GO FIT LIFE PROJECT - Coaching Membership for Endurance Athletes


From: $14.99 plus tax / month

I use a unique approach to help my members lose weight and get in shape. The focus is on building sustainable habits that last a lifestyle. No gimmicks or supplements. Just real food and fun fitness. Health and happiness are our top priorities.


GO FIT LIFE PROJECT is a membership program for people looking to get guidance on weight loss, strength training, developing healthy habits and support from like-minded people.  The GO FIT LIFE PROJECT is for all levels, from beginner to advance. It welcomes anyone and has a ton of support for runners, cyclists and walkers too. The program is highly focused on developing an active and healthy lifestyle.


  • lose weight & develop a stronger core
  • get immediate access to all downloadable guides and workbooks
  • participate in online challenges and programs lead by me
  • receive special offerings only available to GFLP members
  • learn “sciency” stuff through my live workshops and Mastermind classes


  • 1-week meal plan every month, recipes included
  • monthly training plan, download & print
  • monthly live Mastermind class
  • full access to all online programs and workshops (constantly growing)
  • workbooks and guides to help develop healthier habits and mindset
  • VIP discounts on in-person and online services outside the membership program
  • private Facebook group where members can connect with each other
  • access to 100s of strength workouts through the Facebook group guides and your membership portal
  • everything is downloadable and printable
  • switch membership type from your dashboard with one click


  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee*
  • No sign-up fees
  • Your price never goes up as long as you keep your current subscription
  • Switch from monthly to annual and save even more dollars
  • Cancel any time from your dashboard with a single click, no hassle, no tricks


BEST VALUE: Pay annually and get 4 MONTHS for free = save $59.96.

  • Monthly subscription = $14.99 per month
  • Annual subscription = $119.92 per year

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee comes with stipulations. There is a TON of digital downloads (meal plans, training plans, workbooks, guides, etc) you get immediate access to when you join. To prevent “freeloading” (it happens), subscribers will need to have an eligible reason for a refund within 7 days. Please read my Terms & Conditions before making a purchase. All subscribers are agreeing to these terms and conditions when they make a purchase from my company.

Subscription Type

annual, monthly

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