GO MOVE IT! is a personal fitness coaching service that has the power to whip you into shape. This service is best suited for those who just wanna workout, have fitness goals, and ready to really move it!

Note: this is NOT a weight loss coaching service. This is purely all about fitness.

I provide a FREE 30-minute consultation to anyone that has never used my services before. During the consult, we discuss your goals and make sure this is the right plan for you.  There is no pressure to sign up during the consultation.


GO MOVE IT! requires a minimum of 3 months commitment with at least 1 workout session per week. Workouts are designed to match your goal. If you want to build strength , we will lift weights. If you want to increase your cardio, we will do HIIT. If you want both, we can do both.

You do NOT have to be fit to work with me, as that is one of the reasons to hire a trainer...to help you get fit...however, you MUST follow through on your homework. So if I ask you to do workouts on your own time, you best be doing them, or else the coaching doesn't work.  Then again, there's the option of hiring me to guide you for every single workout on the SUPREME plan.

PRIVATES & SEMI-PRIVATES:  privates are for single persons only and semi-privates are 2 people max. People must be willing to share coaching time and plans.

GO MOVE IT! Includes:

  • body composition testing at beginning and end of the 3 month program
  • fitness training / coaching
  • various forms of training styles (circuit training, Tabata, Met-Con, Turbulence, traditional lifting, functional training, core conditioning, etc).
  • personalized home fitness plans
  • nutrition coaching for fitness (not weight loss)
  • personalized heart rate zones
  • developing the fitness habit
  • educational material
  • and so much more


Coaching with Tammy has literally been the only thing to get my butt moving in the years and years of 'I'll start tomorrow'. She's motivational and easy to work with, and never judges when you're explaining how your workouts usually consist of getting up to grab the remote (we've all been there). She always works with you to find out what kind of activity you'll like best, and that's important!! I'm glad I made the impulse decision to go to her free consult, it's been the best decision for my health I've made in a long time.

Ashley Lewis client testimonial pic
Ashley Lewis

Working out with Tammy was the best decision I made. I meet with her via Facetime in my home in Tennessee. I learn something new every time. I've lost over 8 inches so far and gained muscles that I've never seen before. Tammy is a COACH through and through. She absolutely will not let me have bad form, carefully watches and evaluates, challenges me to push harder, and encourages and praises my efforts and successes. She is a gift and will be in my life for a very long time. I'm forever grateful that I found her!

Angie Amstutz client testimonial picture
Angie Amstutz


Anyone can participate, but All PARTICIPANTS should seek their doctor's advice and approval before taking on this service.


After your FREE consultation is complete, and you want to sign up, we pick a coaching plan from below that will best help you reach your goals.

I send you the online registration and waiver and link to setup payment. Then you can schedule your sessions via my online booking app.


My in-home studio located at 151 Silvanus Crescent in Fort McMurray.


Please read my TERMS & CONDITIONS. All clients must agree to them before signing on with me.

Also know that I take on only the most dedicated clients. I can't help someone reach their goals if they are not willing to do the work in and outside the sessions. Clients must show a high level of commitment. We work as a team to get you to where you want to go. If this sounds like you, holla!

NOTE: all prices include tax


12 x 60 Min Sessions
90 Day Expiry
No Discount on Resign
Pay Plan Available
$960 ttl
$80 | hr
$720 ttl pp
$60 | hr pp


24 x 60 Min Sessions
90 Day Expiry
10% Discount on Resign
Pay Plan Available
$1680 ttl
$70 | hr
$1260 ttl pp
$52.50 | hr pp


36 x 60 Min Sessions
90 Day Expiry
10% Discount on Resign
Pay Plan Available
$2160 ttl
$60 | hr
$1620 ttl pp
$45 | hr pp