3 Ingredient Easy-Peasy Homemade and Healthy Hot Cocoa Recipe

Warm up on cold winter days with my 3 ingredient easy-peasy homemade and healthy hot cocoa recipe. By making your own hot cocoa, you can control what goes in it. Also, when using organic and pure ingredients, you will find a lot less chemicals and a lot more nutrition in the one you make at home compared to what you can buy at the grocery store.

Here are the 3 main ingredients and their descriptions:

1. Organic milk or a substitute, such as organic almond or coconut milk.

I like to use milk because it makes my hot cocoa high in protein, and a complete protein to boot. When I don’t have organic milk, I just use whole or 2%. The fat in the milk makes it creamier. Don’t be scared of a little bit of fat. Our bodies need it! Besides, fat from whole food sources are much better for you than highly processed fats, such as canola oil, which 90% of that stuff on the market is genetically modified.

2. Pure organic cocoa powder.

I buy Cuisine Camino Pure Cocoa Powder because it comes from a Canadian co-op located in Ontario. I like what they represent. CLICK HERE to read more about them. Pure cocoa powder is rich in flavanols and procyanidins. Although more studies are needed, some argue that consuming pure forms of cocoa and chocolate provides a number of health benefits. CLICK HERE to read one study discussing this relationship.

camino coca powder organic

3. Pure organic coconut palm sugar.

I use Pure Palm Organic Coconut Palm Sugar. It’s a product of a Canadian company called Xylitol Canada, located in Ontario. I favour pure coconut palm sugar over other types of sugars mainly because of it’s health benefits stemming from having a lower glycemic index, meaning it is absorbed into the blood stream at a slow rate, which is a really good thing.

pure palm organic coconut palm sugar

So now that you know all about the main ingredients, let’s get to this easy-peasy homemade and healthy recipe:

You will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of organic milk
  • 2 tablespoons of organic pure cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons of organic pure coconut palm sugar
  • 1 cup of organic milk
  • optional: one drop of organic vanilla extract

What you should do:

In a medium saucepan over low heat, whisk together milk, cocoa powder, and coconut palm sugar until well blended. If your powder or sugar is lumpy, first press it through a sifter to separate the chunks before adding it to the saucepan. Once mix this up nice and smooth, taste it to see if it’s sweet enough. If it’s too sweet, add more cocoa powder. If it’s not sweet enough, add a bit more sugar. I like it exactly as my recipe calls for, and I have a sweet tooth.

Once you have the desired sweetness you want, add the rest of your milk. As an option, you can add a drop of vanilla extract, but then your 3 ingredient hot cocoa becomes 4 ingredients. As long as that doesn’t bother you, go for it! Keep stirring with the whisk until all ingredients are well blended and make sure you do not allow the milk to boil. Once heated to desired temperature, pour into a big comfy mug and enjoy by a cozy candlelight. Knowing that it’s healthy will also make you feel happy.

Tip – this recipe is actually a base for any homemade hot chocolate. You can get very creative with this by adding peppermint extract, a shot of homemade Kahlua, or maybe try some cinnamon and pinch of cayenne pepper for a hot twist. There are so many ways you can mix it up. Get creative – make it yours!

If you try my recipe, please let me know what you think of it in the comments section below. 🙂

homemade and healthier hot cocoa

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