Stomp out “ugh” days and get GOing!

Indian Path Commons Trail, Nova Scotia, February 2013

“So I stepped outside my door in beautiful Riverport, Nova Scotia and saw the sun knowing I had to go for a run but a chill ran over me and I thought “ugh.”  For my own personal health and fitness 2012 goal, the scheduled run was part of my training plan for the July 1st EPIC Dartmouth event in which I planned to complete my first iron-distance triathlon while raising money for PRO Kids (a local organization in Lunenburg County that helps economically challenged youth to participate in sports, recreation and culture.) Stepping back inside and closing the door, I continued to procrastinate by poking around the kitchen.  Finally I said “enough!”  A wise friend told me once “you will never regret going for a run but you sure will regret not doing it!”  He is so right!  That “ugh” was gone within 10 seconds of running the trail and I finished one kick-ass-feel-good run!  Pull the mental strength from wherever you possibly can, sometimes you gotta push yourself to dig deep, but if you don’t at least try then you’ll continue to stand still.  True story!”

I wrote this blurb last year but remember it so often when I feel the “ugh” coming on.  We all have those days.  Knowing that I can step out the door and easily direct myself to the wonderful wooded trails in Riverport actually helps me to get my sneakers on.  The key is to remember the feeling I get from doing it and using it to motivate me!

So tell me, where is your “go to place” when you need a push?

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