Don’t Judge A Personal Trainer by His or Her Looks!

Don’t judge a personal trainer by his or her looks! That would be a big mistake!

The photos below show my body at two different training stages. The photo on the left was taken during my off-season, a time where I tend to relax on my personal goals. I may, or may not, be sticking my gut out, but whatever. The photo on the left is taken during my peak training time, when I’m full out heavy into training and racing. I may, or may not, be sucking my gut in, but again, whatever. The point is – in both pictures, the same knowledge that I need to coach others successfully is in my head. Just because I get a bit of a muffin top during my off-season doesn’t mean I know less than I do when I’m “ripped.” The shape of my own body has nothing to do with what’s in my brain!

don't judge your personal trainer

James Harris writes a great article explaining why it’s so important not to judge a personal trainer by the way he or she looks – What Should a Personal Trainer Look Like? His article brings to light a very important topic. Just because a trainer may not have a 6-pack of abs or a perfectly rounded hard butt does not mean they do not know how to help you train your core, perform a proper squat, or eat a healthy diet. At the same time, just because a personal trainer does have a rock hard ripped body does not mean they actually know how to coach you to build your own rock hard ripped body. You have to move beyond the cover and look what’s on the inside to understand what the personal trainer can do for you.

Bottom line – don’t judge a personal trainer by his or her looks. Get to know them, understand their background, find out what they specialize in (we don’t specialize in everything), and respect that they have a life outside the gym. We are not super-human! We are just like you, but with our own set of unique goals and personal interests.

Kudos to all the personal trainers out there that work their butts off to be successful, whatever they may look like.

Live yours and be proud!

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