Having Faith in “I CAN”


Winter Ride Along the Lahave River, NS
Having slept two nights in a row, uninterrupted, was exactly what I needed to recharge this body. All week I had in the back of my mind today’s training schedule. It was the biggest session to-date on The Plan and I was concerned.

First, the last few times I went out on the bike I became chilled and hated it! For me, getting cold is a huge de-motivator and I don’t deal well with being de-motivated. That is not a good situation for someone who takes pride in being naturally self-motivated. People look to me to motivate them and when I can’t get motivated myself, I feel like I’m failing and that I’m letting others down. It makes me feel insecure. Dealing with training in the cold is a constant struggle for me. Give me heat and notta problem, I can train at the hottest time of the day on the hottest day of the year and love every minute of it, but the cold – UGH!

Second, I have been training steadily since Sunday, and never missed a workout this week, so I have been working pretty hard and steady. Yesterday I did 20 x 400m repeats plus a swim. I prayed that I didn’t deplete my energy stores as today’s training is key to my progress. I’m trying to have faith in The Plan as if I don’t have faith, then I will get lost.

So I got up early and started to focus right away. I did my usual long training session preparations and off I went. The Plan called for a 3 hour bike ride followed immediately with a 50 minute run. For the bike, my first 50 minutes was mostly drill work and since doing this on changing elevations makes it choppy, I decided to try something new. I prepared all my clothing and food for the workout so that transitions would be fast and smooth (that’s nothing new). However, instead of doing the drill work outside, I did that work on the trainer inside, and when it was completed, I quickly transitioned to do the rest of the ride outside. It worked well!

I was nervous to go out but after about 20 minutes into the ride I realized it was gorgeous outside. I was not chilled, there was only a slight breeze, the sun was warm, clear blue skies and roads. The conditions were perfect! I rode my bike around Lunenburg, Bridgewater and Riverport feeling fan-freakin-tastic! The ride down the river road (a personal fav) was breath-taking as usual. I was so happy to finally have a beautiful day to ride that when I finished my ride, which seemed to go so fast, I didn’t really want to get off my bike.

Being faithful to The Plan, I quickly transitioned and went off for my run. Besides, just cause the ride was over didn’t mean I was done and I could continue to “play” outside (on days like this when I’m feeling that good, training definitely feels like I’m playing). Even though I did not get chilled on the bike, I found my toes were froze, and therefore running was slow to start. Once my toes warmed up, I was on cloud 9! I checked in for a moment, took note that I was well hydrated, had no cramps, full of energy, and wasn’t cold or hungry. I was sooooo happy when I was running that I couldn’t help but start dancing (oh and I used my son’s iPod today to run, he has a great playlist, thanks Tyler!). I continued to run and whenever I felt the urge, I danced and sang, which was often. If anyone saw me, they probably thought I was crazy but I don’t care. When you feel this good you should show it! I also found my run went too fast and didn’t want to stop. I had so much energy left, I even boogied up my driveway when I was done. And I did it! The best part about this experience is I did not run out of energy. I felt awesome all day!

Today’s success makes me feel, right now, like everything is coming together nicely…like I am doing this right. I get so nervous sometimes, thinking “what if I can’t finish, what if I’m training wrong, what if I get hurt.” However, I’m feeling pretty positive right now that The Plan is working well for me, and having faith in it after today will be that much easier to do…as well as having faith and believing in me and knowing that I CAN do this! I can!

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