Crazy Busy Training Days

Yesterday was one of those long, crazy-busy days. Thank God there are times that I can take advantage of being a fitness professional and incorporate my training in with my instructing/coaching. Every Tuesday, from Jan-March, some members of the Bridgewater Triathlon Club (BTC), cyclists, and those looking to work on their biking skills during the winter, meet at HB Studios Sports Centre in Bridgewater to spin together from 6:30-7:30pm (you may have seen us there, nestled back in the far right hand corner).  After we spin, I teach 30 minutes of core strengthening exercises and finish off the evening with a group stretch. We are done by 8pm.

For the past 4 weeks, Tom Rogers has been leading the spinning but starting next week, I will be instructing both the spins and the core/stretch. I’m pumped as this will be my first year leading the spins. Last night we simulated a ride through the Arizona desert using a Coach Troy DVD. It was high aerobic effort with a few times entering into the threshold zone and beyond. A fantastic spin! I find spinning with a group on my trainer so much easier to push myself than doing these workouts at home alone. There is nothing like group dynamics to make you work harder! So yesterday, that’s all I did for training which was nice for a change as I usually have a number of things to do, like today, which has a different story.

Today started with my morning 5×5 program. I can do 12 full chin ups now and dead-lift 90lbs 25 times (5 reps over 5 sets). Not bad! Then a short afternoon skate (going slow, concentrating on balance) and back to the gym for a wicked 70 minute high intensity interval run session (ladders: starting at 200m, climbing up to 1600m, then starting at 1600m again, climbing back down to 400m). Going back to work gave me some recovery time as at 6pm, I had my training swim with the BTC at emOcean’s pool in Lunenburg. Another high intensity interval workout. Phew! What a day!

So now this evening, I move nice and slow throughout the house, feeling pretty relaxed and stress free. As I stretch out my legs and reflect on the day, I am noticing how good I feel. Let’s hope I can say this tomorrow morning as it’s another intense training day in the life of “IronTam”.

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