Weigh to GO! is a beginner-friendly 30-day challenge perfect for busy people who seek guidance to work towards their weight loss and fitness goals.

Weigh to GO! is not like your typical weight loss and fitness program. This 30-day challenge asks participants to carry out a daily food and fitness challenge that can be easily incorporated into their daily routine. You don’t need to make room for an hour-long workout. You just need to make a commitment to do one exercise per day and one food modification per day.

Weigh to GO! Benefits

  • Weight loss using simply strategies on a daily basis
  • Fitness gains from focusing on one exercise at a time
  • Increased confidence as you can complete the challenges even with a busy lifestyle
  • Reduced stress and guilt from feeling like you are not doing anything for yourself
  • Feeling supported by a knowledgable coach that has your best interest at heart

The program is designed for super busy beginner levels who want guidance to work towards their goals. However, progressions have been included for higher fitness levels also juggling busy lives. Therefore, no one is left behind.

Habit formation is one of the main keys to making a lifestyle change. Learning how to be consistent is key to creating long-term sustainable changes and successfully maintaining goals.

Included in Weigh to GO!

  • challenge workbook, templates, and detailed guide
  • 30 fitness and food challenges, one of each to do per day
  • quick vids each day that demo the exercise with modifications
  • 4-week meal plan with grocery lists
  • 40 recipes with only five ingredients each
  • certificate of completion
  • email support

Start the program whenever you’re ready. When you are done, if you want to go at it again, send me an email and I will reset the challenge for you.

Good luck and have fun!

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Participants do NOT need fitness equipment to complete this program. All exercises can be done at home or even at the office or on vacation. Doable anywhere!

Challenge workbook and meal plan with recipes are provided inside the program for participants to download.

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Program Includes

  • 3 Sections
  • 35 Topics
  • Program Certificate


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