Strength Training Workouts Tammy Lee

Train With Tammy Lee

strength workouts you can do at home

Use my strength workouts below. Some are private, for your use only. Others are from my YouTube channel. Get free access to 200+ free workouts on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe to show your support (it takes about 4 – 6 hours to make just one video).


Dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight or soup cans.


20- 30 minutes, unless otherwise stated.


Warm-ups & stretching included.

Core Strength Workouts

To preview a workout, click on the video and use the controls that appear.

Bodyweight Core on the Floor Supersets

Kettlebell Core (can use a dumbbell)

Bodyweight Core on the Floor

Upper Body Strength Workouts

Click on any video to scroll through and preview the workout.

Muscle Up Supersets x 4

20-Minute Arms & Back Dumbbell Workout

Lower Body Strength Workouts

Click on any video to scroll through and preview the workout.

Legs & Hips Supersets

38 Minutes – Quads, Glutes & Hams

Full Body Strength Workouts

Click on any video to scroll through and preview the workout.

Lower & Upper Body Dumbbell Supersets


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  1. Hi Tammy. I have done an upper body and a lower body video and really enjoyed both. I like how you explained the exercises and the extra cuing. Great videos. The extra stretching on the lower body one was perfect and just what needed after a day in the office.

  2. Hi Tammy! I missed my usual Wednesday workout so popped on to do the upper body and one of the lower body workouts. Great little workouts that could be adjusted as I needed. I miss you so it was a great hit of Tammy! Thanks!

    1. Awwww, I love this. I am just uploading another upper body from this morning. So happy you find this useful, and I miss you. 🤗

    1. Wonderful Bonnie. You had mentioned your goals to me so definitely the lower body workouts would help with that. You may not see immediate change after one workout BUT it is working and over time the little changes add up and give you what you want. You will need to remain dedicated to a MINIMUM of two trainings per week with resistance and I also suggest adding walks, especially hills. Walking up hills gives more glute activation and so you can build a stronger bum.

  3. HI Tammy did the first core strenght one of the live stream. It was great to to do easy to follow and just what I needed. I did this before I settled into the evening. I will do the others this week. Thank you for this video and hope you had a great weekend playing outside.