Need Some Motivation for Crappy Weather Days?


Rose Bay Beach, NS (aka Sand Dollar Beach)

It’s another wet and cold spring day here in Riverport, Nova Scotia.  Sometimes, when we are having crappy weather, I want to forget about the reasons why I should train and find excuses for hot chocolate, comfy jammies, and a warm blanket instead.  Thankfully I can snap out of this, for the most part, and soon found myself out in the crappy weather doing what needs to be done.  In the end, I know that when it’s over I will be much happier than if I had skipped the workout all together.

You never regret a workout but you definitely will regret not doing one!

I haven’t written a blog for a while.  I was on a “training vacation” in Cape Breton and trying to stay away from the computer. But…I have an internal burning desire to motivate and encourage others so deeply that if I don’t do at least one thing each day, I’m distracted until I do.  That’s why you will generally find something on my facebook GO! wall starting with the morning and usually continues throughout the day and then tapers off in the night…because I’m out teaching classes.  I just gotta encourage, I gotta reach out somehow. It’s my nature!  So while I was able to maintain at least that feature while away, I am eager to get writing again.  Let me start by writing a short little blog in hopes to motivate you during this week of crappy weather.

The weather hasn’t been all that spring-like and it’s really bumming some people out, so I’ve noticed.  I see the posts on facebook and Twitter and hear the complaints, the jokes, the pictures and quotes, etc.  People are reaching out for encouragement, praying for some sun, wishing for warmth, and hoping Mother Nature will soon deliver us all an energy boost.  I fear people might just be skipping their workouts, their training sessions or maybe not going at it with the intensity they need to make a difference.  I understand, as I introduced this blog, I revealed that I share the same feelings as you.  Now I share some words with you in hopes that if you are feeling bummed out and unmotivated to do your workouts this coming week, you may find what you need in these few words to just go out there and get ‘er done.  The sun will shine soon enough, the air will get warm, and it really can only get better from here. Right?  Think positive, stay motivated, and just GO!


Cape Breton, NS

My message is –  there are days I don’t want to leave the house, leave my couch, or leave my jammies…but I just turn on the music, get up and move, literally grab myself by the back of the neck and push myself out the door…it looks hilarious…but it’s what makes the biggest difference in my life…finding the mental strength to push my physical self is how I reach my goals.  Besides, if you can get through those rough non-motivated days, even if it’s only 10 minutes of something, then you can do anything!!! I swear on my life, if you do this, that’s the best kinda strength you will ever build. Strong mind = strong body!

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