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The Vim & Vigour Academy is a live online educational wellness group coaching program for mature women (aka middle ages, but not limited that range)

The mission behind Vim & Vigour Academy is to help women help themselves and learn how to develop the healthy, strong and capable body, feel good in their skin and about themselves, and strive for health, happiness and longevity.

We meet every Monday at 3pm or 7 pm MST. Adjust this for your time zone (or see time zone clock already calculated for your region).

Meetings are 1 hour, max. We begin with an overview of the main topic, lesson of the day, and then a group discussion.

Meetings will be recorded and available for viewing afterwards for those that can’t make it due to work, illness or other reasons.

We will be addressing topics pertaining to women’s physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness. This includes, but not limited to, menopause, hormones, emotional health, brain health, strength, building muscle, general and specific fitness, fat loss, weight management, gut health and digestion, healthy eating practices, sleep hygiene, stress, guilt, proactive and healthy habits, self-love, positive mindset, and more.

Topics are broken down monthly. Registration opens up once per month for three days. During that month, we take one main topic and break it down into tiny components, making it easier to learn, discuss and implement in our daily lives.

This is not a workout or diet program. This is an educational setting, hence “academy.”

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