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From: $17.99 plus tax / month

New member enrolment is currently closed. Our membership is changing with new and exciting features. Check back later for updates. For more information, contact Tammy.



New member enrolment is currently closed. Our membership is changing with new and exciting features. Check back later for updates. For more information, contact Tammy.



The GO FIT LIFE PROJECT provides people with a realistic, sensible and enjoyable journey to effectively achieving and sustaining a fit and healthy lifestyle while respecting and supporting individual differences. In other words, it’s inclusive!


  • a push to exercise consistently in a way that builds fitness, not randomize it
  • eating a sufficient amount of protein and nutrients to create a healthier body and brain
  • lose weight by forming sensible habits, free of fad diets and weight loss supplements
  • tackling essential areas such as sleep, stress, gut health, mindfulness and self-control
  • realizing how critical planning, organizing and preparation are to developing a healthier lifestyle
  • creating simpler and manageable routines for sustainability, which is crucial to your future health
  • learning the importance of rest, active recovery, and energy management to prevent burn-out and reduce the risk of injuries
  • finding the fun and joy in all of it while building confidence and empowering yourself to be the change you want to see in yourself


“Rock star! Tammy is highly motivating and extremely knowledgeable. She educates her followers about sustainable life choices through exercise, healthy recipes, and fun. She stays true to her values and beliefs, encouraging others to do the same. Tammy’s programs can fit any activity level and lifestyle. I highly recommend.” ~ Paula Bolt

“100% worth it! Tammy’s programs are second to none for everyone, no matter your fitness level. The workout videos are challenging, and options are always modified to every person’s needs. The recipes are AWESOME! No joke! There is no value I can put on where Tammy has encouraged me to go on my fitness journey for what feels like years! Her knowledge is infinite! Bonus that she is super fun!” ~ Nikki Zarr

“Encouragement & long-term habits! If that’s what you’re missing, then look no further. Tammy has extensive industry knowledge and training, but her videos, meal prep guides and recipe books provide extra support to increase my knowledge and help educate me. And the groups are supportive and engaged, so I feel like I have my own support group every day. And what I really love is there’s no such thing as ‘fail’ with this group. So often, we beat ourselves up because we blew a day. This group allows me to be kind to myself and start again tomorrow. There is no fail. Thanks, Tammy. I love my new habit of walking! The physical AND mental benefits are amazing!!” ~ Stacey James

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  • a variety of strength training programs
  • a variety of weight loss programs
  • printable training plans for running, cycling, walking, and strength training
  • educational workshops on health and fitness topics
  • various workbooks and guides to teach healthier eating habits
  • access over 400 recipes and 26+ meals plans
  • email support from Tammy

The membership constantly evolves as I upload new content and resources for my members to use each month. It never gets stale. 


  • join groups and forums to connect on special topics such as menstruation or menopause
  • engage in fun online group challenges for walking, strength training, and weight loss
  • follow and connect with other members, find accountability buddies
  • be supported by a community of like-minded people that inspire and lift each other up
  • receive special bonuses and discounts only available to the GFL community


  • ongoing guidance on how to use the membership content to reach your personal goals
  • email support so you can get help from Tammy when you are feeling stuck

NEW IN 2023

The Healthy Habits for Life Project is a new series of 12 programs designed to teach healthy habits to develop a healthier lifestyle. Each program targets one specific habit to develop. Each month, starting in January, one habit program will be released. Project members get instant access and NO EXTRA CHARGE. For non-members, each program can be purchased individually.

The overall mission of this Project is to help people develop a series of healthier habits that are easy to sustain! This series is a game-changer for those struggling to form healthy habits that stick. The programs develop an efficient and effective method, so the habit practice does not overwhelm or stress out the user.


The GO FIT LIFE Project membership also provides training plans and support for runners, cyclists, and sport walkers. The programs in this membership provide training for strength, weight loss, and mobility which all can help benefit your sports and overall fitness performance. I offer cross-training and off-season support as well. Annual Project members get a 20% discount on all my TrainingPeaks plans.


You have nothing to lose here because I’m offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee on both the monthly and annual membership options. I’m confident in what I offer, but if you don’t like it, message me in 30 days, and I will give you 100% of your money back. Promise! No hassles. NOTE: Guarantee not applicable on 1-month free trial offers.


Project Monthly Membership Fee 

  • Reg. $17.99

Project Annual Membership Fee

  • Reg. $215.88
  • Limited Lifetime Offer = $143.92/year
  • Save $71.96 per year = 4 months FREE!

Membership Terms & Conditions

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • No sign-up fees, and you get instant access as soon as you register.
  • Your membership fees never go up as long as you keep your current subscription.
  • Upgrade, downgrade or even pause your subscription if you need a break.
  • Cancel any time, no hassle, no tricks. You can even delete your account too!

Please read all Terms & Conditions before making a purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Bonnie Mann

It’s an amazing site! Good job!!

Thank you for your feedback, Bonnie. I'm glad you like the site and hope you are enjoying the programs.

Heather Knickle

I just completed the 28 day challenge and I am starting the 30 day one . I am down 13 lbs but more importantly, I feel 100% better physically and mentally, no more headaches and aches and pains . I printed off all the materials ( I am one of those people , who need to hold that paper in my hands 😂) I look at it daily , plus logon if not daily, every second day . It’s how I hold myself accountable, I also like knowing there is a community out there I can access – I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your programs , Thank you for making them enjoyable and encouraging.

Thank you for your amazing review, Heather! I am so glad you're enjoying our community, the programs, and reaping all these wonderful benefits. You are a rock star! Happy to have you here.

Heather Knickle
28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

I have tried many weight loss programs, I appreciate the checkin, I find having those, helps me be more accountable, plus Jill being on one of your programs helps as well. my first week is almost complete , except for one little hiccup on Wednesday ( I give my self a pat on the back, instead of eating a soup bowl full of chips, my downfall, I ate a small glass dessert dish ) I repeat to my self everyday, you didn't gain this weight overnight , why do you think it will come off over night.

Heather, I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying the challenge and find the check-ins great for accountability. It certainly does help to know you have a coach and supportive community here to help encourage you to keep going. You are right, it takes time. There are so many challenges and programs included in your membership that will guide you along the way. Super happy you could join us, keep up the great work and thank you so much for this review.

Excellent Program

Tammy's energy is contagious. She's motivating and always ready to help participants.

Thank you so much, Michelle. I am glad to have you here with me. I look forward to working with you.

Sheila Gallagher

So far so good. I really like how the program is set up and found the section outlining goals and ways of achieving them to be very helpful. I especially like the fitness and meal planning schedules you provided. It seems you’ve covered everything - nutrition, fitness, motivating emails and an opportunity to connect with others. I enjoyed taking fitness classes with you in Lunenburg and that was the reason I signed up. I’m really happy with your program.

Thank you so much for this review, Sheila. You covered so many key points. This is super helpful! It also makes me happy to know you are enjoying this and that we have connected once again. I miss teaching my classes back in Lunenburg. Thanks for your continued support.