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Crazy Busy Training Days

Yesterday was one of those long, crazy-busy days. Thank God there are times that I can take advantage of being a fitness professional and incorporate my training in with my instructing/coaching. Every Tuesday, from Jan-March, some members of the Bridgewater Triathlon Club (BTC), cyclists, and those looking to work on their biking skills during the

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Variety is the Spice for Movement!

My training story today is not as “thrilling” as the weekend, and pretty laid back in comparison too, but spiced up with variety. First, the day started off with a trip to the doctor as this weekend I discovered a huge lump on the back of my left knee. Apparently it’s Baker’s Cyst, swelling caused

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Great Friends Push & Pull

Waking up and getting out of bed to do my long run was rough this morning, legs still tired from yesterday’s tough ride, and I was hung-ry. Big time! Plus I heard the wind blowing outside and knew what that meant, more resistance, especially since most of my long runs are done along coastal roads

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