Post-Workout Protein Snack Recipes

Post-Workout Protein Snacks

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Cake and ice cream after a workout? Absolutely! Recharge your body with these healthy and highly gratifying protein snacks. 


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Protein balls, bars, muffins, dips, cake, and ice cream too.


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Tammy's Message

Nourishing your body with healthy food after a workout is important for recovery. It also helps to set you up for your next training session. Post-workout snacks do not have to be boring and tasteless. These recipes are healthy, fun, delicious and easy to make. Enjoy all the bites!

People say

When I come back from a bike ride and have to whip up something fast, I am starving and too lazy to make something healthy for myself. That’s where these snack recipes come in handy, and Tammy’s meal plans.

Dylan Lustig

Recipes this tasty cannot be good for you, right? Wrong! I love that I need minimal ingredients and not a lot of time to make delicious food, guilt-free. If you are looking to mix up your menu, you NEED these in your life.

Nikki Zarr

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