Pleasant Surprises Makes Training Delightful

Training is going well, things are moving along, and I have no soreness from Sunday’s winter triathlon. Some would say that means I didn’t race hard enough. I say I just suck at skating…and I’m getting stronger. Ha! This week I have a few extra things added to my already busy schedule (the weeks’ not over yet). It’s great to know I can be flexible with my program, allowing me to fit all my workouts into a spontaneously extra busy week. I’m not about to sacrifice my training unless there is no other alternative. If you want something bad enough, you’ll figure out a way to do it. In my life I have made exercising a daily priority, just the same as eating and sleeping. I would sooner sacrifice something else to get’er done. I don’t look at training a chore. It’s how I live, my lifestyle, a part of who I am and I love it!

Anyway, since I had the morning off and it was 3 degrees outside (yay), I decided to hit the road with my bike before the wind and rain came. Using this new online tool I found I was better dressed for today’s ride and the only thing that got chilled were my toes and fingers. Eventually I’ll invest in thermal windproof bike gloves and booties. I rode around Riverport, doing my warm up, and then headed to Lunenburg. Today’s routine called for 2 x 15km TT at 75% MHR and then 3 x 5km TT at 84% MHR, 2 – 3 min rest in between sets.

Thinking about my routine, I had no idea how amusing my ride today was about to become. Even this morning before I left, I had a few “ugh” moments but looking back now, I’m so glad I blew that off and got out there. When I arrived in Lunenburg I made a quick pit stop to use the bathroom at the 50s Diner and checked on my donation jar at the Mike’s Kwik Way. I put the jar in there about 2 weeks ago and shockingly only .50 cents was in it. WOW! So I asked them at the 50s Diner if I could bring it to their counter to see what happens. They were more than willing, and not only did I have a great chat with them about the PRO Kids program and how important it is to have organizations like this locally, they even called Darren at NAPA Auto Parts to find out if I could also place a jar there, which the answer was YES! People amaze me; some are so willing to help out. I thank the world for such people as they are the ones that truly make a difference. And it’s things like this that make me feel like all this training I am doing is so worthwhile. God love them!

I hopped back on my bike, feeling very much supported in my cause from that surprisingly wonderful bathroom break, and gained an even bigger boost of positive energy to spin my wheels hard. I headed back towards Grimm Road to do one of my fav loops only to soon be waved down by Bill Roblee and Nancy Petrie. There, at the end of Bill’s road, they were waving their arms, as if they knew I was coming, and started to run towards me. I pulled over on the side of the road and was quickly approached with Bill immediately asking me “how old are you?” I replied “39”. Then he says “when is your birthday?” “May 16th” I said, with a smile as I pretty much knew where this was going. Then he and Nancy both asked me, almost at the same time, if I wanted to join the team “Over the Hill Gang” for the Cabot Trail Relay race in May 2012. It was only two years ago, when I inquired about joining the team but was refused as I wasn’t old enough. Ha! Apparently this year I qualify as I’m turning 40 and obviously they never forgot about my request. Bill and Nancy pretty much locked me into committing right then and there with their positive energy and “sales pitch.” It sounded like a great deal – I was sold! Next thing I had my iPhone out emailing Bill my birth date, T-shirt size, and my meal choice for the post-race banquet, which of course was lobster. And then in no time, I was back on my bike as they had to hurry and get back to their 800m repeats (they are training for the Boston Marathon).

What a whirlwind! As I started on the Grimm Road I couldn’t help but start to laugh out loud. What just happened? Between feeling rested and strong, the warm support from the 50s Diner and the enthusiastic request to be on the team I have been wanting to be a part of since the CTR in 2010, I was totally in the mood to ride The Plan’s structured routine accordingly. After sailing over the hills on the Grimm Road and Crouse’s Settlement, I found myself still riding my TTs steady and strong down the river road, even against the headwind and a bit of rain. Before I knew it the ride was over and I was feeling very pleasant even thou the skies were grey. What I liked best about the day was the amusing surprises that occurred on my ride. The wonderful support from people is greatly appreciated and makes this adventure such an amazing experience. And to be honest, being waved down by fellow athletes on route and requested to be a part of their team in a 24-hour running party also gives me a pretty spectacular feeling. I wouldn’t want to be asked any other way. Memories like this will give me pleasure and smiles forever. Simply awesome!


“Over The Hill Gang”
2010 Cabot Trail Relay Team Pic
CTRR 2010 Team Pic

Our 2010 Cabot Trail Relay team pic
“Chicks Running Clicks”
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