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‘Write It Off!’ is a simple but highly efficient and effective weight loss coaching service. It is best suited for those that are self-motivated to exercise, but need help figuring out how to eat effectively to lose weight. Also great for those pressed for time as only 1 weekly 30 minute session is required, 12 sessions in total, over a period of 3 months.

It relies heavily on three important features:

  1. Clients attend one 30-minute session per week for 3 months (12 total sessions)
  2. Clients keep a detailed food and fitness diary and bring it to every single session.
  3. Clients follow through on the “homework” that is given to you at each session.

The personal engagement and simplicity that forms the body of this program allows clients to work at developing healthier habits and lose weight without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.


  • The first session is initial weigh-in and setup (diary structure, fitness plan, etc)
  • All weekly sessions are 30 minutes for 3-months, 12 total sessions.
  • Weekly weigh-in is required.
  • Diary must be brought to every single session, in writing or using an online or phone app.
  • Feedback and homework is delivered at every session.
  • Clients must follow through on completing the homework before their next session.
  • The final session is a reassessment of weight loss goals, accomplishments, and what to do next.

This program does not involve fitness training sessions but if required, a basic personal fitness plan can be created for clients during the first session. Clients will do their workouts on their own OR they can purchase personal fitness coaching sessions in addition to the Write It Off program.


  • Efficient and effective personalized weight loss
  • A very high level of accountability
  • Saves time and money
  • Support and guidance of a certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach
  • Creates awareness of choices
  • Educational
  • Unclogs the mind of confusion and overwhelming feelings often associated with losing weight
  • Healthy habit formation, one week at a time
  • Builds a solid foundation to sustain a healthy active lifestyle, for life!

Live video: clients can be anywhere in the world but must use Facetime, Skype or Google Hangouts.

SEMI-PRIVATES:  any two people partner up and take on this service together. You each must keep a personal diary and each will receive personal feedback.

BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME:  Please read and understand my TERMS & CONDITIONS. All clients must adhere to them.


12 x 30 min sess
90-day expiry
$540 privates
$405 pp semi-privates