Get results, fast!

BOOST! is a one-month KICK IN THE ASS!  It is best suited for people interested in an intensive "in-your-face" program which drives them to take quick action to change their lifestyle so they can lose weight and get in shape, fast.

It relies heavily on three important features:

Clients attend 3 sessions per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Clients adhere to my 4-week weight loss meal plan and "fitness homework".

Clients fully ENGAGE the MIND and BODY into the program and take a POSITIVE and PROACTIVE APPROACH TO MAKING CHANGE!


BOOST! is only 1-month, and requires 3 sessions per week. It has a very detailed meal plan, complete with grocery shopping list and recipes, that MUST be adhered to in order for rapid results to happen.

BOOST! not only boosts weight loss, but also confidence and self-esteem. It elevates the priority of  the client's goals and provides enormous support and encouragement to stay focused. It's very involved and this is why it's been such a great success for so many.


Grab a partner and lose weight together! This is a great way to stay motivated and learn from one another. Note: all sessions are attended by both people.

BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME: Please read my TERMS & CONDITIONS. All clients must agree to them before signing on with me.


BOOST! with Tammy was exactly what I needed! If you need a kick start this is the perfect program.  Tammy is high energy, encouraging and knows what she is talking about.  Her 4-week meal plan is the best I have ever followed! So easy (and I can’t cook) and you’re never hungry!  Seeing her 3 times a week keeps you on track and motivated.  Her workouts fly by. I never once dreaded going to see her. I highly recommend the BOOST! program.

Jennifer Currie BOOST
Jen Currie

So this morning I stepped on my scale...and it happened!! I broke the 20 lb weight loss mark!! Let’s be honest though 20.5 lbs. Tammy is magic!! She is inspiring, fun, silly, and knows her shit! It is a genuinely great feeling when people say, “I didn’t think you had that much weight to lose,” but Tammy helped me and guided me to do it in a healthy, fun, and hard working way. Tammy, I appreciate you to the moon and back!

Nikki Zarr Boost 2
Nikki Zarr


1 person only
12 x 60 min sess
3 session/wk
1 month expiry
$960 pp
price includes tax


2 people only
12 x 60 min sess
3 session/wk
1 month expiry
$720 pp
price includes tax