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GO FIT LIFE PROJECT is a fitness and wellness lifestyle membership program that offers ongoing education, guidance, support and resources to help people build strength and endurance, lose weight, and develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. The goal is to attain and sustain better physical and mental outcomes to live a happier, healthier life.


We are hammered every day with information about fad diets, weight loss supplements, and gimmicky fitness and wellness products.

In the GO FIT LIFE PROJECT, you will learn a common-sense sustainable approach to building a healthy lifestyle from a leader who has ALWAYS promoted this type of approach since she first stepped foot in the industry in 1999.

With over 22 years of coaching, I have had the pleasure to work with thousands of people and pay close attention to their individual personalities, abilities, choices, and voices and respect their differences.

By keeping an open mind and listening to my clients and community, over the years I have developed my own unique approach that people have come to love me for – fitness and wellness is NOT a rigid thing. It must be molded into your individual life in order for it to be sustainable and work for you. You don’t fit yourself into a mold. You mold it to fit you!

With that said, all my programs, training and meal plans, educational workshops, and so forth are created to be adaptable to the user. Even the online fitness and weight loss programs as I have taken extra time to create variations of exercises, durations, modifications, schedules, and so on.

The GO FIT LIFE PROJECT provides a natural, down-to-earth, wholesome and enjoyable journey to achieving and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle while respecting and supporting individual differences.


“Rock star! Tammy is highly motivating and extremely knowledgeable. Her focus is on educating her followers about sustainable life choices through exercise, healthy recipes, and fun. She stays true to her values and beliefs encouraging others to do the same. Tammy’s programs can fit any activity level and lifestyle. I highly recommend.” ~ Paul Bolt

“100% worth it! Tammy’s programs are second to none, for everyone, no matter your fitness level. The workout videos are challenging, and options are always given to modify to every person’s needs. The recipes are AWESOME! No joke! There is no value I can put on where Tammy has encouraged me to go on my fitness journey for what feels like years! Her knowledge is infinite! Bonus that she is super fun and just a li’l bit crazy!” ~ Nikki Zarr

“Encouragement & long-term habits! If that’s what you’re missing then look no further. Tammy has not only extensive industry knowledge and training but her videos, meal prep guides and recipe books provide extra support to increase my knowledge and help educate me. And the groups are supportive and engaged so every day I feel like I have my own support group. And what I really love is there’s no such thing as ‘fail’ with this group. So often we beat ourselves up because we blew a day. This group allows me to be kind to myself and start again tomorrow. There is no fail. Thanks, Tammy. I love my new habit of walking! The physical AND mental benefits are amazing!!” ~ Stacey James


  • learn simplified and manageable weight-loss strategies that jive with your life
  • build strength and endurance using efficient and effective up-to-date methods
  • become educated on fitness and health topics to make informed decisions
  • join the fun and engaging online challenges at convenient times for you
  • be supported by a community of like-minded people that inspire and lift each other up
  • receive special bonuses and discounts only available to GFLP members


  • access our online wellness community directly from your profile
  • get full access to all groups and forums for engaging in discussions and learning
  • monthly lifestyle ebooks complete training plans, meal plans, and recipes
  • live interactive educational Mastermind class every month via Zoom
  • instant access to online fitness and weight loss programs
  • journalling workbooks and guides to help develop healthier habits and a positive mindset


  • programs and workshops not included in the PROJECT
  • other ebooks not included in the PROJECT
  • online personal coaching services

NEW IN 2022

  • Beginner-friendly Tone Me Up & Down 6-week muscle-building program was released in February.
  • Weigh to GO! 30-day beginner weight loss challenge was released in March.
  • An extensive 11-part Healthy Habit Development Program is due to be released for registration in Dec 2022 for the initial launch on Jan 1, 2023. This is a HUGE game-changer and will be included in current GFL Project memberships at NO additional cost.


The GO FIT LIFE PROJECT provides training and support for walkers, runners, and cyclists. There are training plans included with most of the online programs. So if you are a competitive cyclist, like me, you can still use these programs. They are wonderful for off-season training and a great way to kick-start your base training, especially if you are trying to shed a few pounds before the races start.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Christina Stubbs

Just starting my journey but looking forward to staying consistent.
The program looks doable for me and with Tammy just an email away I look forward to being successful in my fitness and health journey.

Thank you so much, Chrissy. Your words made my heart smile. I love that even though we live so far away we remain connected. Yes, I am only an email away.

Lindsey Rees
Awesome on-boarding!

Tammy, you have provided a seamless transition using the platform. I find myself motivated to log on and check out different programs and podcasts. You are so Knowledgeable and break things down to simplify it. I am learning that it doesn’t have to be that complex, which takes the pressure of feeling like I am going to fail from the beginning. Thanks for being so supportive, I am looking forward to this journey of wellness.

Lindsey, you just made my day. It is very rewarding to hear that your experience has been smooth and enjoyable so far. It’s a top priority. I can’t thank you enough for this review. You hit on some major points. I look forward to working with you. Let the transformation begin!

Tracy Peters
Sustainable & Attainable

I signed up for the GFL Membership this month and so far, so good! There are so many different avenues for me to choose from, and seems to be something for everyone and every level. I am currently taking part in the Weigh to Go Challenge and it’s perfect for a little challenge to try and build healthy habits. Also shows you how easy it is to get a little workout in when you think you have no time.

Absolutely wonderful, Tracy. Thank you so much for this review. You highlight some great features, including the fact that there truly is something for everyone. I'm so happy to have you here. You're a blast, so supportive and encouraging. I love seeing you GO!

Caroline Boudreault

I really liked our online meeting , it helped fill in the blanks and reasure my insecurities.

Wow, Caroline. Thank you so much for sharing this. Anytime you need me, girl, just reach out. Happy to have you in my program.

Ilse Van der Merwe
Awesome challenge

Myself and my husband had the privilege to take part in the 30 day challenge. This was honestly so much fun and really sustainable. Tammy puts in so much effort into her recipes and workouts. The recipes are easy, fun and truly wholesome. Even my small children enjoyed making them with me and feasting on it. Her workouts are all designed to be done at home and she provides different levels so you can choose what works for you.

It was such an encouraging environment and all participants shared their ideas and difficulties in their own lives. Then you realize you are more like minded than you think. If you did not feel up to doing something that particular day and see other people sharing their experiences, you are energized to get up and do it and you know what, you feel soooo satisfied afterwards.

I would like to partake in these type of challenges on a regular basis. Especially that Tammy went out of her way to offer this special even though we are all struggling through Covid. Thank you for an awesome challenge and looking forward to the rest.

Wow, Ilse. This bought so much joy to my heart as I read your review. I'm actually a bit speechless right now. To be honest, this gives me inspiration and motivation to keep going as I know that my work IS helping others and making a difference. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I look forward to doing more fun challenges with you and your family. See you on the inside!