Menopause & Weight Loss Workshop

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The workshop recording and materials are now available for sale. If you would like to attend the next online workshop, please contact me and I’ll add your name to my list.



My menopause and weight loss workshop recordings and materials are now available for purchase. 

This package includes

  • 35-minute video presentation
  • 12 to 22-week progressive weightlifting program to build lean muscle mass
  • 25 high-protein recipe ebook for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack
  • 5-Step Implementation Plan to put everything into action
  • Workshop summary handout and reference links

Note: no medical advice is included in this practice. If you need medical advice, please see your doctor.


  • Teach participants about the relationship between weight loss and menopause using scientific-based evidence.
  • Provide participants with effective fitness and weight loss strategies for menopausal women that they can do at home.
  • Provide participants with a 5-step strategy to implement lifestyle changes they need to do to get the results they want.
  • Discuss strategies for emotional support and wellbeing.

Knowledge only becomes powerful if it is utilized. Learning about this topic is a start. However, making use of what you learn is what ignites the change.

This workshop, recordings and materials are included in the GFLP membership. To learn more about GFLP membership, click here.

Customer Reviews

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Cathy Arenburg

I wanted to thank Tammy for doing so much research on menopause. It was very informative and I learnt so much. It was great learning about the nutrition and exercising aspect to menopause and losing weight and the bonus is getting a 12 week training program. I have been struggling with my weight and I always thought you had to exercise really hard and become really sore for anything to take place, which lead me to not being able to exercise and then not wanting to. The information you gave us about exercising taught me a lot and I am looking forward to starting the 12 week training program. Tammy you are so up beat and truly want to help people get to where they need to be both physically and mentally. Anyone out there struggling with your weight, wanting to just get in to shape, having an upbeat session, feel good about yourself, contact Tammy, you will not be disappointed.

Wow! What an amazing testimony. You hit so many key points that I hoped you all would understand. This means the workshop was a huge success! Cathy, you just made me smile and I can't thank you enough for these kind words. If you ever need me, know that I am here for you. Thank you so much.

Stacey James
Weight Loss & Menopause - Worth your Time

This was a very informative and helpful class for deeper understanding around physical activity, nutrition and menopause. For those who've started the hot flash phase we know it sucks and we'll do anything for some relief. If you're going to do anything, sign up for this. . .right before you upgrade your fan. Thanks Tammy. Your classes never disappoint.

Haha, you are awesome - 'Right before you upgrade your fan.' Love how real you always are, girl. You make everything so fun. Thank you for such kind words and your continued support.