You are a cyclist, runner, triathlete, duathlete, walker, hiker, or adventure athlete. You care about your sports performance but you also juggle a full life with work, family, and other hobbies. You struggle to train effectively and find balance. You need direction to stay focused but not to the level where it consumes your life. Maybe you also need help with fat loss, developing healthy habits and improve your mindset. You may or may not be training to compete but you definitely are deeply connected to your sport and want to learn how to integrate it into your life, for life. You enjoy the comradery of groups and looking to join a program with like-minded people. You want to be guided by an experienced and qualified endurance sports coach. If you nodded your head to everything above, then this is the right place for you.

Sports Training

Training guidance, education, tips, motivation, inspiration & more.

work out, exercise, dumb bells

Strength & Mobility

Live & prerecorded strength, core, & mobility training for your sport.

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Workshops to teach you "sciency" stuff like training with power vs heart rate.

Recipes & Meal Plans

Access to hundreds of recipes, meal plans, and cooking guides for easy eating.

Fat Loss

Workshops on how to increase fat loss to enhance performance and recovery.

Habits & Mindset

Develop better habits and a positive mindset with group challenges and discussion.

More Engaging Features for 2021

We now have a members-only Facebook group where I teach live strength, core and mobility workouts twice a week. Also, we have random challenges and daily group discussions to overcome obstacles, develop strategies, and motivate each other.


New Recipes Every Single Month

Get full access to my growing library of recipes, fat loss, and cooking guides. Every month you will get a new interactive ebook featuring 15 recipes, a 1-week meal plan, a grocery list, and workouts you can do at home.

Personal Account

Members get a private account on my website where they get full access to all my resources and programs. They can contact me directly at any time with questions regarding their account and how to utilize the resources. Personal coaching is not included in this program.

Proven Methods That Give Results

I have been coaching for over 20 years and have helped thousands of people reach their goals. My guidance, when followed, has been proven to produce results.

What People Say!

Tammy has so much knowledge to share! Tammy is magic!!! She is inspiring, fun, silly, and knows her s**t. She is completely invested in helping you to be the best that you can be. She guided me to do it in a healthy and fun way. She is my BTF (best trainer forever)!
Nikki Zarr fort mcmurray go fit life
Nikki Zarr
Tammy has been such a positive influence and role model in my life. I have finally found a place where I am making gains and feel really good about my progress. Tammy provides a positive environment, where all are encouraged to reach their OWN goals and potential.
Una Quinsey fort mcmurray go fit life
Una Quinsey
Tammy is definitely someone I recommend to anyone looking to lose body fat. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in many different aspects. Tammy is there with you from day one until the end to ensure you're getting the results you want.
James Vangen
James Vangen
from my ebooks

Watch the video for one of my recipe tutorials.

I make eating healthy fun & easy!




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