What Canada Could Do To Improve the Health of Canadians

It’s unbelievable how little Canada values the health of Canadians and how many people are living in a depressed state on a daily basis. The overall system is debilitating – go to school, learn skills that make you dependable and robotic so you can operate in society to support a capitalistic system where the corporate elite continue to reap off your back-breaking work and drill you into the ground with debt, stress, and struggle to pay just for the basic necessities you need to get by which sucks all your energy from you so you have little time to put into your health and wellness, let alone work towards changing the destructive system we live under.  Before I went to Acadia, I was oblivious to what was really happening.  As I progressed through my studies, my eyes were opened, my jaw was dropping, and I became angry. I decided there was no way in hell I’m going to live that kind of life. I promised myself that I will live my own life, even if it meant going without many things. I would rather have my freedom and little money than be a sick and depressed slave to that system.

When I sit back and reflect on the way this country is operating, it’s no wonder so many people are sick, unhealthy, overweight, obese, have no energy to exercise, and the list goes on.  Our country doesn’t support the overall health of the Canadian people because if it did, local farming would be supported and a local food system providing fresh nutritious food that supports it’s population would be fully functional and sustainable. The school system would operate differently. Our governments would support more opportunities. Our municipalities and towns would have more funding from central government.  Our environment and communities would look different. Our employers would change policies. Families and individuals would make health and fitness top priority. Health statistics would improve overall for the general population.

Here are some of my ideas:

[list type=”checklist”]

  • Grocery stores could have sections dedicated for local farmers and food producers only so we can have access conveniently and on a regular basis.
  • Schools could have more opportunities for children to actively engage in learning and critical thinking, not just made to sit at a desk and listen.  Also, we could revamp cafeterias and provide healthy lunches and snacks. School vegetable gardens would make a most excellent classroom and help nourish the students.
  • Governments could spend more money on health and fitness than on war and weaponry. Then they could afford to support community gardens in rural and urban areas, active transportation, adult and child fitness tax credits, and support a program where doctors can work with local trainers and health clubs to prescribe health and fitness to their patients all in efforts to work towards preventative health care instead of using the band-aid approach that’s operating now.
  • Municipalities and towns would work more closely with the public and private sectors to develop programs that suit their demographics.
  • Our parks, beaches, trails, playgrounds, fields, etc. would be expanded, developed, and well kept year round.
  • Employers could allow their employees more work breaks, shorter days, on the job support in fitness and health (partially funded by the government), and offer de-stressing programs and opportunities.


If all of this happened I believe families and individuals would have more time and opportunity to spend on health and fitness at lower financial costs.  I also believe if all of this happened, it would definitely help to improve the health statistics of this country in a very effective way.

It is so very sad to say that for a country that is developed, we have poor health, which is a prime example of poor leadership, management, and priorities.  Those at the top do not value the health and fitness of this country’s population, they value the economy more.  Actually, it’s not just sad, it’s illogical, because if the population of this country was healthier, the whole entire country would operate better.  Think about it. When you are living in good health, you have the ability and energy, to make anything happen. This would definitely have  positive impact on the well-being of this country both in for individuals and the health of the economy.

Unfortunately I have no power to change the health situation of this country, as I certainly would if I could, but I definitely do have the power to control my own health as well as influence my clients. Looking at the state of health and fitness in this country actually inspires and motivates me to do better personally.  I do not want to be one of those statistics.  I want to live my own life, and so far, I’m doing it!

You can too. You just start one day at a time with small changes.  All those little things will eventually add up. It takes time and patience, dedication, and yes it requires energy. But if you can gather yourself together and muster up enough strength to get started, and keep going, you will eventually be very thankful you did.

And remember, if you need me, you know where I am.

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