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GO RUN For Ya Life!

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***WORKSHOPS ARE COMPLETED FOR THE SEASON***  Thanks to everyone who came out to support me. To get the inside scoop for 2021, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.

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***WORKSHOPS ARE COMPLETED FOR THE SEASON***  Thanks to everyone who came out to support me. To get the inside scoop for 2021, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.

GO RUN For Ya Life! is a service to help people run better, for life.


As COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, I’m now offering a series of running workshops in Fort McMurray on Tuesday evenings. Taking it one workshop at a time, each week I will feature a different topic. All topics are interactive and although we may not always be running, we will always be moving in some way (ie: drills, strength training, mobility exercises, assessments, etc). These workshops are open to all running levels, especially beginners who may have very little knowledge about the skills of running and run training.


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All participants must wear proper running shoes and bring water. I also suggest a hat, sunglasses, and dress in layers. Masks and hand sanitizers are optional.


Scroll up. Name your price. Checkout!  There are various payment options provided on checkout. Payment is per workshop, not for the entire series. Registration closes at 10 pm the day BEFORE the workshop so I can properly prepare for the participants attending. No late registrations will be accepted.

NOTE: All new customers will need to create an account during checkout. All existing customers will need to log into their account during checkout. This gives you access to your current and past orders, downloads, and so on at any time. To ensure you get my workshop notifications, please make sure you add my email to your address book:  tammy@gofitlife.ca


All participants are required to fill out a waiver PRIOR to attending the workshop ONLY if you have not already filled one out for this series (no need to fill one out for each workshop as the waiver covers the entire series). This online form will be made available to you in your purchase order sent to your email and is also available under your account.


If for any reason I have to cancel a workshop, credit or refund will be given. In case of bad weather, I will reschedule the workshop at a later date. If you are not able to attend the rescheduled workshop, credit or refund will be given.


Due to limited space and selling opportunities, a 7-day cancellation notice is required in order to receive a refund. A 25% administration fee will apply. Please make sure you can commit to this workshop before signing up. If an unforeseen circumstance occurs, your spot may be transferable or you could receive credit but this must be confirmed with me first. Make sure you read my full Terms and Conditions.


Guidelines are enforced and details are listed under my Terms and Conditions.


Future workshops below are subject to change but it gives you an idea of what might be coming ahead. Due to the complexity of COVID-19, we will start with one workshop at a time. Please bookmark this page for regular updates. NOTE: payment is per workshop, not the entire series.

  • Pace Yourself! This workshop will teach you how to determine your pace zones and what pace you should be running at depending on your goals. An activity tracker that tracks your running pace is required (ie: Garmin, FitBit, Polar, Suunto, Apple Watch, etc). Key points: zone definitions, zone benefits, zone awareness, setting your personal zones (methods, frequency).
  • Strengthen Your Run! Learn how to strength train FOR your run and not just aimlessly lift weights. Put your focus on key muscles and learn how core training is essential. Key points: frequency, intensity, time, and type.
  • TBD – additional topics to cover in future workshops are: how to structure a workout, how to train for long-distance, how to build a training plan, running nutrition, how to use running to lose weight, running gear, injury prevention, training hills, speed training, trail vs road, technical running drills…and believe it or not, MORE!


  • Run With Heart! This workshop will teach you how to determine your heart rate zones and what zone you should be running in for building fitness and specific training. A heart rate tracker is required (ie: Garmin, FitBit, Polar, Suunto, Apple Watch, etc). Suitable for both non-competitive and competitive runners. Key points: zone definitions, zone benefits, zone awareness, setting your personal zones (methods, frequency). We will be running so I can show you what each zone FEELS like.
  • Get Running, Again! This workshop will explain best practices on how to start running for the newbie or the runner that took time off and wants to start running again. Seems like a simple topic but surprisingly many runners starting out, or starting up again, soon they find themselves burned out or injured. I will teach participants a better way to get running. Key points: how to do a prep phase, build structural tolerance, incorporate active recovery, and utilize the progressive overload principle.
  • Warm Up to Run! This workshop will teach you a better way to warm up and why this is KEY to the success of your running workout. Key points: breathing rhythm, mindset for success, running workout rehearsal, and neuromuscular exercises.
  • Drillz for Skillz! Ever feel like you’re locked up when you are running? Like you could go faster but you can’t? Have no rhythm and flow? Hitting a training plateau? This workshop will show you a variety of running drills to increase range of motion, rhythm, flow, smoothness, cadence and more. These specific skills, when practiced, will help you become more efficient. When you are an efficient runner, you can run longer and faster with greater ease. If you are not incorporating drills for skills into your run training, and struggling to progress, then this workshop is for you.

Tammy is a nationally certified multi-sport coach and fitness trainer with 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. She has been coaching runners since 2009 and has helped hundreds of runners reach their personal goals. She also has a history of racing in 5k to full marathon events from 2006 – 2013. Her biggest running accomplishment happened during her 2013 EPIC IRON in which she qualified for the Triathlon Long Course World Championships. In 13 hrs and 44 min, she ran a 42.2k marathon after a 3.8k swim and 180k bike ride. That’s cray-cray! Tammy now enjoys riding and racing multi-day mountain bike stage races. She’s currently training for TransRockies’ Singletrack 6 event. Also cray-cray.

Customer Reviews

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Great tips given for better running
Thank you so very much, Manish. I hope to have some more workshops this year and would love to see you again. You all were wonderful with such great attitudes. Happy run training!
Tammy is great
Thank you so much, Kory. You are absolutely right. I LOVE this stuff. Glad to have you in the workshops. See you again soon.
Completely new to running
Thank you so much, Meg. You were a joy to have in the workshop, so keen to learn. I hope you come back again. Happy running!
Great info for new runners!
You are such great support, Leanne. I was so honoured to have you sign up to my workshop considering you already qualified for Boston. You set an example to others - there's always something to learn. Thank you for this! I'm excited to see you are coming back for more too. See you next Tuesday! (Plus, you're hilarious and make me laugh.)
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