A 90-day weight loss challenge consisting of three levels. Each level progresses with intensity to help participants avoid plateaus and reap desired results from their hard work and dedication.

Level One – Kickstart:

Day 1 – 30. We kickstart the challenge with small doable tasks to boost confidence and get everyone in the GO zone.

Level Two – Uprising:

Day 31 – 60. We level up the challenge with more intense fitness and food challenges to reach higher.

Level Three – Fearless:

Day 61 – 90. At this top level, we dig even deeper to make the changes we want to see in ourselves because we know…WE GOT THIS!

What My Clients Say!

Working with Tammy was exactly what I needed! If you need a kickstart this is the perfect program.  Tammy is high-energy, encouraging and knows what she is talking about.  Her program is the best I have ever followed! Working with her keeps you on track and motivated to continue. Her workouts fly by and I never once dreaded doing them. I highly recommend joining a program with Tammy.

Jen Currie

I have been a fitness club member in NYC, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Calgary. Tammy is right up there with the best of them. She is extremely knowledgeable on health, nutrition and fitness and is always sharing cutting-edge information. She makes getting fit feel fun and less like a chore. Her enthusiasm and genuine love for what she does is truly inspiring.

Barbara Jones

I love Tammy’s programs. They are easy to follow, have lots of personal interaction, short workouts which fit into my busy schedule and recipes that my family and I really like. The food challenges are achievable and the results make me feel better, sleep better and I have lost a few pounds too. Even better, the information that I’ve learned can be incorporated into my daily life quite easily.

Arleen Stevens

Step 1

Sign up for the challenge below.

Step 2

Complete your profile.

Step 3

Join our private group.

Step 4

Introduce yourself to the community.

Step 5

Take body pics and measurements.

Step 6

Commit to the daily challenges.


$1 per day*. Less than a cup of coffee!
Total one-time payment of $90 pp.
*not including taxes

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Need help? Email me: tammy@gofitlife.ca

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Level Up to Lose Weight Loss Challenge
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Subtotal $90.00
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