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***FULLY BOOKED*** Message me to get on my waiting list or check out my NEW online membership program for healthy eating and weight loss – GO EAT WELL PROJECT

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***FULLY BOOKED*** Message me to get on my waiting list or check out my NEW online membership program for healthy eating and weight loss – GO EAT WELL PROJECT

E-GO Weight Loss Coaching is an online personal weight loss coaching service. Get guidance from a certified weight loss coach that has a crazy fun and positive personality, over 20 years of experience, and has helped over a thousand people lose weight.

Wanting to help people lose weight was one of the initial driving forces of why I first stepped into the fitness and wellness industry. It’s always been a personal passion and I have built quite the toolbox over the years. During this period, I have designed my own set of philosophies that underlines all my weight loss services. Read the list below and if you find this aligns with your heart and goals, then let’s talk. All new clients can receive a free 30-minute virtual consultation upon request to learn more.


  • the success of sustainable healthy habits upheld on a daily basis is the key foundation for permanent weight loss
  • a high value on your health and personal goals is required in order to make it a priority
  • a positive mindset can only be developed with positive language and attitude towards yourself
  • self-discipline needs to be practiced consistently with positive reinforcement
  • making proactive choices on a daily basis will play a huge roll in your success
  • education is the key in all aspects of weight loss and wellness
  • the belief that you have the power to create a weight loss system that leads to permanent weight loss
  • commitment, patience, and perseverance are required to succeed at anything in life

…and last but not least, there is one extremely important philosophy that you need to know about right now before you read any further. While I am accepting of all different ways of eating, I do not coach all different ways of eating. If you are looking for a coach to help you with a Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Paleo, or any type of special diet as such, I am NOT the right coach for you. There are many coaches out there that specialize in these types of diets that can help you.

I coach my clients to develop their very own way of eating that jives perfectly with their lifestyle and includes whole foods and eating meat.


  • free personal account on my website with immediate access to coaching resources
  • FREE TrainingPeaks Premium account upgrade as I cover this cost in my package
  • weight loss coaching applicable to your level (see level descriptions below)
  • option to receive feedback either by a weekly email or by weekly 30-minute virtual meeting (scheduled)
  • meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, food guides, tips, and tons of support materials to match your goals
  • a personalized fitness plan uploaded to your coaching account
  • workouts will be automatically synced from your smartwatch (if you have one) to your coaching platform
  • smartphone app for your workouts


I do not paint everyone with the same brush. I not have a template or system that I apply to all clients. I coach people according to their level. Everyone is in a different place. I have an extensive questionnaire during the setup that all clients must answer. This will help me determine which level you are at and where we go from there. To give a teeny bit of insight here’s a very basic description.

  • Level 1 – Has very little experience with weight loss plans and low compliance.
  • Level 2 – An average level of experience and for the most part, will comply.
  • Level 3 – A higher level of experience and very compliant
  • Level 4 – Competitive athlete that needs coaching for weight loss to increase race performance


If you haven’t figured it by now, I’m honest, to the core. This means I will give you honest feedback. If you are not compliant when I need you to be, I will tell you. If you are not communicating with me, I will tell you. In order for us to be successful together and help you to reach your goals, I expect you to follow my plans and communicate with me. If this does not happen, and I see it’s an ongoing issue, I will let you know and we can either regroup to figure out how to continue or simply pause the coaching until you are ready to truly give yourself the attention you deserve.

As I promise to be honest with you, I want you to be honest with me too. I have thick skin and I can absolutely handle feedback. As long as you aren’t calling me names (ha), I want to know if you like what we do and if it works for you in your heart. This is a service I provide for YOU. So at any point, if you are unhappy, I need to know ASAP so I have the opportunity to try to make you happy. If we ever get to the point where I can’t make you happen, then we just finish up and move on. That’s not a bad thing. Sometimes it happens. We just need to keep communication lines opens and be honest.


I built a very detailed step-by-step setup guide that clients are automatically enrolled in once they pay the $99 setup fee. This guide is broken down into its nitty-gritty components to help you through every step of the way, including all you need to do to get on TrainingPeaks, the platform I use for online coaching. The setup guide can be done at your own pace too. If you need to pause at any point, you can easily resume at the click of a button.

Once you pay the setup fee, you will be automatically redirected to the setup guide. If you can’t begin the setup process at that time, that’s okay. You can access it anytime at your convenience under ‘My Account’ in the main menu.

Here’s a breakdown of how we go:

  • Complete the setup
  • Access your first month’s plan
  • Coaching begins
  • You crush your goals
  • We decide what’s next

You will also be automatically enrolled in the Personal Coaching Resource module and can get immediate access to resources while you work on your setup and I build your customized plan.


  • one-time $99 setup fee
  • $229 coaching fee per month
  • can cancel anytime


Reading the above is like reading a blog. It’s a lot of info but this is a personal service that is quite sensitive. I want to be as transparent as possible so there are no surprises along the way. If you made it this far, I must have caught your attention. Please feel free to email me any questions you have or request a consultation to discuss more. Spill your beans, tell me what’s on your mind, and let’s have a chit-chat.

CLICK HERE to email me now.

Please note – I take a limited amount of clients to ensure I have the time to give each and every one of them the attention they deserve. I have a strong work ethic and deeply passionate about what I do. If I’m full, I can put your name on a waiting list. Either way, connect with me!

I hope to hear from you.


Coach Tammy 😊

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Stephanie Van de reep review
Thanks a bunch, girl. You got it going on. #gostephanie
Go Fit Life!
Thank you so much, Wendy. I look forward to working with you.
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