Tri-the-Oval I: A Winter Triathlon in Halifax, NS


Tri the Oval, Halifax, NS

I’m pretty pooped right now but you deserve an update, so here I go! This past week has been a busy one, pretty typical really. Aren’t we all busy? All training sessions were completed successfully and I had two nice warm sunny days for both my long ride and run outside. What a winter, eh?

To top off a great week of training, today I participated in my first winter triathlon called Tri-the-Oval (skate, bike, run) in Halifax, NS. We skated 12.5 laps (5k) on the Oval, biked 5 laps (6k) on the Commons, and ran 3 laps (4.2k) around the Commons. The weather was sunny but very windy and cold (wind chill -10).


I love it!

I LOVE the race swag – a tuque embroidered with Tri-the-Oval I. The yummy cookies at the end of the race weren’t too bad either. Actually, they were amazing and I think I woofed down about 7 of them…or more…I don’t know…I lost count…who’s counting anyway, right? And even though over the last few months I tried to skate at least once a week up to this event, I was still slower than molasses going up a hill on a cold day. Hilarious! All I could do was smile at myself and sometimes laugh out loud. But who cares, I was having some winter fun, adding some spice to my training, and using my skates instead of letting them hibernate in the back of a closet. Oh yea!

Tri the Oval, Halifax, NS 

Aaanyway I’m relaxing now, feet up, on the couch, thinking about this important point in my training. I’m both happy and nervous to announce that I’m halfway through my training program. I’m happy because at week 18 I’m still feeling pumped, injury free, stronger, and more positive than ever. In 4 weeks, I’ll be moving onto the competitive season training and really looking forward to it. I won’t lie, I enjoy the base work, but I get such an adrenaline rush from the stuff that makes you go “RAWR!”


Tri the Oval, Halifax, NS

At the same time this makes me nervous as picking up the pace and doing more threshold work, I have to be careful not to burn out or get injured. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with thoughts like “what if I’m not trained properly in time for the race” and “what if something happens that interferes in my training in a big way.” I know it’s normal to have doubts and questions and I realize that staying focused and positive by not dwelling on the “what ifs” is important to moving forward. However, I’m human, and I do get scared. This is going to be the biggest physical event of my entire life and it’s my first time. I just thank God I have so many people that believe in me and supporting me through this adventure.


…run….almost done, good times…
Tri the Oval, Halifax, NS

Most important of all, even though there are times I have doubts, I really truly do believe in myself. Yes, it’s scary but I’m honestly having a freakin blast with this and for the most part feeling pretty fantastic! I know one thing, when the day comes for me to do this event, it’s going to be nothing like I ever experienced in my life!

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