No Foolin’ Fundraiser for PROKids in Riverport

WOW! Simply blown away by the support of community members and friends for the No Foolin’ Fun-draiser 5k fun run or walk on April Fool’s Sunday morning around Riverport, NS.  $800 was raised!  I never expected this, and for the number of people that showed up, that’s huge amount of money donated.  People were EXTREMELY generous.  I’m still softly nodding my head with a smile thinking “ain’t that something!”

The morning was perfect! Clear blue skies, no wind, warm sun, and happy spirits.  I now share with you a pictorial story from this special event. As you move through the story, and feel an urge to join in and help by making a donation or hosting an event, email and we can talk.  Note all the links that I have included in my story, so you can have a dandy time getting to know the community as well as the people, businesses, and organizations that helped out with this event.  Again, thank you all!
Beautiful Riverport Harbour on a sunny Sunday morning!
This is the starting and ending point of the event.


Our community centre, nice old historic building!


Karen Toews, event organizer and a new dear friend.  She has been training with me and helping me with my nutrition.  I haven’t known Karen long but am I ever glad to have met her.  She rocks!  She did a freakin fantastic job with this event!

Thank you Rosanne, for your kind donation!


Thank you Laughing Whale Coffee. We loved the coffee!


Thank you Petite Riviere Winery for keeping us hydrated. Very important!


Jen, Tom, and their dog Stella.  Thank you for working the registration table. Tom and Jen do so much for the Bridgewater Triathlon Club and other local events.  They are gems, do a fantastic job at everything they do, and we are very lucky to have them. They have been a source of guidance and support for me since the very first day I joined the club in 2007.  You guys are so awesome. Hugs big time!


Thank you Deanna for marshalling on course.  You are a huge support and SO much fun!


Mmmmmmmmmm I want a cup right now!


Rosanne, president of emOcean Wellness Centre in Lunenburg and huge supporter. Not only did she donate a pool pass to the winner of the draw on this day but she is also sponsoring me for my ironman training and providing me with lazer therapy treatment at no charge.  I have already received my first treatment.  I’m pretty excited about that!THANK YOU ROSANNE!


Mary Ann is the only person so far to participate in the pledge sheet contest.  So far she’s in the lead! Ha! She submitted her pledge sheet this morning and had collected a total of $160.75 in donations. That meant by the end of this event, I took home $960.75 of funds for PRO Kids.  People amaze me and I freakin love it!  THANK YOU MARY ANN!


Great friends…really great friends….I’m so blessed!  On the left end is Rachelle and the right end is Liane, two of my main training buddies.  They have been a huge source of strength for me.



Nancy, who supported me so much when I first got into triathlons. I remember he biking by my side when I was going up hills and her telling me “you are doing great, you can do it!”  She is stretching out here, getting ready for the run. Nancy will be competing in the Boston Marathon this year, her second time.  Go Nancy! You rock!


Marilyn and Linda, two beautiful ladies I met years ago at the Osprey 5k in Riverport. We connected that day and have remained good friends ever since then.  I love these sisters.  Hugs to you both!


Karen getting ready to make the announcements.


Everyone listening to the route description, so no one gets lost in Riverport. Ha!  Well…you never know.


Ron Allen signing up. There is another man that truly inspires me. He has completed 7 full ironman distance triathlons so far in his life.  He and I train together sometimes and he is such  a joy to be around, always full of jokes and smiles!  He and his lovely wife Judy are very dear to my heart.


What a fantastic photo. Look at the spirits…the energy. Wow!  What a day!


And here they are, coming down through what used to be one of the busiest section in Riverport back in the olden days.  To learn more about Riverport history, visit:


Deanna marshalling the turn to go across the bridge. Look at her energy!


Misty and her wonderful dog Secret


Jen taking pics of me taking pics at the other end of the bridge. Ha!


Tom and Stella out for a great run at a fun event!


Tanya Strowbridge, marshalling the other end of the Cove road.  Tanya also has some marshalling experience as she helps with the Osprey 5k.  Speaking of the Osprey 5k, check it out:


Run, run, run.  These girls have come so far in their run training.  So far they have shaved 7 minutes off their 5k run training over the past few months. They are new runners with big spirits. Love it!


You definitely have seen these two around and especially Chris, always running the roads of Riverport. Ha!


Having a time! Loves it!


Like really thou…look at the awesome open arms and smiling faces.  Doesn’t get much better than this. Celebrating life!


Tim and Eli!  Way to go!


Liane & Rachelle, my awesome training peeps and support team. Love you both so very much!


Love this shot.  Awesome!


Bev…oh Bev, you always make me smile. And it was you who first approached me with a brochure on the Bridgewater Triathlon Club in the spring of 2007.  The day you came into the gallery I was managing, Houston North in Lunenburg, and passed me the information with a smiling face and positive energy in your voice, was so encouraging. You are the one who created the spark to get me all fired up and “tri it!”  Now look where I am!Thank you Bev, I’ll never forget that moment!


The turn around, love the sign, and thank you Rosanne for your help in marshalling as well as donating a prize and sponsoring me during the training.  I am so grateful!  Oh…and FYI everyone, I teach Aqua Jogging at Rosanne’s Aquatic Centre in Lunenburg. For more information on that, click here:


Thank you to the Rose Bay store owners for allowing us to use their parking lot as a turn around.  You rock!  By the way, the Riverport store also has a small liquor store inside as well as a small restaurant for take out food and little cafe.  It is really a sweet spot run by special people.  Anja runs with me sometimes and she is a beautiful person.


Sid Strowbridge given’ er.  Go Sid!


More community members, so much support.!


Look at the smiles!


And more smiles.  (sorry for the blurry picture, camera doesn’t caption movement well)


Dave and Al, having a nice walk under the beautiful sun. I must also mention Al’s huge support too. He owns the Lunenburg Bike Barn, where I bought my bike and all it’s add-ons.  I go to Al for pretty much everything and he has always helped me out but now he is supporting me even more during this training as well.  I totally recommend Al and the Lunenburg Bike Barn as the place to go for bikes, etc.  He is simply amazing. Check this out:


Liz and Mike. Mike is the webmaster of the website.  He is so smart and a huge asset to our community as he is very involved in it’s development on so many levels.  Thank you Mike. And thank you Liz for keeping Mike going on this walk today.  Something about almost being in a ditch 3 times?  haha,..too funny.


And here comes Shirley, better late than never. She also joins me on my training runs from time to time.


Tanya smiling under the sun.


Love the bike! I wish I had one of those when my son was little.


A wonderful picture of two special girls. Hugs!


Too much fun!
Way to finish!


Thank you to everyone who brought snacks.  This was so nice to have after the run and walk.  Yummers!



Enjoying the coffee, listening to Karen announce the final tally.  $800.  Amazing!


And the winner for the prize donated, a free one month pool pass to emOcean’s Aquatic Centre, goes to Chris!

Poster I created to help promote the event.

Karen and I posted them in various places in Lunenburg, Bridgewater and Riverport.

I want to finish with providing a link to Epic Dartmouth.  You can go on the site and check out the list of competitors, the map for the race course, elevation, and all the news, information and sponsors. Also if you want to volunteer, there is a page about that as well:

Again, thank you to everyone that made this day possible and all those who have supported me in their various ways since I took on this mission.  It’s been one hell of an adventure so far!




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