoes specifically for walking are recommended and consider the type of terrain, ie: trail vs road.
  • If indoors, a treadmill.
  • Nordic walking poles are optional.

For Runners:

  • Shoes specifically for running are recommended and consider the type of terrain, ie: trail vs road.
  • If indoors, a treadmill.

For Cyclists:

  • You can ride outside using any type of bike you wish.
  • Make sure your bike is adjusted to fit you properly to avoid muscle strain.
  • If indoors, a spin bike or cycling trainer.

For All Outdoor Activities

  • Choose safe routes and let someone know where you are going.
  • Dress in layers and hydrate with water.
  • In extreme weather conditions, it's best to stay close to home in case of an emergency situation.


A meal plan with recipes will be given to all participants but it is optional. An ingredient substitution list is provided to help modify recipes to personal preferences. However, further modifications will have to be made by the individual participant. It is impossible to satisfy everyone's food preferences, accommodate allergies, and so forth. 

For anyone on a special diet due to medical reasons, please take the meal plan with recipes to your medical professional for an assessment and get their permission before using it. 


This program is packed with guides, workout handouts, a program calendar, and templates to help you keep track, stay focused, and assess your progress during the challenge. Once participants are registered, you will receive guidance on where to access these and how to use them to work towards your goals.

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Program Includes

  • 8 Sections
  • 42 Topics
  • Program Certificate


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