70.3 Triathlon 12-Week Base Training Plan by Coach Tammy

GO 70.3 Triathlon Base Training


This 70.3 Triathlon 12-Week Base Training Plan for intermediate triathletes is designed to increase aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, & structural tolerance. Once the triathlete completes this plan, they will be physically prepared to begin the competitive training phase. You will need a FREE basic TrainingPeaks account to access this plan.


This 70.3 triathlon 12-week base training plan is for intermediate triathletes. The plan is designed to expand aerobic capacity, increase muscular endurance, and build up structural tolerance to prepare the triathlete for the competitive training stage for a 70.3 triathlon. The plan will prepare the triathlete to complete a 1.9 km swim + 90 km bike + 21.1 km run. Distances do not have to be exact but should be within range.

Key Features

  • Includes baseline testing and two more retests to measure progress and identify strengths and weaknesses. Baseline testing occurs at the end of the first week, another test half-way through, and a final test at the end.
  • Incorporates time into workouts for the triathlete to work on their triathlon-specific skills such as cycling cadence, running form, swim stroke, kick, sighting, bilateral breathing, transitions and more.
  • Includes a strength training and mobility training plan. These plans are very detailed so the user knows exactly what they need to do, how to do it and when it should be done.
  • A complete 2-page guide explaining the layout of the entire plan, structure of workouts, training intensities, zones, heart rates, session goals, and more.
  • The guide, strength training plan and mobility plan are all downloadable, can be printed, and include links to videos for further explanations and demonstrations.
  • Email support for using the plan. At any point, if the user does not understand what is being asked or needs further explanation, they can send me an email and I will do my best to clarify the instructions.

The plan focuses more on high volume at low intensities to build a proper base. Intense training will come later once the triathlete begins their competitive stage. Workouts can be done inside, outside or a mix. Shorter workouts are through the week and longer ones on the weekend. However, triathletes can move the workouts around as long as they follow the rules stated in the guide.

The plan is super easy to follow and manageable. All workouts include structure but not so much that it gets hard to follow and confusing. Users should be ready to handle an 8-hour training week (week 2) and build up to 12 hours at the peak of this plan (week 11).

Gear / System Requirements

All gear related to triathlon. For the strength training, a bench, dumbbells and/or barbells are necessary. For mobility training, users need a foam roller and straps.

Activate a FREE TrainingPeaks account. Download the smartphone app for IOS or Android.

Not required but if you use a compatible activity tracker, such as Garmin, Strava, Apple Watch, FitBit, and so on, you can sync your device to your TrainingPeaks account. When you complete your workout session and save it on your activity tracker it will automatically upload your data to your TrainingPeaks account. If you follow my plan as stated, the workouts will automatically pair as well. This is a FANTASTIC training feature. When you view your workout data on TrainingPeaks you will see your fitness score, personal records, and more. You will not only feel yourself getting fitter but see the data to prove it! Super motivational!

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If you have any questions or need more clarification on this plan, please feel free to email me: tammy@gofitlife.ca

Happy training!

Coach Tammy 🙂

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