meal plans suck

Meal Plans Suck! DO This Instead.


Why do I say this?

Two main reasons:


When losing weight, it is overwhelming to try and change everything at once. Changing habits takes work, and you need to flex your brain every day to make sure it happens. So when you’re given a meal plan, thinking it’s going to make your life easier, it actually does the opposite.

Now you’re asked to buy foods you’ve never eaten, so you have to grocery shop differently. You may need to use recipes with ingredients you do not recognize. It’s also possible you have to learn new cooking skills too. And the list goes on…

Meal plans ask you to change all of this all at once. Really?

WHAT THE HELL! NO! It’s not happening. It’s just too much!



This is wrong!

I highly doubt that every thing you’re eating is unhealthy and needs to be changed. I bet you already have some well established healthy eating habits in place, and even have a bunch of nutritious and yummy recipes of your own creation.

Meal plans pretty much says, “Stop everything you’re doing as it’s all wrong.”

Ummmm…NO! That’s simply not true!

You just need to take time to reflect on what you’re already doing, so you can ditch the bad and keep the good.



No need to search the internet or waste your money on meal plans anymore. Here’s what you do instead.

1. Using the meal planner template, record what you eat, and when you eat it, for 7 days. As you record your food, you are also organizing your data, which is important for the next steps.

2. Review your food diary after 7 days and highlight all the healthy things you ate.

3. Using a fresh blank template, transfer the healthy food data that you highlighted from your 7-day diary to the new template in the exact same time spots. So if you ate an apple for a snack on Monday, put this information in the new blank template as a snack for Monday.

4. Now, go back over your 7-day food diary again and circle all the unhealthy things you ate.

5. Ask yourself what would have been a better food choice to eat instead.

6. Once you come up with an idea of a healthier alternative, record it in the same time spot onto the new blank template. So if you ate a Tim Horton’s donut for a snack on Tuesday, and your homemade power ball would have been a better alternative, then put the homemade power ball as your snack for Tuesday in the new template.

TIP – when thinking of a healthy alternative to eat instead of the unhealthy thing you actually ate, CHOOSE SOMETHING YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO MAKE OR IS EASY TO ACQUIRE. This way you make less work for yourself.

There is no need to fill up your own personalized meal plans with a whole bunch of things you’ve never tried. You want to make sure the plan you’re creating is REALISTIC and you can follow it. There’s lots of time to explore new foods, recipes, cooking methods, etc. Do this as a “bonus” activity on days you have more time.

So, once you complete this task, you will have developed your very own personalized HEALTHY meal plan that includes all the healthy habits and food choices you already make, cooking methods you already know how to do, using ingredients you are familiar with, foods you understand and know where to buy, recipes you have stored in your head, and the list goes on.

There is a lot of smart information and knowledge about eating healthy inside your head than what you realize. Use it! Take time to organize it.

Now you can stop the hunt for meal plans designed by someone else who hasn’t got a clue about how you eat, what you like, where you shop, and all the healthy habits you currently practice.

Of course, if you hired a personal trainer, then capitalize off of his or her services and do this task together. All you have to do is log the food for a week, he or she will do the rest for you.

I hope you try this task as it is very useful to creating healthy eating habits. I’d love to hear if it works for you. Comment below.

Happy planning!

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