The Truth About Detox Diets

The truth about detox diets – they are scams! According to science, there is no solid evidence to prove they work. Your heart, kidney, lungs, and liver is your detox system. You are better off to take care of that system than you are to buy a scammish detox product. The body uses good food to operate better so by eating healthy food you are supporting your own internal detoxification system. Your body does the detoxing, not the food.

Let me explain it another way – you can put clean gas into a car but if the motor isn’t running it won’t use the clean gas. The motor is what uses the gas and makes the car run, not the gas itself. Of course the motor can’t run on no gas and the cleaner the gas, the better the motor will run. BUT it’s the motor that makes it all happen, not the gas. And the motor will run on clean and dirty gas but if you use clean gas instead of dirty gas, you will get the most out of your motor and it will run smoother, more efficiently, and last longer.

So yes, putting healthy food in your body will most definitely make it run better, and help you lose weight, but it doesn’t “clean you out.” Taking care of your internal organs, your natural biological detoxification system, is what should be getting the attention it needs and not detox diet products. Spend your money on whole, non-processed food, like fruits and vegetables. Keep your internal detox system operating well by exercising, get your sleep, staying hydrated, and reducing your exposure to as many toxins as possible. When you tax the internal organs with crappy food, lack of exercise, toxic environments, and so on they will begin to break down and not work well. That’s when your internal detox system begins to malfunction, can’t do it’s job right, and your body becomes even more toxic. A commercialized detox product won’t fix this but a lifestyle change certainly will. Your body has an amazing ability to repair itself. Support it!

You can’t go on a 21 day detox diet and expect that to clean out your system and get a fresh start. That concept is a load of crap and unfortunately marketed really well. Our bodies do not work like that and some toxins can take months or years to flush out of your system. Look at the case of antibiotics and how long it takes your body to recover from using them. You are better off spending time on creating healthier habits and limiting your exposure to toxic foods, environments, products, etc. I honestly shake my head when I hear of people having a weekend of hot dogs and beer and then going on a detox diet to flush that junk out. It doesn’t work like that and whoever told you that it does is misinformed, or in most cases, trying to make a buck off you by selling you a scammish detox product.

CBC Marketplace did a show revealing the truth about detox diets. In addition, they posted numerous articles on their website.  Click this link to check out what they have to say.  Here is another article by WebMD.  The Mayo Clinic also agrees there is no science to prove they actually work. Harvard Health also has something to say on this topic too – click here.  There simply is no solid science or evidence to prove detox diets work!

Mother Nature already gave us a natural detox system. You don’t need a mad-made one. Eat fruits and veggies, drink water, get your sleep, and exercise…DAILY!!!

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