How to Handle Farting in a Fitness Class

Farting in Fitness Class

Yup! You read that right. I’m going to give you tips on how to handle farting in a fitness class.

Farting is a part of life. Farting is also a healthy activity. In fact, there is even a study that indicates smelling farts may help prevent disease. Nonetheless, when you’re in a fitness class and a fart slips out, it’s darn right down embarrassing. Accidents happen! Here are three situations of farting in a fitness class and how to handle it.

When your fitness instructor farts:

I’ll never forget the first time I farted in front of all my clients during a fitness class. I knew this day would eventually come. I was so embarrassed. Everyone heard it and one client immediately reacted by making fart noises with her mouth. To be honest, this made me feel so much better and we all laughed.  However, there was another time I farted in class when men were present and I’m thankful people ignored it. Obviously I feel less embarrassed farting in front of women than I do men.  So how should you handle when your fitness instructor farts? This will vary depending on how well you know your instructor, what type of personality he or she has, and how well you know the group.  You can either ignore it or make a funny joke.

When you fart:

As a participant, I farted in a fitness class, and while it never made a noise, it stunk!  Immediately my heart started racing and I’m pretty sure my face turned red. I thought “OMG! What am I going to do?”  I choose to ignore it, hoping no one would notice (wishful thinking).  I was with a group I didn’t really know. Had I been a regular in this class, knew the instructor well and the participants, I probably would have excused myself and made a funny joke. So how should you handle when you fart in a fitness class? I can’t decide that for you. It’s a very personal and individual thing. It will depend a lot on what kind of personality you have, how well you know the group, and how you feel about farting in general. All that matters is that you do what makes you feel comfortable.

When someone else farts:

This is by far the most important one of all. NEVER EVER should you react in a verbal or physical manner when someone farts in a fitness class. Wait until you see how they react, then you can choose what to do based on their reaction.  If they giggle, then you can giggle, but if they choose to ignore it then so should you. Farting in a fitness class unintentionally is embarrassing, and for some people it can be traumatic.  If you bring attention to the situation verbally (“OMG who farted?”) or physically (plugging your nose) you may cause that person to feel even worse, and maybe so bad that they never return to their fitness class. Some people have less control than others, and besides, farts happen. Unless the participant is farting purposely to create a “stink”, literally, there is no reason to bring attention to it causing further embarrassment. Instead, try to make the person feel comfortable with a quiet joke or don’t say anything at all.

So there you have it – how to handle farting in a fitness class. It’s a real thing, it happens, and it’s perfectly normal. Feeling embarrassed is a natural reaction. If you’re with a good crowd, no one will really care as everyone farts, and life will go on.

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