A Busy Bee in Ironman Triathlon Training

So much going on! I have been collecting pictures and moments but getting the time to put it together to blog about my training has been a real challenge.  At some point, I’ll have to gather it all together and just do a pictorial message but for now, this is going to be quick.

Things happening in my life since I last blogged:

1) Training is going fan-freakin-tastic. I have 3 x 160 km+ rides in and one of them included a 10km feel-so-good run right after.  I have recently travelled 1043 km over 30 days on my bike.  That’s incredible for me.

2) I’m running up to 28 km now for my long runs – PAIN FREE!  Yup, the heel and hip is healing quite well thanks to the awesome medical team I have.

3) Swimming…swimming generally goes well. I’m by no means a fast swimmer but very comfortable in the water. I love the water and practice various styles of swimming while training, including technical drills.  I feel that I have a solid base built here and ready for the ironman distance swim of 3.8km.

4) I have a new bike. OMG this is so exciting!  A big thanks to Al at the Lunenburg Bike Barn for making this happen. The bike is not only making a huge difference in my time but also my performance and training. I swear it’s making me stronger from the psychological motivation I’m getting from it. I just put more into it when I ride.  I PB’d at my last TT at Second Peninsula – 17:23 minutes for 10 km. Not bad, eh. And I’m not really doing much speed training. I can’t wait to see what happens this summer after the ironman when I decrease endurance training and focus more on speed. Exciting season ahead!

5) I launched my new business called GO! Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coaching.  You can find me on Facebook right now.  I’m currently gearing a 4-week weight loss bootcamp program for June called “GO-4-10”.  Exciting!

6)  I celebrated my 40th birthday on May 16th.  What an amazing year!  I have never felt so awesome in my life as I do right now turning 40.  I’m in better shape than most 20 years old I know. Ha! That’s totally wicked!

7)  I have almost $3000 raised for PRO Kids.  Keep abreast of my fundraising as I train for the EPIC ironman in Dartmouth here.  I have to say a huge thank you again to everyone that has helped me out so far.  It’s been an experience, one I’ll never forgot, and the support is mind blowing. I’m a lucky girl, feeling very loved.

8) I launched an event on Facebook, open to the public, called GO MOM!  This event is all about how my Mom and I have teamed up to help her lose weight, get active, and get healthy.  We are sharing her journey with others to inspire and hopefully motivate other mother and daughters to do the same. It’s been only 1 week and all I can say is WOW.

9) I’m getting in the head space to host a graduation party for my son. Holy crap he’s graduating from high school this June.  I think I’m going to cry right now…enough said.

10) As of Thursday, May 24 I am officially a NCCP certified Adult Community Triathlon Coach by the Coaching Association of Canada and Triathlon Canada.  Another step up on the coaching ladder.  I will be advancing this over the years, continuing on to become a competitive triathlon coach.  A dream of mine would be able to coach someone to compete on an elite level. Wouldn’t that be wild? Yup!

11) Last but not least, I met someone and I think he’s the one! I know that’s quite a statement to say so soon but I’ve been told by so many “you will know when it’s right, you will just know” and it certainly feels right.  I’ve been single for a very long time, I’m not one to jump into anything, but this guy is pretty damn special and I have never met anyone like him in my life.  He’s a keeper!

I have to stop here. I have so much to do and so much to say but I must do more than I say.  Until next time my friends, keep living your dreams!



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