Isagenix is a Waste of Money

Based on the research I have done along with my own expertise, I believe Isagenix products to be waste of money.  Actually I believe most weight loss products on the market to be a waste of money, such as Shakeology, Body by Vi, Herbalife, these products simply do not jive with my philosophies and what I have learned in the field of health and weight loss. I honestly do not care that the company is growing financially nor do I care that pro athletes use their products. What I honestly do care about though, is the health of my clients and being 100% honest with them. I feel the companies have money has their top priority and not the health of those using the products. Yes, people lose weight, but as some of my clients who have tried Isagenix or other weight loss products declare, once they are off the system most gain the weight back, plus some. These weight loss and “health” systems are designed for the client to stay on them, as that’s how they hook you, and that’s how they create more profits.  If you think logically about it all, with a critical mind, you can see through the bullshit that they promote.  And trust me, there is a lot of bullshit as they have a huge amount of money to pile it up. These companies have teams of doctors, researchers, marketers, etc. to help their business grow, which is super smart, but also extremely biased and use a lot of deception to make big profits.

If you pay attention to the health news today, most professionals agree that the soaring rates of obesity, type II diabetes, overweight children, etc, has a lot to do with, 1) the over-consumption of processed food and carbohydrates; 2) over-consumption of sugar; 3) over-consumption of “bad” fats and oils; 4) over-consumption of food additives; 5) and lack of exercise on a daily basis. The push we health professionals are making is towards eating more meals and snacks made from whole foods. As the saying goes “eat whole, live, and local.” Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grass-fed animals, fish, greens, low-processed grains, etc. Grow your own, make your meals from scratch, know what you are eating.

Check out the picture of one Isagenix product called the Isalean Bar. Check out the ingredients label. Does that sound like it’s on the same page as what health professionals are promoting today? Isagenix and other weight loss supplements alike are not natural, regardless that they try to say they are. Just because they say it, promote it, and stamp it on their box doesn’t make it true. While some people are having great weight loss success on these systems, others are not. In addition to that, consuming these products on a daily basis in large quantities is no different then consuming other processed products with food additives and sugars.

Isagenix IsaLean Bar

Isagenix IsaLean Bar (1)

Isagenix IsaLean Bar (2)

However, what they truly are is EASY! People who are busy, stressed, tired, feeling lost, overwhelmed, and overweight see Isagenix as an easy solution to their problems. Combine that with some fluffy words such as “detox”, “all natural”, “healthy”, “fast results”, etc and you have a sale. Add “anyone can join and make a profit with no certification in the health and fitness industry required” and BAM, you have a winner product! Or do you? If you look at it from their financial point of view, yes, but if you look at it from my point of view, it’s not a winner product at all. It’s a waste of money.

There is more to losing weight than losing weight. It’s about creating a healthy body in the process. I can lose weight from eating chocolate bars everyday but would that create a healthy body? Not only would that provide little nutrition, it would also make me become more toxic, not to mention create a whole lot of other issues. One commonly overlooked factor when people are trying to lose weight is how to do it using foods that will decrease toxic build up. It’s interesting how Isagenix promotes it’s “detoxifying” properties but yet includes so much sugar and food additives in their products, which contribute to toxic build up, inflammation, hormone imbalances, etc. It’s a pure contradiction. Our bodies already have a natural “detox” system within and does not need any special formula to function. If you are looking to detox yourself, start with eating whole foods, drinking more water, and stay away from the processed crap, such as these weight loss systems.

Okay…so….with all that I have said, here lies the problem with my weight loss and health methods that I teach and preach. First, there is no product for me to profit from that I can sell along with my services because I preach about eating fresh and whole apples, oranges, carrots, kale, grass-fed animals, fish, nuts, seeds, and so forth. Unless I start my own farm, a huge farm, I have nothing else to sell to make profit from except my knowledge and services. Second, my theory involves the client to be engaged and take a more active approach to making change. There is no easy solution such as opening up a package of powder and adding water. You are required to think, you must learn how to change habits, plans need to be made, goals set, make healthy meals from scratch, grocery shop different, read labels, understand your food, exercise every day, and the list goes on. Some people think my approach is “too much work.” I can totally understand that. To make real, sustainable change is hard work, mostly mental, and it can be very overwhelming. To change habits that you have had for so long and are used to is stressful. BUT, once the change occurs and you learn a better system, one that is holistic, complete, and sustainable for life, it becomes your NEW habit and is just as easy to carry out as the old ones. It’s just getting to that point means going on a journey that requires your attention and lots of effort. So yea, my system is by far more complicated and takes more work than Isagenix but I believe my system has far more to offer and more sustainable once you learn it. It is about creating a healthy and holistic lifestyle change that the client understands and is connected to in more ways than one.

I also have to point this out – MY SYSTEM IS CHEAPER, by far cheaper than any of these weight loss systems. So if you say I’m expensive but yet buy Isagenix…ummmmm….that’s a contradiction. Instead why don’t you just tell it like it is – my system does not offer or promote an easy solution. My system is too much work ! I already know that my system is harder to carry out than the Isagenix system. I’d be lying to you if I said otherwise.

On a final note, in Canada there are no laws of who can sell weight loss and health products such as Isagenix. So you have every Tom, Dick, and Mary (needed a female name, sorry Harry) becoming a rep, and most of them have absolutely NO education, experience or credentials in the health, nutrition, weight loss, and fitness fields preaching that this stuff is right for you and Lord only knows what else. So ask yourself, do you want to fork out $300 a month to buy processed products laced with sugar and other food additives and receive advice from a rep who probably has no certification or education in the field of nutrition, weight loss, health or fitness? Or do you want to take that money and buy wholesome foods from your local markets (which also supports local businesses) and seek out a health coach in your area that is qualified to help you reach your goals? Also, Isagenix is a system that promotes a long term commitment to buying their product. My system has a shorter-term in which eventually you say “I don’t need you anymore as I have changed my lifestyle and can sustain it on my own.”

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in choices and I’m not judging anyone who uses or sells Isagenix or any other weight loss system. Hell, even I have tried a few many moons ago. But what I am saying, in a long about way, is please do not ask me to join your team to support Isagenix cause there is no way on this earth that I would ever ditch my theories to come on board and join that company, or any other company, no matter how much money I’d make.

It’s just not my thing!

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