Summer Salads

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Summer Salads & More is for anyone wanting to healthy-up their summertime fun. It’s the perfect plan for those week-long RV camping trips.

  • 15 easy and healthy recipes
  • 1-week meal plan with a grocery list
  • fitness guide and templates
  • 2 outdoor workout videos 
  • a 10-minute stretching video


Summer Salads Recipes eBook Woo

Summer Salads & More is not just a recipe ebook.

It’s a guide to healthier summer living!

Summer brings beers, BBQs, and lazy days in the sun. Doing that weekend after weekend makes for a bloated belly. Ya know what I’m sayin’, right?

This ebook is perfect for those looking to healthy-up their summertime fun. It’s not about giving up stuff. It’s about swapping up stuff.

This guide helps you to incorporate more tasty and healthier foods along with fun outdoor fitness.

The best part – you can take it RV’ing! The recipes are easy and the workouts are quick, giving you plenty of time to still do all the other camping things you love to do.


  • 15 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert
  • 1-week meal planner with grocery list
  • fitness guide, training calendar and template
  • 2 outdoor workout videos (great for camping)
  • 10-minute stretching video
Summer Salads Recipes eBook Woo
High-Protein Chicken Salad


The two fitness workout videos are quick routines. One of them even uses a picnic table. In fact, that’s how I made them…while camping in British Columbia.

The stretching video is for the whole body. Great to use after any workout or on its own.

And if you’re into tracking your food, the ebook also includes:

  • calorie and macro profile for every recipe
  • barcode for easy scanning into MyFitnessPlan


When you purchase this ebook you will also receive my new Meal Planning ebook. This is a step-by-step guide on how to meal plan the easy way. This guide includes three additional delicious and healthy recipes to satisfy your taste buds.



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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Dolling

Haven’t had time to try them yet but I can’t wait

Thank you so much, Jessica. Let me know what you think when you do. We love the recipes but of course, we are biased too. Ha!

Jack F.
Won the 4k Follower Draw!

Thanks for choosing me for your 4k follower giveaway, coach! I find the contents of your e-book very informative, especially the weekly meal planner sample! I struggle on making up meal plans personally so it's definitely a big help! Reading through the recipes really makes me want to go back to cooking :) Congrats on the 4000 IG followers milestone!

These comments are fantastic, Jack. Thank you so much for being honest in your review. It's great to know that my work is helping someone. This is encouraging. I can't wait to hear more about the recipes once you try a few. Thanks for supporting me.

Deanna Zinck

Hey Tampster I haven’t received it yet but will rate it when I get it 😘

Hey Deanna - thank you so much. I sent you an email on where you can find your recipe pack. Hope to hear from you soon.