Maintain Fitness During Christmas


This was our Chicks Running Clicks water station for the 2010 Cabot Trail Relay running race. We did a North Pole scene on top of North Mountain and guess what? We WON 1st Prize! No wonder…look at those outfits. What a hoot!

There is no doubt Christmas time is a tough time to stay motivated with exercise and healthy eating. People get busy with decorating, shopping, baking, visiting, social functions and preparing for the big feast (or several feasts). That list alone seems like a bunch of workouts but unfortunately it’s not and actually many people find these tasks stressful. Therefore, it’s even more important to try to fit into your busy holiday schedule some sort of activity. Step it down a few notches and go outside your regular regime, do something different that feels adventurous and fun, hike along the seaside or mountain bike on the rails to trails. Even a few workouts will give you benefits, allowing you some free “me” time to think, breathe and release some stress. Also, you will stay on track better with healthy eating habits then if you were to just quit all together. Let’s be honest. too many people sabotage their hard work over the holidays. Literally you can eat in two weeks what took you months to work off. But if you find your regular regime is too much at this time, then just put on a pair of sneakers and go for a brisk walk. Yes, it’s that simple! Call a friend for motivation as I’m sure she or he is in the same boat as you. And trust me, you’ll be oh so grateful you did something instead of nothing after the holidays are all over with. That little bit of simple walking can help ward off extra calories and maintain your fitness over Christmas. As I always say – get out there and DO IT! Merry Christmas my fitness friends!

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