Great Friends Push & Pull


Liane & I, 25k Moose Run, winter 2011

Waking up and getting out of bed to do my long run was rough this morning, legs still tired from yesterday’s tough ride, and I was hung-ry. Big time! Plus I heard the wind blowing outside and knew what that meant, more resistance, especially since most of my long runs are done along coastal roads where winds tend to be strong.

Knowing I had friends coming to train with me soon gave me the motivation to get going. If it wasn’t for them, I would have pulled the covers over my head and slept in. I don’t like to cancel out on friends, especially when they are willing to make time in their life to come train with me. Besides training on tired legs is part of “The Plan” and I better get used to it ’cause right after that 180k bike on July 1st, I’m gonna have to run 42.2k. Something tells me that my legs aren’t going to be rested and fresh when I start that run.

Soooo after pushing myself through my regular long run prep routine, my friends arrived, and off we went. “UGH” is exactly how I felt, and what normally is a flat route, seemed hilly. It was not hard to tell this was my last workout of a long training week – I moved like a slug! We finished the run, 3km short of what I intended, but on the button according to The Plan. There was one real hill on our way – Rachelle pushed me up the one side going out and coming back, Liane had her turn by pulling me up the other side. Now that’s team work!

After our usual chatty run (very rarely a silent moment), we did the regular routine easy spin. My legs seemed like they were moving slower than molasses going up a hill on a cold day so we cut that short by 15 minutes. Then finally…what I had been waiting for since I woke up…it was time to EAT!  For the rest of the day I filled my belly with all kinds of goodness such as homemade vegetable beef barely soup, steam beets and greens, lean steak, fruit, nuts, yoghurt, water, water and more water! Oh…and at one point I had a lovely short late afternoon nap!

It is evening now, the sun has gone down, and as I take time to reflect back on today I will thank God again for such wonderful friends. These last 2 days, I really leaned on them. As strong as I like to think I am, if I had to train alone entirely for this event, I am certain I would not do as well. My friends give me strength, the push to dig deep and keep moving forward, and I feel lucky to have them in my life, supporting me on this journey to complete “The Greatest One-Day Endurance Event in Sport.” Love to you all!

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