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You will need a FREE basic TrainingPeaks account to purchase and utilize this plan. The “Buy Now” button will redirect you to my TrainingPeaks online store. Running for Weight Loss & Fitness is most suitable for the intermediate fitness enthusiasts that want to run with the goals of losing weight and increasing their fitness. It is complete with a downloadable weight loss guide.


Running for Weight Loss & Fitness is a 4-week training plan suitable for the intermediate fitness enthusiasts that want to run with the goals of losing weight and increasing their fitness. The HIIT style workouts are FUN! Not only will they help you shed weight but also run your ass into shape. The plan is simple enough to follow but challenging enough to make a change. Each week the workouts get more demanding to practice progressive overload while promoting calorie expenditure. It is complete with a weight loss guide promoting sustainable habits and a caloric deficit.

NOTE: You will need a FREE basic TrainingPeaks account to purchase and utilize this plan. When you click “Buy Now” you will be redirected to my TrainingPeaks online store.

Plan Details

Running for Weight Loss and Fitness consists of three intense running interval workouts (HIIT), steady state and active recovery runs, three different core strength training workout videos, and one full day off. The plan is PACKED! As each week progresses, the participant is always challenged to build fitness and avoid a plateau. However, the plan includes varies intensities so you don’t overload the body too much. Runs can also be done on the treadmill.

The plan is heart rate based using maximum heart rate units. Make sure you have your max heart rate values set properly in your TrainingPeaks settings to get best results. 220 – your age = MHR.

To help with weight loss, this plan also includes a downloadable food guide, a video link to my 10 Steps to Sustainable Weight Loss, and other tips.

Key Features

  • All workouts are structured with full details for each step
  • Tracks your fitness to see progress via charts, graphs, scores, and peak performance notifications
  • Tracks your calories burned when paired with the use of a heart rate monitor (strap or wrist)
  • Personalize your account with metrics such as resting heart rate, power zones, and more
  • Sync MyFitnessPal to your account to track food calories
  • Pairs with your activity watch, can upload workouts to your wrist
  • All weight loss guides are downloadable and print ready
  • Access and follow the plan from any device
  • With a premium TrainingPeaks account, change the workouts around to suit your schedule better
  • Overall plan is super easy to follow and manage
  • Users should be ready to handle 1-hour workouts and 5.5 hours of training per week
  • Email support included

Gear / System Requirements

  • All gear related to running
  • For the strength training, dumbbells are optional
  • Activate a FREE TrainingPeaks account
  • Download the TrainingPeaks smartphone app for IOS or Android

Not required but if you use a compatible activity tracker, such as Garmin, Strava, Apple Watch, FitBit, and so on, you can sync your device to your TrainingPeaks account. When you complete your workout session and save it on your activity tracker it will automatically upload your data to your TrainingPeaks account. If you follow my plan as stated, the workouts will automatically pair as well. This is a FANTASTIC training feature. When you view your workout data on TrainingPeaks you will see your fitness score, personal records, and more. You will not only feel yourself getting fitter but see the data to prove it! Super motivational!

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If you have any questions or need more clarification on this plan, please feel free to email me: tammy@gofitlife.ca

Happy training!

Coach Tammy 🙂


DISCLAIMER: weight loss is highly subjective to the individual and results will vary. Weight loss is very dependant on how much the individual eats on a daily basis. A consistent caloric deficit is needed to lose weight. Users trying to lose weight should track both food and fitness calories to make sure they are meeting their target. Users following my weight loss advice do so at their own risk. Please read my Terms & Conditions before purchasing this plan.

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