Variety is the Spice for Movement!

My training story today is not as “thrilling” as the weekend, and pretty laid back in comparison too, but spiced up with variety. First, the day started off with a trip to the doctor as this weekend I discovered a huge lump on the back of my left knee. Apparently it’s Baker’s Cyst, swelling caused by fluid from the knee joint protruding to the back of the knee. I sprained my knee over the summer and believe this is caused from that injury. The good news is I’m allowed to continue training but if it gets larger, then I will be forced to reduce my training load. Until I see the sports specialist, I have to ice, elevate and keep an eye on it. Apparently it’s not uncommon and I’m not worried. I’m okay!

emOcean’s gym, Lunenburg, NS

So after the doctor, I hit up the gym and did my 5×5 weight training program. This I do 2-3x a week to help build power and reduce my percentage of body fat. I enjoy the 5×5 as it’s very heavy lifting, concentrated, done for 5 reps over 5 sets. It takes only 30 minutes, I use some of my favourite lifting moves (I used to be big into weight training), and I feel so strong. Love that sensation in the glutes from a deep knee squat and the chest flex during a heavy bench press. RAWR!

Lunenburg Ice Skating Rink

After the weights, it was time for a short easy skate. In 2 weeks I’m doing my first winter triathlon in Halifax, “Tri-the Oval” for FUN! Really, I’m not that great of a skater but it makes me feel like a kid. Oh, and thanks Steve for joining me on the ice today. Generally I have been skating alone so it was a pleasure to have company for a change.

emOcean’s pool, Lunenburg, NS

Getting off the ice, I shifted gears and got ready to hit the pool for a 45 minute mid-high intensity training swim. Going from the rink to the pool makes for an interesting afternoon. The pool was so warm, 84.5 degrees, as usual 🙂

My core class, but we don’t do this,
I was just showing off 🙂

Finally, I finished off my day with a Core Strength & Balance class that I teach in Lunenburg every Monday night. I love this class as it’s slow moving, a lot of balance and isometric strength work, focusing on the core muscles as well as little muscles throughout the body. It’s a great class to be able to incorporate into my training routine as developing a strong core and balance will help me to be that much faster and in good form.

So there you have it – intensities today were short and spiced with variety. Now…where is that ice pack?

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